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[REMOVED] "Super Mario Bros." by zacmario
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File NameSuper Mario Bros.
Submitted:2014-12-07 01:15:20 PM by zacmario
Length:5 exit(s)
Description:1.While in mid air tap down to ground pound.
2.Duck until blinking and press jump as you release down to perform a smb 2 hi jump.
3. Slide along the wall then jump to perform a wall jump.
4. watch for hidden passages in the floors walls and ceilings.
5. The leaf if your lucky enough to find them, contains Von Farenhieghts powerful acorn mario, though beware his raccoon suit is misleading you may not spin attack, however you can glide then double jump with the spin button, you may also cling to walls!
6. have fun!
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So, here we have a mix of SMB1, 2 and 3... not sure if I like it but it's interesting at least.
Honestly, I'm not really sure what to think about it. You're throwing in a lot of different elements. The levels have this SMB appearance, yet I can pick up stuff, do wall and spingjumps can get a leaf for flying, invisible tunnels... There is just really a lot going on. One big problem here is that the SMB Mario graphics don't really work with most of the "additional" actions Mario can do.

[1] spinjuming
[2] holding stuff while ducking.
There are also some other questionable graphics for Mario, while not really glitchy, it just looks odd:
[3] Ducking makes his hat go blue.
[4][5] Mario's arm is orange while rising and red while falling.
[6] the racoon tail looks sort of bloody o.O

Aside from Mario, there are also some other problems:
[7][8] Hidden pipe :D to glitchland D:
[9][10] Pipe (that makes Mario's head disappear) :D to glitchland D:

[11][12][13] All those bridges look horrible >.<
[14] Someone free this boss from his pained existance #tb{O_O}
[16] That one fance tile is on layer 2.

There is also that thing with the racoon tail while having it, I can stick to walls. Dunno if this is a glitch or on purpose so I'll just let if slide for now.
In general, I think you should focus more in one direction rather than multiple. You use SMB graphics but the actual gameplay is more a mix from SMB2 and SMB3. I guess SMB is just convinient as you can use layer 2 for this hidden tunnels.

The gameplay isn't all that great either. It's quite flat with not much going on other than jumping every now and then. For example, the only time you really made use of the walljump gimmik seems to be here [17]. The tunnels where always rather obvious... mostly because you can see them when you're just sanding close to them. And they didn't really have anything to offer. They were either just a normal path to continue the level or have a hidden pipe to glitchland.
The level design... well, you could improve the colors a little. By using SMB graphics, there isn't much you can do wrong anyway.

Finally, I'll go with rejection. This might have some potential but still needs a lot of work poured into it before it can bloom.
Difficulty: Easy.

+1'd Wakana

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... what even am I doing with my life?
I have no idea what I played here. Everything here just seems a total nonsensed mess.

Starting with the design, I don't want to sound harsh, but it's awful. You had lots of ASM gimmicks, like the wall-jump and the ground pound, that aren't used in the game at all (atleast for the ground pound; the wall jump was useful when I was falling through gaps). Your levels are really boring and extremly flat. I got bored of playing it just after the second level, after I figured what type of design you aimed for. Definitely not good. Your levels should be more entertaining and varied; moreover, you can aim for something better because of your asm implementations, so no excuses of lazyness here.

Aesthetic is... *Wakana.exe has stopped working.*
I believe your idea of style is kinda distorted. Two main things bug me a lot here: the clashes and the errors. The clashes are pretty evident, as not everything was NES styled (in terms of music too), which felt very weird. As for the errors, well, unless you didn't test your hack, they're evident as well, such as a few Mario's tiles, some wrong sprite GFX slots, cutoff and weird palettes. My suggestion: scratch everything, define your style (NES? SNES? Redrawn? SMB2?) and keep as close as possible to it.

Misc errors, well... again, unless you didn't test your hack, they're evident. The most annoying, in Mayo pinion, are those undergound levels that use the spotlight: they have massive annoying slowdown. Mentionable the GFX messes with sprites, my favourite is Bowser, which appears as a fuckton of glitchy mess. Be sure to fix these big issues.

DIfficulty is easy, keeping uniformity with the difficulty curve (which is bad: no dynamic difficulty curve = boring).

Rejection on sight. You need a lot more work in this hack. Starting from scratch may save some time though, at this point...
Please remove the hack. As i asked in submission. It has been canceled.
Wish granted, though next time you wish to cacel a submission, please PM a hack moderator (or the one who claimed your hack if it's already undergoing moderation).

Anime statistic on MyAnimeList:
400 animes completed ✓
6000 episodes completed ✓
100 Days completed ✓
... what even am I doing with my life?
Ok thanks.
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "Super Mario Bros." by zacmario

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