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The first ever: For Glory" SSB:3DS Tournament! [Brackets and Results]
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The first ever: For Glory" SSB:3DS Tournament! [Brackets and Results]
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SSB:3DS Tournament Bracket

Please only use this thread to post the results of the battles.

It is highly recommended that the battle replay be saved and also posted here so TLMB can post it to the Youtube site. This will also help remove any doubt if someone feels that their opponent was cheating. The method for posting the replays can be found here.

Ignore the above. Apparently replay data is locked and can only be played on the DS the file came from. So for now, we'll just have to take your word for it. If at all possible, save the replay and record it if you have a cell phone or something :V

With out further ado, how to we find out who is the best Smasher? We SETTLE IT IN SMASH!

What? Too corny? :<

Player list and FC's
K3fka		4725-8147-7387
Maruhai		5472-7380-8705
Atma		3480-2611-9982
Nameless	3668-7446-5754
Quizler		4957-2574-5289
Kiseki		1934 0693 2888
Luigi-San	1547-5413-7816
aj6666		5000-3321-3990
Tokiko		2964-8685-4581
omegazeroINFI	0447-7143-6602
yoshicookiezeus	4227-1738-8389
Underway	5155-2981-5904
Nimono		1977-0248-2163
UmlautBanana	3625-9314-6649
Devann		4296-2976-3061
Ladida		2895-7195-5050
Adam		0216 0798 7974
Zephyr		0817-3842-7001
Lightvayne	2062-9317-6524
Giant Shy Guy	2251-5743-3951
dottedgirl	5343-8647-9034
Prizm		4682-8483-7904
Jesuiscontent	0018-0216-0067
Pikerchu13	0834-2189-7629
Egadd		2809-8410-3492
snuggles08	3969-5396-4337
Lynnes		2793-0688-8735
PatPatPat	1349-5180-7279
Nekoishi	4768-7974-8155
Leafia_Barrett	4613-6887-4575
DaKennyMan	5284-1674-1482
Grey V		3780-9106-9091
MetaKnight 3	4210-3999-5549
Bio		0576 4839 0549
Bad luck man 	1375-7323-1771
Decimating DJ	1177-6634-2407
MajorasMask9	0473-7785-1807
TLMB		4313-1140-1643

Layout by LDA during C3.
Can I join? #tb{:?}

EDIT: Remember Ctrl+F!

<AlcaRobot> <VitorVilela> !ar fish snuggles08 also stop quitting while I type :V

<Support4975> what is GPU
I beat GSG 2-0
Match 1: TLMB vs. K3fka

Match 2: TLMB vs. K3fka

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
thrust my falcon kok into Nameless 2-0, I only saved the second match so I'll upload that later
I lost to yogui 2-1

I guess it's up to blm to restore chanofice's honor. (we're fucked)
EDIT: I forgot about meta and zephyr. There's still hope!
EDIT2: They were actually fighting eachother, what a waste.
I lost to metaknight 2-1

Edit: I could record the replays but I forgot to save the second match.

I've realized this was outdated.
Defeated Nekoishi 2-0. Unfortunately I have no replays saved (I forgot), nor do I have any way to record or upload them.
I lost 2-1 against omegazeroINFI. He recorded the replays, so he will upload them later. Nice matches.
prepare for 3 rounds of pure intensity and in 60fps if you watch with google chrome (coming soon to other browsers).

round 1
round 2
round 3

mini skype log

Originally posted by skype log
[12:54:32 AM] omegazeroINFI: omfg am i seriously going to self destruct every other battle?
[12:54:54 AM] Alejandro: lol
[12:55:09 AM] omegazeroINFI: do you have any idea how nervous i got because i suicided twice?
[12:55:11 AM] Alejandro: I got too confident over that
[12:55:41 AM] omegazeroINFI: i was going oshitoshitoshitoshit over that
[12:56:20 AM] omegazeroINFI: feel like playing some other matches now that theres nothign riding on it?
[12:56:21 AM] Alejandro: and I was like "hey I won"
[12:56:29 AM] Alejandro: sure
[12:56:31 AM] Alejandro: gg btw
I won 2-0 against yoshicookiezues. Fun matches, can't wait to be destroyed next round.
DecimatingDJ and I fought our two rounds. Fun games, especially the first one. Unfortunately, neither of us saved the the first game, but we'll send the second replay to TLMB.

DecimatingDJ won both games 2-0.

I won 2-0 against Tokiko, just in time for the deadline. Get ready to GET YO ASS WHOOP Maruhai

EDIT it is 2 out of 3, update imminent

Well that's what I get for counting my chickens before they hatch (by accident but still). Tokiko beat me 2-1.

<form action="" method="GET"> </form>
If you want to support gaming for a good cause, PM me to donate to Sandbox Gaming's 9th bi-annual 80-hour marathon! More information about the event here.

uh, i'm too lazy to remove any of the above but the marathon's over. it went pretty well

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Ladida beat me 2-zip.

Yeah...I lost horribly 0-2 #smw{T_T}
Layout by LDA during C3.
Pikerchu beat blm 2-1, I need to rehost the videos to youtube. Sadly blm's win wasn't recorded but we all accept that he went down fighting (unlike someone who can't be Named).

Edit: It's also time to start the roulette to see who gets a chance to redeem him/her/xer/potato self, as snuggles08 has missed the deadline.

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
Just finished my matches with BLM, I won 2-0.
I won Vs. MajorasMask9, 2-0. He's a great player, both awesome matches.

Here ya go.

Nimono won against me, 2-1. Close matches, but in the end I wasn't REALLY FEELING IT.
Prizm beat me 2-0.
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The first ever: For Glory" SSB:3DS Tournament! [Brackets and Results]

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