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[C] 5-8: Time for some R&R
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No, the name isn't final.


So far the only thing i find that's holding this whole setup back, is that if you fall from the pinwheel, you have no other option then death. Though, considering this is meant to be a decent late-game level (I hope so at least), I'm not sure whether or not this kind of 'one-try-only' thing is an issue at all.

There's also the wierd thing with the pinwheel starting off the line guide, and then flipping onto it when the level stops loading. Though, as far as i've tried, that's unavoidable.


More comin when it comes.

Aside from the fact that you can lick upwards through the wooden platform and get the key that way, it's an interesting idea so far. I'd change up the background at some point so it doesn't feel too much like the original 5-8 though.
Rapheal's Refined R&R Resort

I like the way you use the spikes for decoration, but could you maybe make it so that all those instances where you put single spikes into the floor/walls don't just cut into the brick they're next to?
It just kinda doesn't feel right at all.
Just put a single brick block there.

Also, at 1:47 there's some really weird shapes in the floor, any reason not to just let the brick pattern do its thing?

Your layout has been removed.
I fished you on IRC, but my comments are basically the same as leod's. I think the design is fairly interesting so far, but your haphazard usage of spikes is a little obnoxious and makes the level look a lot sloppier than it needs to. It's almost like you're decorating the level in a SMW style rather than a YI style, if that makes any sense at all.

Aside from that, keep up the good work.
Maybe change the colour of the castle as the original uses the blue brick one
Designing the level a bit out of order, but eh.

I'm still unhappy with the design of this room, solely because the arrow-ball doesn't allow more than 1 spiky mace at a time, and a lot of modifications were done to the design to rid any sprite issues.

Seems a bit excessive to put that many red coins in one small area like this. I think the design is neat though - it's definitely a cool idea.
It seems pretty good from watching the video, but do you think you could post an IPS of what you've done in addition to this? It's a bit hard to determine the difficulty based on this alone.

I haven't touched this since i posted the video. My motivation has dropped, but i'll do what i need to, to finish this up.

The ips might have the wrong entrance, in that case, there's doors at the first level that leads to the various parts of the level(s). I'm not sure if changing the entrance coords will stay when SNN imports the level directly, however.

Apparently the patch was broken.

Let me know if this one is too.

I'm kind of bummed out that you didn't use the ravens more (aside from the very last room, where they're ultimately pointless). Is there anywhere else you could fit them in? Perhaps in the room with the wooden castle tileset in lieu of the ball'n'chains?

That aside, this is a pretty good level. Quite difficult, but I guess that is to be expected for 5-8. Here are some issues worth noting:

A lot of this first room really bothers me. It's very, very easy to get hit by flying yellow cacti, and since you've loaded the room up with them, it's borderline unfair at times. Perhaps this would be an excellent point to incorporate ravens (e.g. have the mini ones circle stone blocks that are in the way of the pinwheel, have the bigger ones circle moons that are also in the way of the pinwheel, etc). Really, one or two of these Piranhas is fine, but when you oversaturate them like you've done, it makes the area more annoying than fun.

Two things here: the flower ground cuts off below Yoshi (right wall), and that star cloud is in a really inconvenient location.

You can ride the arrow lift to the left and up on to the roof. There's nothing up here besides thorns though, so...

Might be worth shifting the Piranha down one tile so that his first two yellow shots act as threats while you're both on the yellow platform and on the ground. Right now, they hit the wall and pop.

Minor cutoff here, and it seems odd to use the boss door when you're using it again in the sublevel directly after this. Also, consider putting a second middle ring either here or in the next room.

I missed a red coin too .. not sure where. I'll see if I can get it on your next version of the level.
I've run into a bit of a glitch whilst making a new version, so an updated version will have to be a little while longer.


-Changed one red coin that had a tendency to despawn to the first room
-Revamped the first room, adding ravens and changing tilesets
-Minor other changes that were suggested.

I don't quite remember the last version ever getting tested, and the level's status in the progress thread is blue. I didn't get one of those fabled mass pm's, but i thought i'd bump this thread anyway. If i remember right, it was pretty much done, anyhow.

So yeah.

Everything seems to be in order now. The first room is much, much better than before, both aesthetically and in terms of gameplay. I missed 3 red coins and 2 flowers though (couldn't even find them in Golden Egg), so if you could provide me with the locations of at least the flowers, that would be helpful. Once I'm sure you can actually 100% it, I'll clear it.

Coin 1: on the first moon to the left of yoshi's position.
Coin 2: above coin 1.
Coin 3: on the moon above the spikes

Coin 4/5: Directly in path of arrow-ball. Hard to miss.
Coin 6: Held by bandit after arrow ball. Hard to miss.
Flower 1: Jump on a pinwheel shy guy to get enough height. Hard to miss.
Coin 7/8: On shyguy pinwheel nearby Flower 1. Hard to miss.
Coin 9/10: To the left of the peak of the yellow platform.
Flower 2: Occupies pit nearby Coin 9/10. Should be hard to miss, but, while testing, this flower had a tendency to despawn; this one might have been missed.
Coin 11: Right before door to next area. Hard to miss.

Coin 12: To the right of first ptooie. Hard to miss, ish.
Coin 13: Left of the first ptooie guarding the pinwheel.
Flower 3: Left of the start of the pinwheel, guarded by two ptooie.
Coin 14: Above spikes near the end of level.

Coin 15-18: Unless they despawn, should be easy to find if you traverse the whole area.
Flower 4: Top of the left path. Unless it despawns, hard to miss.
Coin 19-20/Flower 5: Reenter the pipe you enter sublevel 4 in.

Can provide video if neccesary.

If there are items despawning, it could be one of three things:
1. Sprite Limits
2. Item Memory Erros
3. Item Memory Settings

Sprite limits are self explanatory.

Item Memory Errors happen when you place multiple memory-affecting items in the same column. If you collect one, and then scroll the rest far enough off-screen, or leave the sublevel and return, any sprites or objects affected by item memory in that column will have disappeared. (I'm pretty sure in the case of locked doors, the lock is removed) Try to keep this from happening stuff required for 100%. It should be okay if it happens in a room that can only be accessed once.

What could also be happening, since you have 5 main sublevels, is that there's 2 sublevels using the same item memory setting. The game might consider an object between the levels to have already been collected if this happens.
I just loaded your latest and it takes me to no-man's land so I can't test it?

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