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Don't know what happened to the lighting, but it's ok I guess.

E: woops guidelines.

will edit soon

My layout has removed you.

Nothing but my face, that's all you're gonna get
I love how people just can't crop to a x,y (x & y = z) and then resize to 200x200. -_- MS Paint (Windows 7/8) can do just that. So can Photoshop and other alternative and free image manipulation tools.
Right? I used MS paint on a Windows XP with ease.
My layout has removed you.
EDIT: I changed it.


Not the greatest quality picture in the world but I think it'll do. Also LUKA KEYCHAIN <3
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh

I dont have any mario things unfortunately
Originally posted by Vic Rattlehead
Hey look it's me and Bowser!

And the unaltered picture for anyone interested.

Can't wait to see how this comes out!

#wario{O_O} dat beard #wario{O_O}
;) ;) ;)
shirt status: not on
Took this last night at Walmart. Here's me and my Mario hat! Oh, that's One Direction? And that's not a hat but instead, a notebook? Fuck it, everything's close enough! Personally, I look like the real deal, I look just like a Mario playa.

<-- this is the dope on dope
Actually, I'll do this.

Like the file name, totally not a selfie
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