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YI Hacking FAQ v1 (outdated)

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Originally posted by Yoshis Fan

Originally posted by aussie.mexican
smh, children acting tough on a game hacking site, just unbelievable.

You don't seem to know at what age childhood ends.
Judging from the dismissively used word child you wouldn't call yourself a child. Why would you want to hack childish games, then?

Its a work project about new hacking media, and it was very urgent. Thats why I was so desperate about it.

but nonetheless thanks for responding.
I wonder who the "children" are here... I don't think there were any who replied to you.

Anyway, some people might take a "Sorry I can't help you" as rude... actually, I think that would be pretty likely, especially if it was in the first few days (when it's possible that someone who has an answer just didn't see your question). This isn't a particularly active forum after all.

(checks your post history, finds bumping an old inactive thread) Except I can tell you're not particularly experienced with this site... just another reason to be cautious and not do things (like post the same question 3 times in a row) that many people don't appreciate.

Advynia: a Yoshi's Island editor - Alyssa's Unlikely Trap demo 3
Originally posted by Rydia Prismriver

(checks your post history, finds bumping an old inactive thread)

Me?? can you link me to it please, beacuse I dont recall doing it
Is there a way to disable the "toadies stealing Mario" scene after they take them in-game? My hack doesn't involve Mario and I really don't know how to find those Gfx's to change them. Thanks
I don't know how to disable that scene, but maybe you could edit the graphics? They begin from 0xBD400 in the decompressed graphics file. Happy editing.
One more question. I can't find the info about changing the level names index that show up in Golden Egg to your own names. Anyone knows where that info is?
I don't quite understand that question? Do you want to edit the level names? Or what names (and "own names") do you mean?
In a thread about Golden Egg updates, Romi explained how to change the level names that apper in the Golden Egg editor. I don't know where that thread went. I know how to change the level names in the rom. I meant the names in Golden Egg that appers when you pick a level to edit. Am I making sense now?
Sorry, in case you've expected an answer, but that post is for asking a question myself.

Sprite 170, the Aqua-Lakitu is glitched, in case it is placed on an even X-Coordinate. On an odd one, it works fine. To change that, so the X-Coordinate is irrelevant and it works fine everytime, it should be sufficient to change some branching code into [EA EA] or into [80]. Since I can't seem to find a way to read the Sprites' pointer properly, maybe someone is willing to tell me how? Or are those really the byte-swapped SNES address?
@Yoshis Fan

Here is how you read the table

0x170 * 3 = 0x450, sprite number * 3

0x838000 + 0x450 = 0x838450, add offset
[B5 E7 07] = 0x07E7B5, byte swap 3 bytes, or this case first and last

S170 Init Code

$07/E7B5 BC 00 79    LDY $7900,x[$07:795C]   A:9407 X:005C Y:0007 P:envmXdizc
$07/E7BA BD E2 70    LDA $70E2,x[$07:713E]   A:9407 X:005C Y:0000 P:envmXdiZc		//Reads X axis
$07/E7BD 29 10 00    AND #$0010              A:0130 X:005C Y:0000 P:envmXdizc		//Get Odd / Even
$07/E7C0 F0 02       BEQ $02    [$E7C4]      A:0010 X:005C Y:0000 P:envmXdizc

Working on Super Mario World 2 - Yoshis Island Boss Rush
Other projects on hold.
Alright, thank you for the info on how to find out the location of a Sprite's Code.
In case of the Aqua-Lakitu, it was, as I already expected, some branching that must've been altered. Easily replacing the two bytes [F0 02] at ROM 0x3E9C0 with [EA EA], has fixed the Aqua-Lakitu. It works fine now regardless of its X-Coordinate. Thank you, tehaxor69.
There is a thing that annoys me about Sprite 067. When placed at an odd X and Y position, the item coming out of the hidden ? cloud will be a bubbled 1-Up. The annoying thing is, that it is a bubbled 1-Up instead of a direct 1-Up. Is it possible to change it, so the 1-Up will not be bubbled?
To get a 1-up(non bubble)
Change 0x0F8EAC from 0xB7 to 0xBE

To prevent it from moving, either change:
0x03C1B0 from 0xF0 to 0xD0 -swaps X type movements
0x03C1AE from 0x10 to 0x00 -Both X types don't move
Working on Super Mario World 2 - Yoshis Island Boss Rush
Other projects on hold.
Cool, thank you for that!
I've done the not-move-at-all Hex-Edits and it works perfectly.
Since I don't need any moving 1-Up ?-Clouds, that is no problem. Now I also understand why Nintendo took the bubbled 1-Up in a ?-Cloud: Because that one never moves.
Thanks alot (once again) #w{=D}
Originally posted by Troopa
Great Faq :D
But you forgot the info on changing Yoshi's color through SNES Pallete Editor and the music editing notes that SNN has documented somewhere(You can ask him for it.)

The pallete is in Golden Egg.
My account is dead. I'm closing it for good.
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