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[REMOVED] "Mario & La Sphère de Toad 2" - Aurel509
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Link to hack submission

File Name:Mario & La Sphère de Toad 2
Submitted:2014-10-19 08:40:51 AM by Aurel509
Length:42 exit(s)
Description:Here is the version final of Mario & la sphere de Toad 2
After 6 and a half months of work here it is finally
I hope that you prefer and good game

Problems fixed

[1] crash in the overworld
[2] deletion of slowdowns (almost everything)
[3] resolution of problems with the Checkpoint
[4] reworked levels see replaced

It's this hack again - I remember to have played a demo version of the hack a couple of months ago, and as I can see, not much has changed in the content already existent from the demo. However, some of the thoughts I had on this hack changed after I beat it entirely,
such as the final battle
, which I expected to be somewhat more interesting - but well, most bosses of the hack weren't nice to fight against with, I don't know, they were kinda annoying. That aside, there are a couple of things I recommend you to fix:

Not pictured: "Caves in the rocks" feels way too claustrophobic. It's not a really bad level, but it could benefit of some more work on it. Also this.

Not pictured: The music in "Castle 2" does NOT break, however, it provokes a loud and annoying noise in part of the music.

Sprite memory issues right there. I don't remember to have pointed this out in a previous review of mine for this hack, I assume I simply let it pass unnoticed.
From the same level as shown in the above screens; this custom block is kinda weird, as it doesn't seem to be solid at all.

After pressing the Yellow Switch, some of the 8x8 water animated tiles get glitchy, as shown above.
Also *Ancient.

Unlike all the other signs I've seen in the hack, this one is entirely solid.

Unfair spot where you can get hurt by the mole if you don't react fast enough.

You let this one slide; the names don't match. There are probably others I've missed.

Placing Flyin' Hammer Bros above lava isn't a very good idea. Right after you hit his flying platform, he still throws hammers in the lava for a small period of time.

I haven't seen any notification in the castle that I'd lose my current powerup right after every two seconds passed while I'm in this level.

Super Slowdown World.

General complaint; watch out your spelling, or overall knowledge with the English language. Remember you can always try to ask someone to proofread the hack for you (try hiring someone from this list).

All this stuff aside, the hack is still pretty decent. My thoughts haven't changed much from the demo and this final version. It still has its bad points (which I consider you to fix as soon as you can, even if other reviewers vote to accept the hack), but it has some okay level design and enough length to be enjoyable.

Difficulty is Normal. I'm not sure if hard is proper for this hack.

+1'd users:
- Wakana-chan
- Everest
Oh already, that was fast #tb{:)}.
I was able to correct certain mentioned problems
I besides also corrected the problems of perspectives on the main ow with castles
The version correct version is already ready must to be published
Can you let me put the version correct version?
Layout by Koopster
Let me know when you've updated the download link.
The corrected version is published
Layout by Koopster

I don't know what happened here. I'm sure this spot is supposed to have another invisible block that'd help you get up there, which didn't seem to exist in this version of the hack.

Rest seems to be fine. Except the music in "Castle 5" also provokes an annoying noise, like the "Castle 2" used to.
The correct version was republished.
Sorry for the time which I was able to take.
Layout by Koopster
Things seem to be fixed. I'm sticking this again, waiting for reviews.
I was told your Birabuto port seems to randomly crash the hack whenever you die (Sumo bro's fire SFX seems to trigger it). Once again, I'm leaving your hack on-hold waiting for an update to fix your port/find a working one.
Since I played most of it, I guess I can give you some advices.

I remember playing and reviewing deoms of this hack. Honestly I wasn't expecting something like this as whole hack.

The design isn't bad, you always managed to introduce new gimmicks in each level. The latter levels are what I liked most. Sometimes the hack felt a bit repetitive, since you tend to repeat a part more times. Good thing you didn't abuse it, at least... Overall, I don't think much has changed from the demos, your design is still somewhat acceptable from my point of view.

I'm not a big fan of the aesthetic: I've seen styles mixing multiple times, a few palettes felt off and wrong, and there are lots of silly errors. I'm not very impressed: with the redrawn style like yours, you could've pointed to something waaaaaaaay better. Try making your style uniform, remove the clashy graphics (NSMB desert, NSMB castle, Paper Mario, and many others) and replace them with graphics that could look as much uniform as possible.

There are lots of silly small errors, plus a big one. Don't murder me, I'm the one that discovered the weird glitch: apparently in the levels where you used Birabuto, the hack freezes when you die and when the fire SFX played atleast once. I'm not sure if it's the error, since it's more or less random: sometimes the hack was fine, some others it crashed. A big tip: you didn't use ASM, so porting to a new rom and using AMK would make your hack free from this error maybe.
As for minor errors, just look Mirann's post: massive slowdown, tile limits and all that she mentioned.

Difficulty is normal, I must say you managed to get a nice difficulty curve here.

Rejection. I don't think I'd have accepted the hack if it was without the major bug. Take care of your hack more, and work on the aesthetics a lot more.
I remember this hack.

Surely enough, not much has really changed overall though I can notice some changes. That said, it is best to remind myself of what quality this hack is. This hack has both good points and bad points though I cannot say whether the bad points outweigh the good points. I will move onto the level design part for determining a portion of the equation here. The level design of this hack is acceptable in general though I do feel it is repetitive at some points in the hack especially around the early-midway point of the hack. Each of the levels seem to have some sort of gimmick or general concept in mind and I can say that I really enjoyed this aspect of the levels. Unfortunately, there are areas where I do feel sprites are not really place is a good way. It isn't really specific to one certain level or such; it seems to pop up every now and then. I would prefer if you had more planning in some of your levels as they seem to be kind of hastily made in certain cases. It isn't really a big thing in general though so I suppose that is acceptable. The main problem is repetitiveness. Vary some of the levels without looking "forceful" in doing so or else it would not really feel right and consistent.

As for other things in the hack, I do have some things to say for myself. Some palettes seem awkward (like the foreground in Dark Forest). The graphics themselves are the NSMB style which I cannot say I am a fan of though I will not hold it against you as this is purely an opinion. What is not my opinion however is consistency. Some levels seem fine with mixed graphics however others like Grassland plains 2 do seem to stand out and not fit in well with the rest of the hack. Think about that as it can degrade the quality of the hack significantly. The overworld and submaps are decent enough as well though they do seem to be basic in some areas - not enough for me to object however. The intro level did make me annoyed a little as I had to wait a few more seconds after finishing each sentence on each screen (though I guess it is helpful to non-English speakers who are interested in reading it). I did experience slowdown at certain points which left me quite disappointed in certain situations. Same thing with the glitches present in this hack. Have some testers to test this hack to go through it and look over everything so you can submit a bug-free version in the future.

Difficulty: Normal would do in this case.

I am not sure what I would do if I had to accept or reject this hack as I can see an equal amount of positives and negatives here. Seeing as this is "On-Hold", I do hope you submit a new version in that time that is bug-free like I said before as I would prefer a bug-free version in the hack section.
Rejecting this for now as it's been "on hold" for too long. Feel free to submit the hack again when you fix the mentioned music issue.
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