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Switch Blocks help :)

Hey everyone

Some time ago I made a hack using the different color switchblocks, but now I dont seem to find them anymore in Lunar Magic. maybe im not looking on the correct place. but well, any pointers would be definitively appreciated.

here is an image of what I am talking about:

thanks in advance :)))))))
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Those kind of switch blocks don't exist in Lunar Magic, just the normal switch palace ones. And judging by the screen size and status bar, that screenshot is from SMBX (which does have those blocks); are you sure that wasn't what you used to create it?

However, I did create a set of custom blocks that do pretty much exactly that a while ago. You can find them here. Just make sure to follow the readme, since they take a bit of work to set up properly.
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Well you are absolutely right hahahah

I was using smbx lol, shame... anyways

Thanks a lot for your files though. Unfortunately, I am using mac, its been a pain in the ass to even get Lunar Magic to work. I can't do a lot yet :(

I have to find out tutorials and stuff on how to set up stuff for Lunar Magic on Mac.

But well, no worries

and thanks for your answer :O
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