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Member of the Month: November
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Hello guys! First of all, sorry for more time than normally to post this. Unfortunately Hinalyte had some problems so the interviews went later than normally.

That aside, Domiok and JackTheSpades are the MoTM and SoTM of november, respectively. Domiok returned recently and he is being an excellent member, with high participation and quality on the forums. JackTheSpades is in no doubt, one of the best staff members even if he got promoted recently, taking care of both hack and ASM sections.

Let's start with Domiok's interview (questions by p4plus2):
1. How did you find SMW Central?
Like many other people, I first found SMW Central after watching Let's Plays of SMW hacks from individuals such as Proton Jon, AzureBlade49, and plenty more. These hacks had typical Kaizo-esque tricks that seemed fun to emulate, and I wanted to try out making similar puzzles of my own design. I searched for how to make SMW hacks on YouTube, downloading Lunar Magic from Megaupload. My first level was a remake of the Green Switch Palace with a muncher twist, and although it didn’t have much content, it satisfied me tremendously at the time. I continued to make more levels and learned more about Lunar Magic. However, I could not determine everything on my own, so I searched for more help online. Through that curiosity, I came across SMW Central.

2. Do you have any current projects you're working on?
I presently have two projects that I am attempting. The first project that I have is a large scale port of the songs from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. As I have commented in the past, I find this music to be very atmospheric, and I enjoy it enough to try to bring a sizeable amount of the sounds over to SMW. I hope to release a pack of ports at the next C3; please look out for more details then! I have also put effort into my first serious hack. I don’t want to spoil much about this hack at the moment, but I will mention that it abandons conventional punishment in level design for a hopefully more streamlined level design. I have no particular date for a demo in mind at the moment.

3. If you could change any one thing about SMWC what would it be?
Even though it would be impractical as is, I would bring back site layouts. I miss them dearly.

4. What are some event you would like to see in the near future?
In terms of events that I would like to see appear, I would like a contest for sprites, patches, or similar content. Although there have been large contests for music and graphics creation, there have not been contests for these more ASM-centric creations. I feel as though this could invite unfamiliar users to learn more about advanced topic and could lead to amazing products for interesting ideas. Otherwise, I like the idea of spontaneous or surprise events in SMW Central, for they have always brought fun times in past experience.

5. Is there anything else you would like to say?
It feels great to return to the SMW Central community after several years of absence. I am hardly an outspoken user, whether it comes to talking on the IRC or posting, but I love talking with people. If you ever want to chat, I am always thrilled to speak with people: feel free to send me a PM, a query, Skype message, or otherwise. I’ve only recently been learning topics involving ASM, but if you need help with anything, I enjoy helping people with anything within my capabilities. I regret failing to reach out more to members of this community in the past. College keeps me busy frequently, but I look forward to the time that I will spend on the site and with the community. Thank you for having me as the Member of the Month.

Now let's go with JackTheSpades interview (questions by me):
1. How you became interested on SMW Hacking?
Hmm, dunno. I just found the thought appealing of remaking a game I used to play A LOT when I was younger (inb4 losing it somewhere). That and the fact that I've seen some other hacks on YouTube thinking "I wanna do this stuff too". Finding tutorials was tough though. I found some stuff on YouTube and what I didn't find I ended up teaching myself. Like layer 2 for example... only took a few hours of trial and error until I got it :D
... had I only known about SMWC sooner ;-;

2. As staff member, how are things going now?
I'd say, things tend to get more busy... well no shit sherlock.
For example, I found myself making less hack reviews because moderating takes longer in general. Other than that, there isn't much going on other than occasionally yielding my powers on threads that should go into another forum or banning people from time to time
(if they deserve it of course :P)

Other staff members are nice to work with too. Well, there are conflicts from time to time (not gonna say any names) but overall, I think people get along with me and so do I with them.

Not much else to say about being staff.... I still like my name color.

