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What annoys you about SMW hacking/hackers

- The fact that I don't really know asm.... its annoying for me because i can do jack crap
Oh another thing I forgot to mention:

As far as playing hacks there is NOTHING worse than playing an interesting, challenging and fun hack just to have it turn Kaizo in later sections. This is worse than playing bad hacks to begin with as with bad hacks, you can just quit after finishing the first world knowing what the rest of the hack must be like.

It was like the hacker used every good elements that make up a good hack (design, aesthetics, enemy placement, level pacing, puzzles, story, music) to LURE a player into playing the hack and by the time the player is so drawn into playing the hacker is like:

"Oh you're having fun eh? Well this is a KAIZO HACK!!! Time to get [email protected], b!tcH!!!!1!!!!"

Then the player starts "playing" a complete savedstatefest, stops having fun but plays just to finish what he started.


1. I have got to agree with Re1Mu2R3. There's little more frustrating than a hack with an unreasonable difficulty curve. A curve doesn't have to keep going up infinitely. Levels at the start don't have to be mind numbingly boring, where the levels at the end are basically unplayable. These are games, right? They're supposed to be fun? Using savestates isn't fun, there's no accomplishment. I'm not an unskilled Mario player. I can handle pretty tough hacks, but I can still enjoy an easy hack for what it is. I don't enjoy being deceived by absurd difficulty curves though. Takes a different state of mind to play easy and hard hacks.

Aside: Listing hacks as difficulties that they really aren't. I've played 'easy' hacks that are infuriatingly hard at times. This goes back into deception of the player. I try to encourage people to try out romhacks, and they get murdered by 'easy' hacks, because a lot of people seem to think that someone shouldn't be allowed to play romhacks until they've become a master of SMW. I find that pretty dumb.

2. Also, while I get that bugs happen, I find hacks are far too often inadequately tested (Person tests once, maybe with savestates, never looks back. Then they update something, don't run through the levels again to make sure it doesn't cause conflicts.) I've pointed out bugs to people, and been told "Oh it isn't my fault, it's this addon I used that's the matter." If the addon's broken, it shouldn't be there, y'know? Pipes to level 0/100 are absolutely unacceptable. I'm amazed that I even come across them, with LunarMagic bellyaching about them every time you save the stage.

3. Hacks that are longer than they need to be are definitely a thing. I don't think I've seen a 120 exit hack that isn't afflicted by the curse of terrible filler stages. Quality over quantity. I'd rather a short, enjoyable ride, than one that drags on for the sake of dragging on. I find those hacks tend to overstay their welcome, and I'm glad to be done by the time it's over.

4. Everyone-is-a-winner review styles. Positivity is great, sure. But negativity, when used effectively, can beget more positivity. I see reviews of hacks all the time that say things like:

"This is fantastic, it should be featured!"
"This is my favourite hack of yours. Great work! I liked _________."
"This is really good. 8/10"

But things like "8/10" imply that there was a shortcoming. These are the opportunities for reviewers to give constructive criticism, and say "While I really loved _________, I thought that ______ was bad and it brought my rating down from 10 to 8."

Things are seldom perfect, and creators are in an ongoing battle to get as close to perfection as humanly possible. People need criticism though, and the best way to get it is by having their things reviewed. It pains me to see reviews that don't point out flaws that need to be pointed out.

Whenever I post on the SMW hack review forum (Which I wish I had time to do more frequently), you'll often see me say "I'm going to deny this unless _________ is fixed, because ___________________." It's never something that I expect to cater to my opinion, but just functional things. If something is obviously broken, it should be fixed before something gets accepted.

5. Posts on the forums that are really long.

Just kidding. I am incapable of keeping my posts small, because I have far too much to say. Sorry 'bout that.

-The ultimate n00b boss, mainly because it's extremely overused
-People making big deal on graphics
-People overusing the same song over and over again
User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
Too late to say but I don't like to see posts shooting actual people.

- The term "overused" on certain resources: I don't see any problems on my choices regarding resources, and I don't care if people call them "overused". What annoys me though, are people saying that the resource is "overused" that will lead to the author to not use it.

- Ripped graphics having a palette that's not remotely close to their original counterpart: I've seen some good alternate palettes but it just hits me if I've seen those wrong ones. I guess it's just me, seeing that I love ripping.

- Graphic inconsistency: Something like DKC BG with YI FG doesn't go well on me. I don't know what to consider a "graphic inconsistency" because I rarely play hacks, but I have some ideas about it. I prefer sticking in a single theme for the whole hack.

- Compatibility and Tool-switching: Almost what Masterlink said about it minus the "stopped hacking" part. Also I think it's just too big of a deal to switch into the new tool (if they required lots of tweaks at least) just because they do better than the old one. I've been using old tools but I haven't encountered any problems on using them so far. The annoying thing is how people argue about these.

- ASM failure: It's something about me. Whenever I think the ASM stuff (blocks, patches, sprites) failed to work correctly without knowing what causes it, I lose my motivation to hack for a day.

- ROM porting: While I haven't done it yet, I imagine it's going to be the most annoying thing to do, depending on your progress. You'll have to remember every single bit that you have on your hack. (I learned how to keep track of patches from this)

That should be all... for now.
Originally posted by Hinalyte
- ROM porting: While I haven't done it yet, I imagine it's going to be the most annoying thing to do, depending on your progress. You'll have to remember every single bit that you have on your hack. (I learned how to keep track of patches from this)

Not if you use sane tools, use Asar/xkas to hex edit and arrange files by type every time it gets disorganized.

Yeah, porting to a new ROM is a hassle but 9 times out of 10 LM's restore feature means needing to is very rare.
-Badly ported music, Im so tired hearing bad (midi) ports, especially when its only port/no alternatives.

-Anything that comes with multiple files(patches, blocks, graphics..) and little-to-none instructions what todo them and are named something like "file1.idk, filex.idk, something.asd etc" making it trial and error until I find one I wanted/that works.

-Anything thats barely tested, or tested only in specific circumstances, for example one patch caused game to soft-lock whenever fire mario touched an enemy, but not with small/big/feather mario.

-Not limited just to SMW hacking but in general, tools with annoying UI's, tedious to use or at worst corrupts the rom(usually to point where its impossible to fix).
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