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LevelTool - Yoshi's Island Level Extractor/Inserter

Download Link

Basically this tool lets you extract levels from one Yoshi's Island ROM and insert them into another. This is similar to Yoshi's Fan's tool, only this one can do both extractions and insertions. It also groups all of the object/sprite/screen exit data into one convenient file (as opposed to having 2 seperate files for object and sprite data). Additionally, this tool also saves information on entrance/midpoint coordinates.

I originally made this for SMWCI, but I'm releasing this since it might be useful to other YI hackers. Instructions are in the readme.
Sweet, now it's possible to port to a new ROM! I'll check it out soon.
Thanks again. This is an extremely useful and easy-to-use tool, and I think it'll prove to be extremely beneficial to any serious YI hacker.
I think I was able to recover most of my old levels, but I thought this would work if you only want to insert certain levels. If I try to delete the files from the Levels folder, it give me an error that says something like,"The ROM has not been modified." so I think it was b/c it said it could not read the data from the first level so I had to leave all of the files in the folder, and it copies all of the unedited levels on the ROM. Then, I was trying to insert the newest version of my 1-4 that I sent to S.N.N., and nothing changed after I dragged the ROM to the Insert.bat file. Am I doing something wrong?

Edit:Anyway, thanks for making this program, Jimmy. Maybe, you could improve it to make it so you could only insert certain levels or would that be to difficult?
Originally posted by Lespna1
Maybe, you could improve it to make it so you could only insert certain levels or would that be to difficult?

You could simply extract all the levels from a clean ROM, then only replace the files that you want to change. This way, the levels you don't want to replace will still remain the same.

You're getting that error is because you need all levels from 0 - D9 inside the folder. The reason for this is that it clears the old level data each time you insert. So even if a level is unchanged, it still needs to stay in the folder for insertion.
I kind of see what you mean. I think I figured it out. I just hadn to copy the Levels folder and rename it, and then delete the levels that got ovewritten. Then, extract the levels from the other ROM and copy and paste the levels into the other folder, which I named Levels2. Then, I deleted the Levels folder and renamed the Levels2 folder back to Levels, and it worked. You should probably explain that more in the Readme.
Sorry if this is a big bump, but can Jimmy or anyone help me? I use Level DA and DC in my game, and the extraction program did not extract those levels. I don't know if he is going to expand it because I don't want to have to do it manually.

Edit: Those are really important levels.