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Mario's Mysterious Journey

New Update
This level was supposed to be Lvl 3 but it turned out way to hard so i decided to make it a special world Lvl and not Lvl 3 because if u play Lvl 1 and 2 and then 3 the difficulty would be to much and this lvl only works in world 1 Grassland world and not world 2 or 3.
and i don't wanted to delete it so i decided i make a special world for this hack where i make really hard Lvls for people that want a good challenge with and without savestates.
I played this Lvl without savestates and let me say 1 thing it took me a while to beat.
And this is the first Lvl in my hack where i used YY-CHR to make some stuff like fixing the vines cutoff so i can use it in my level
and other stuff you will see in the screenshots.
I really had fun making this Lvl and i think besides the high difficulty it is a fun level.
But enough for that here are some screenshots.
Do anyone read all this text ? :D

Water Bubbles one of the gimmicks if you want to call it like that

The "P" is there so you know that there is a P Ballon inside this block

Triple post :O
After more than 1 month i'm back with an update
I can say progress is pretty slow at the moment but i'm still working on this
I have 2 Lvls to show
The first one is called Bullet Bill Lake and the second i don't have a name yet maybe something with forest.

Bullet Bill Lake

Muncher Gardens (thanks Nin for the name).

Ok that's it for now hopefully i get some feedback this time. #tb{:j}
Look's really nice! Also suggestion for the second levels name:

Muncher Gardens.
You worked a lot on the aesthetic, I can see it with all that decoration and those sweet palettes!#wario{O_o}
However, sometimes the palettes doesn't fit well together.

Here, since you made the ground pipes and munchers' outlines light, you should do same with the grid, sprites, etc..
maybe you should edit the sprite palettes more.#smw{:peace:} And good hack.

Originally posted by Eminus

sometimes the palettes doesn't fit well together.

Here, since you made the ground pipes and munchers' outlines light, you should do same with the grid, sprites, etc..

yea i fixed it already as you can see here

And here is a small preview of the 1# Castle in the game the first part is outside only has 2 screens

Ok thats all i have so far
progress is still slow at the moment.
Looks really nice (except for the cloud in the first screenshot. damn, that is a bright cloud there)! However, I'm not sure if I like the design. It looks pretty cramped at the moment.
haha yea you are right it really is a bright cloud so i removed it

and i try to make the castle less cramped
I think it's fine as it is, just watch out with the spikes. I think you could remove the two spikes on the top-left. It's easy to get hurt with big Mario. Other than that it looks good.
It's time to update this again
man i'm so slow
I finally finished the first castle after more than 1 month where i only worked for 1 week or so at this level
yea i'm slow

I don't know why but every level i make i go crazy with the difficulty but i already decreased it a lot in this castle #1 but it's still pretty challenging but it's a short level so i think it's ok and btw this will be a hard hack not kaizo but hard.
And i made 1 decision that castles are going to be hard but short
except the final level/castle which will be hard and long but it's still far away to think about the final level
well anyways here are new screenshots.

Ok Thats it for now
I'm open for any feedback/critic in what i could change or do better.

And 1 more thing i'm planning to do a 1 world demo maybe
so if anyone wants to play it and give some feedback/critic on each level i would appreciate it.
It is very difficult to see the foreground, as the background has the exact same type of dark grey as the foreground. Play with the colors so it becomes less difficult to see what is in the foreground.

Other than that the design doesn't seem too bad.
Just a very small update i'm working on an Ghost House Level this time.
But i don't have any ideas how i could design it because i want to make it a puzzle level but not to complicated.
It is my first time doing a Ghost House/Puzzle level so it is a little challenge to do something good but not to complicated.
I really like puzzle levels in smw hacks if they are not to hard or to easy but when it comes to make one i have 0 ideas what i should do because there is so much stuff you can make.
Anyways here is 1 picture how the level will look like in the end.

well...this level i don't know i had a idea what to do
i wanted to do a maze like level but if i would do everything i had in mind you would need over 30 minutes to beat it because doors/pipes everywhere to confuse the player
but in the end it turned out way shorter.
it is so short that you only need some minutes to beat normal + secret exit.
And i kinda lost my motivation with this level in the end so i rushed the secret exit and normal exit to get done with it and move on with a new fresh level.
So yea this level has not the quality my other levels have
maybe some day i will return to this level and rework some stuff like the secret exit room.

yea that's it...
I look forward to the new level i will do even though i don't know what the next level will be.
anyways i'm open for every feedback you guys have