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Development For Mac Computers

I have been a victim of the Media

Pretty much, my worse mistake ever was buying a Mac.

Every single program of the things I like to do (games, music, editing, and even for my work), are PC-ONLY, unless I make a weird crossover or download thousands of things, I can not use them.

For example:
Lunar Magic in our case

I want to try my hand at hacking smw... but, no Mac version.
And the crossover with Wine is very strange, I managed to install it, but still there's many things I dont know how to do, or wouldn't be able... Ithe "delete" button doesnt even work. I cave to Ctrl+X to delete a sprite or anything.

Im so angry at this

If you read this... don't buy a mac
stick with PC

/rant over

Now, my point for this post

can anyone give me some advice, or some pointers on how to use Lunar Magic on Mac, or anyone want to share their experience with this?

Good day everyone :)
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Have you considered this yet ?

I think that might be your best option at the moment.
Either that or build a computer yourself with windows/linux in mind.

If you need a iso Microsoft is nice enough to leave this up till windows 7 becomes non supported.

If you need instruction check one of the youtube tutorials.

Hey, thank you very much for your answer and the links :)))

Im just angry because all programs I need for work, hobbies and stuff are for windows, but I was an idiot and purchased a mac instead haha.


anyways, I'll give it a try and see where it gets me :)
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