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SMBS beta


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Ill probley need to port to a new rom I can't rid of those hand tiles
I was actually playing around with 2 player coop and made this work. But to buggy with custom blocks,h

So I went back to square one yoshi tunnels caused some spc stalling issues, so I switched noobicles nsmb hidden tunnels. Also I squeezed in some smb 2 jp/us and smb 3 graphics. The way it's down I don't believe it will clashing.
Ill post screens later.i have no decent ips for this yet.
Also I've poorly examinated the conveyor mushrooms!


download smb.ips from my files
time for a bump, ive rearranged the levels and just plain removed some of them, i added von farenhieghts acorn patch , and paired with nes smb style raccooon, i think it looks preety cool.
i had to do away with yoshi hidden tunnels, they cause spc to stall :( but i did get nsmb style tunnels working, at sacarfice of the backgrounds, which werent all that great.

its defeintly in alpha stage and i left the overworld open, if any wana check it out please do!

the lakitu i actually ripped myself!
I recently put this game for moderation. It had to many flaws. However iam going to continue working on the hack. I doubt ill ever bother with releasing here, as its about the same as job interview at Nintendo..

But anyways some like it some dont. Some say its to flat not hard. Well first off the level design is based of a flat game. And considering its only in its first world, not it isn't hard.

I went with the nes graphics because I feel the others are really overused. Personally iam sick of seeing allstar graphics. Many thought the games tyke was lost because it in corparted many games, well it did, sort of. The game was actually heavily inspired by sma4's "e-reader levels" which contain many gimmicks in the same levels. I only recently started playing nsmb for wii. So in thereoy this game was inspired by by sma4 and nsmb and my love for the orginal nes smb.

Well ill continue work and release here, but I doubt ill ever fine tune enough for a release to the hacks section.
The latest patch has been addedto my files
well its been a while, and ive made alot of changes, for better or worse who knows? iam sure ill be told :)
i made alot of stuff a little more challengeing and removed those spotlights underground. the music is still in limbo and iam currecntly experimenting with porting my own. however to save your ears i left it out.

and yah i suck at screen shots. if like nes mario games and the nsmb series. try the game out. if your a smw fan. this game is not for you. it contains almost no elements of it left.

dont forget you can do a smb2usa hijump, ive made places where you will need this. you must press the jump button at the same time as release the down button or its a little strange.
you can groundpound, though i have yet to implement it to the blocks. useful for enemies, or stopping in mid air for now though..
the leaf actually gives you mario acorn power, the sticking to the walls is not a bug.i change the running, fixed some of the frames junked the spin jump, makes it to easy! iam sure there other things too , just look around leave thoughts and comments.
this game was actually inspired by sma4 e-reader levels, and is why so much stuff is there! And in case your wondering those koopas have wings but catching a frame they dont

smb.ips in my files

***** Iam sorry, ive fixed the castle and reuploaded the ips.. :( ******
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