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[REMOVED] "Shizu`s Big Adventure" - Shizufuzu
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Length: 8 exits
Difficulty: Normal


While this hack has some potential, I'd say it needs more work, to be honest. The design, even though not bad, has quite a few issues, both global and level-specific.

Design-wise, it seems the hack has some trouble coming up with obstacles overall; most of it feels either overwhelming (such as the start of Grassland 1 and the fishing boo section at the ghost house) or boring (the level with Minecraft graphics). I highly recommend working a bit more on the sprite placement, as it definitely feels like an afterthought right now.

There are also quite a few specific issues with the design, such as frequent sprite memory errors (which could probably be fixed easily), a few enemies that provide no real challenge (notably on level 1), sections you can only go through as small Mario for no apparent reason (secret exit of the cave level (maybe it was intended to be small Mario-only though, so you can ignore that I guess) and a few other issues (confusing block behavior such as the outline switch blocks used as invisible coin blocks or the vine block, this particular setup, considering I didn't know that was a coin block before).

I feel like this could be better with some more polish, but I'm not sure if it's acceptable right now. I recommend working more on the enemy placement and overall design.

Verdict: Remove
I'm going to assume that this is your first hack Shizufuzu. (Judging by post count and how long you have been here)

This hack needs a lot of work. Aeon described your level design perfectly. Its very inconsistent, it ranges from easy to hard. Its like you were trying to make a Kaizo and a regular Mario hack. A lot of times you had obstacles in areas where you normally land. You also like to spam enemies around as well. This causes slow down, annoyances and memory issues. Such as this one:

The P-Switch didn't appear at all. It took me 5 minutes of running back and forth through out the level trying to figure it out. I randomly jumped up to the one place I hadn't checked and it was there. This is an easy fix, all you need to do get rid of some of the enemies.

Your OW is very plain, square and boring. You need to make it more random and decorate it more with hills, valleys, rivers and lakes.

Verdict: This hack feels really rushed and unpolished. It feels like you wanted to create your first hack and impress everyone with ExGFX insertion and addmusic. But it doesn't work like that, you need to put time and care into each level. Try and make the difficulty really easy in the first couple worlds and then rank up the difficulty at a good pace as the game goes on. Don't insert ExGFX for the hell of it, insert it because you feel like it fits your hack. I really recommend scrapping your hack and trying again. There are plenty of level design forums on this site in the tutorial section. Try and read up on a few of them to get a better idea of what it takes to make a good hack. Also don't forget this golden tip from this site. (You can see other tips where it says "Tip" at the top of the site)

Originally posted by SMWC Tips
Tip: There's a fine line between difficult and unfair. Avoid the latter.


Also 700th post WOOO


Send me a PM! | Click for my hack! March 25 2015 Update is here! | SteamID | Layout made by JackTheSpades
For a first hack, I must say that it's not this bad! However, there are lots of bad things in this.

Good job on making an actual level design: most of the first time hacks are just random bunch of linear levels, while yours is an actual big effort. Though that doesn't means yours is good: instead, there are lots of silly parts. There is everything, from the boredom to the unfairness. While some sections could (maybe forcedly) go, most of them need polishment. Overall, nice first try, but it's still a not fully acceptable one.

Your aesthetics are kind of weird, I can hardly identify which style you were aiming at. Generally, when making an hack, you should pick one style (like vanilla, redrawn, cartoonish, realistic, and so on) and try to follow that style as much as you can, avoiding clashes. The first level is an example, where you used NSMW Wii-styled FG, but keeping a vanilla BG. You can maybe find a workaround with paletting, but most of the time, it's recommended to go with both custom BG and FG. On their own, they weren't looking this good either; they just feel decent, you could've work around them a bit, but no, you just left them as they are. As overall, indeed... just decent.

Technical issues are all over the place:
- The level "I really do this..." really glitches music in accurate emulators. Using AMK rather than the older am4 is the best option for modern hacks;
- A few levels suffer from sprite tile limits: the night level is an example, since you can't see the switch on top of the pipe because of it;
- It's annoying that some tiles that are supposed to be passable are still solid. The vine blocks, the yellow switch blocks, are still solid even if their tile is empty. What it matters is the actlike of it. It's ironic that the only time you've set it right it makes the section impossible (talking about the House of Ghosts).

Difficulty is normal, the difficulty curve is a weird one going trough all the 4 kinds of difficulty.

Even if as first try isn't bad, it's still not acceptable, so I'd go with a rejection. Don't give up though: for clever ideas, I'd suggest you play others' hacks (unless you already do), since they help with ideas and figuring out what a good hack is.

The hack has been removed. Score points were given to Zone355 and Wakana.
Thanks for the tips, I will work on it ;)
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