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The SMWC Auto Level Contest: FINAL DAY

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I like how it turned out. It may be a bit newbish, this is my first auto-level. I think it's pretty good. It usually works perfectly, i tested it enough. I hope i didn't overuse the boost blocks ( i didnt use them TOO much....).
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Heres my sad attempt :P
If I can't make good regular levels, I'm sure I cant make good automatic levels. It does beat itself though. I know I'm not gonna win because other peoples levels will be totally superior, but I'm doing this for fun :)
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So far, Neko's FTW.
Slightly well-versed on everything LinuxI'll beta-test your hack. Find me here!
Man... syncing it to music is damn harder then I expected. >_<
Can you guys make a video of your completed automated level. I wan't to see it for myself. Not to play it.
Here's mine.
There's loads of note blocks, but all the ways I used them will hopefully make up for that.
There was also a small super shell portion, but I had to take it out because it kept on messing up and killing Mario. Bonus points to anyone who can find where it is.



Well, this is my modest attempt to make a decent Auto level. This.
Here's my IPS patch: It's my first time making a level like this so I thought it wouldn't be possible, but it is just really hard to get the timing to work right. I made my best attempt.

My SMW Automatic Level

Also,it seems like works most of the time, but sometimes you get hit so does it matter if you get a leaf or something and if you get hit once and then you get big again when you go through the halfway mark? it has ExGFX, custom music, well,not one I made, but I inserted one for SMW2,and I inserted a few custom sprites to make it look better.
Also, I used the ExGFX one,and it said it was all right to use it,but I just moved the level to be 105 like it says so I hope that's all right or does it have to already be level 105 from the original map, and it's like 2 minutes so it fits the time limit.

Must it be in a IPS or can it be in a movie?
Doing my own ExGFX.
STATUS: Making Wario Land 4 ExGFX beach set

If you take "THE BADDEST HACK I HAVE PLAYED" please say why it sucks ._.'
Originally posted by S.N.N.
5. Please upload an IPS FILE when your level is complete

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Scientific genius!
Originally posted by pikazz
Must it be in a IPS or can it be in a movie?

You can put it in a movie, but the IPS file is needed so this way the judges can tell that you made it.
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HERE is my entry (the ZIP file contains both the IPSD and the SRM to save you time). Also HERE is a video of it for those who would like to see it.

I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
I've made 1 level for maybe 6 months ago, and it turned out to be overloaded with stuff so it even lagged on some points. But screw that, I made a new one. It turned out to be light, not overloaded. And at the beginning, it's also this 50-50 (60-40) risk of failing on a note block. So try a several times, just to notify ya'll, it works more than it fails ;).
And about that overloaded automatic level, I added it to the IPS file too, just for fun :P (But at the right side, while the main level is on the left side)
Everyone, feel free to download it (This is also my entry) HERE
P.S. The level I've uploaded here, can also be found on YouTube. But I did a small configuration at the end of the level, and it is not shown at YouTube.

P.S.S. Lol, haven't been on this site for weeks :p
I might as well give it a go. :)
How can I submit the level? I am joining the contest.
Originally posted by me
Very detailed tutorial:

-Get Lunar IPS.
-Make your level.
-Open Lunar IPS and select "Create IPS Patch".
-First, select an unmodified SMW ROM. In the next window, choose the ROM with your level.
-In the next window, choose a place and a name for the IPS patch and save it by clicking OK.
-Go to
-Click here (ignore the German text on the site itself).
-After doing that, you should see an address next to the Megaupload logo:

Don't worry if the address is not exactly the same, it's perfectly OK.
-Click on it, copy it from your browser's address bar and post it here.

You're done!

Thanks, WYE!
Here's my one:
Guide-Line Grove. Yeah, a big part of the level consists of riding a line-guided platform. But don't worry, there are also other parts. The level might have not much "action" in it, but I really like the way it looks (except some colors don't fade out, but the Fade Fix patch seems to hate Addmusic). Yes, it's my first successful attempt at using Addmusic (made easy)!

A short description:
Custom Blocks: NO
Custom Sprites: NO
Custom Levels: NO
Custom GFX: YES (Presents logo edited, removed the "Mario" GFX from the status bar)
Custom Music: YES! (No, it's not synchronized to the music)
Custom Status Bar: YES

All these things should be allowed (hopefully).
I could upload a video, if I felt like it.



Link Thread Closed