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Abuse and Die 3 (final stage) The end

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The level looks very cool. I can't wait for the video release. #tb{:)}
Really no one ? Well stage 5 castle or cave ?
Castle sounds interesting.
It's really up to you to decide whether the next level should be a castle or a cave - you even decided that it'd be a cave in the first post while bringing up the order - but if I had to choose, I guess a castle sounds a bit more original.
I say cave, but have a castle section in the cave.
I choose castle, I agree with Katerpie, it sounds more original.
Abuse and Die 3 stage 5 preview

Now I have not yet finished stage 4, but here's a little preview to stage 5

stage6 is then a cave
Very impressive. I can't wait to see more of that. When do you think stage 4 will be out?
Originally posted by SuperAgentYoshi
Very impressive. I can't wait to see more of that. When do you think stage 4 will be out?

I do not know, I think I'll upload it when I'm done with the level. I'm not quite finished with the level and not at peace.

But I'll try to hurry me, but sometimes I'm too lazy.^^
I really like everything going on in the first couple rooms, especially the parts 0:31 at 1:37.

Although, in the room at 4:03, can't you avoid killing the puffer fish and using it to take damage after getting the mushroom? I suggest you put some insta-kill piranha plants up there to avoid squeezing out with the mushroom. Also, I suggest you remove or replace the room at 4:30 with something else; it seemed really long and pointless.

It was a good stage overall, not your best though honestly.
Originally posted by Sixcorby
Also, I suggest you remove or replace the room at 4:30 with something else; it seemed really long and pointless.

Or remove the tide since it doesn't look like it's needed. I know it's at least really hard but is it actually impossible to duplicate blocks vertically underwater unless there's a solid tile underneath the block you're duplicating?
Legacy custom music
A site where you can be able to hit that dislike where your dislike will be visible to other people and not have to rely on a browser extension as well as actually watch my SMW hacking content

I like how you developed the dolphin gimmicks, so good job on that. At 1:21, instead of doing all the process of using the throw block to hit the ON/OFF switch, you can bump your head on the one that's above you. You should add cement blocks to make that impossible, and you can keep the shell by simply bouncing on the blue shelless koopa. I agree that the block duplicating room should either be taken out or replaced.

The whole eating block part is pointless to do, unless you need it to eat through a wall which Mario can't get past. And finally, in the room at 5:14, you can kill the Rip Van Fish upon entering it. Otherwise, it turned out to be a good stage overall.
Thanks for the feedback guys!

Now the room at 4:30, I could make it harder, how about this?

Now I'm really looking forward to the final stage, it will probably be divided into two parts and I'll try to make it a Mind Fuck level, and I have no plan what music I should use. But until then, I still have time!
A few new screens

a very easy puzzle

A very unfair part

Mario is on an invisible yoshi
much layer 2 with sparky!

from stage 8, I think it is a strange level....

beginning of stage6
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Is there going to be a Yoshi boss?

I think I update this thread too much, I will (try) to restrict it.

I have shown in a video

YY-CHR, which is the mouse Boss from SMB2 I have some messing around with yy-chr because I can not find Yoshi Boss.

The boss fight will have several phases.
That first screenshot looks intense. I'd imagine Yoshi would be going up too fast for Mario.
Lovin it bro!

Although I think the castle palettes are a little bright.
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