3. What do you think about the future of SMW Hacking?
That's a hard one. Whenever you think we already have a lot of neat stuff, others come around presenting you with even more awesome stuff and you have to ask yourself, "how could I live without that so far". Taking Lunar Magic for an example. With all the stuff that FuSoYa added over the time, it's hard to imagine hacking with the old versions now. Same goes for various other hacking tools of course. GPS here goes to show that even old tools like BTSD can be updated and advanced (which makes me wonder when sprite tool is due xD)
I'm kind of curious to see how this Lunar Magic add on thing turns out. Seeing as it is a great idea actually.

4. If you could add something special to SMW Hacking, what would be?
A Firefox addon to listen to .spc files. Seriously, if there's anyone out there who knows how to do this, get to work. I like listening to others ports but it's a pain to always have to download them. Would be really neat if one could just listen to it in firefox without downloading. Other than that, not sure. I can't really point my finger at anything right now but I'm sure there's still some awesome stuff to come :3

5. What are your thoughts about the community?
People are still awesome. Being in this community is as fun as ever. It's nice to talk with people about anime and stuff (not just SMW related shenanigans) or just fool around in general. I get my daily dose of randomness, which is good... I think.
Same goes for the staff (as mentioned above). Getting in the staff team, I was sort of anxious at first not to make mistakes, but seeing as how casual things go over there as well sure made me feel at ease.
I also enjoy seeing the trolls making fools of themselfs when shitposting, though that's not something we actually want, so I shouldn't really be in favour of it :P

6. Bonus Question: What are your favorite phrase?
"If you run around a tree at a speed of 87 mph You could theoretically fuck yourself" -Albert Einstein

That's all! I hope you liked the interviews and congratulations Domiok and Jack!
Congrats to both of you!

I haven't known Domiok for anything other than his name until a bit ago, but I can tell now for sure he's a very intelligent user. You really can write down some amazing reviews!
Jack's been staff for not that long now and he's already taking care of the forums and sections like a veteran. Keep up with the hard work, buddy!

(To Einstein: "theoretically" is the key word; don't try it yourselves kids.)
Domiok...we are best friends and you never told me you were chosen. RIP our friendship </3

But seriously, congratulations to the both of you. You definitely deserve this!
Damn Domiok, you recently returned and your MoTM already? That's impressive. Sorry K3fka but Domiok is my best friend, he already told me he was MoTM and such so you'll never be #1 in his book!!! Nah, he didn't tell me anything too ;_;

but congrats Domiok and JackofSpades.
i,m member of the mouth?
In all seriousness, congrats guys, you deserve it
Even though I didn't really know Domiok much, I know that his posts are top-quality and is very active now. Especially his reviews. He is a great reviewer. I'm impressed at how much he can comment on in an extremely-short hack. #ab{o_O}

About JTS, well.. I don't really check the ASM related moderation forums, so I don't really know that, but I know that he is doing a great job with hack moderation.

You both are great members, congratulations to both. :)

Oh, and..
Originally posted by Vitor Vilela

Originally posted by Vitor Vilela


Originally posted by JacktheSpades
"If you run around a tree at a speed of 87 mph You could theoretically fuck yourself" -Albert Einstein

The best quote ever. :D

I was already asking myself when the interviews would come. o_o

Congrats to both of you! Domiok's already returned and, as mentioned above, he's already been doing a good job on posting reviews of pending hacks and doing excellent posts, while Jack, despite not being for so long on staff, has worked hard to moderate specific sections, especially hacks. It was undoubtedly deserved.

BTW, that quote by Einstein is pure win
Congratulations to both of you! Rather late interviews but as long as we get them, I do not mind.

I am glad to see Domiok is back, I remember him as a hack moderator when I registered here back in 2010.
domiok is one of the original hack mod homies so mad respect. jack's a pretty bro bro too. grats

Originally posted by JacktheSpades
"If you run around a tree at a speed of 87 mph You could theoretically fuck yourself" -Albert Einstein

and if you run around at 88mph you could theoretically time travel
Congrats to you two. \o/

Mario the Gaul
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