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[SEMI-FIXED] Song doesn't sound like SPC at all (overworld only)

Hi, I'm trying to use this song on my overworld, but in-game, the drums sound weird, I'd like to describe them better, but I'm no musician.

Both SPCs in the .zip sound normal and even the one generated by AMK does, but in-game, bleh.

EDIT: Actually added link, forgetful me...

EDIT2: Further tests reveal that the song sounds fine when used in levels. Only the overworld barfs it. But this song was an overworld song prior to the AMK switch IIRC, I used it before on an overworld with AM4 and it was fine.
I just tested it myself and I had no issues with it. Not sure what's causing your problem.

It might help if you could get some kind of recording of what you're hearing somehow, to make it easier to pinpoint the issue.

edit: does ripping an SPC with ZSNES/ZMZ output what you need?
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Well, I'm uploading a video of it at the moment, but it's insanely long. It should be done by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, other info. In ZMZ, it sounds exactly the same (except that it crackles furiously, like in Snes9x before I switched to Snes9x DirectSound, with which the crackling become somewhat bearable), and SPC dumps yield an EMPTY SPC.

Trying to describe it... it sounds like it's really far away, not there but still here, see? Like, maybe it's all bass, no treble or something. Seriously, I'm just pulling random music-related words out of my ass here, I don't know shit.

EDIT: Here is a dump from Snes9x, that's what I'm hearing.

EDIT2: Here's a list of stuff I have on my ROM:

- uberASM
- Minimalist Status Bar
- A bunch of hex edits changing the tilemap and properties of various bounce sprites
- The patch to remove the turning frame of Koopas
- The patch that prevents tile 83 from appearing everywhere
- No SpriteTool or block inserter
- A few ExGFX files
- 2 edited levels
- AMK was first used before any of this

EDIT3: Just noticed, the original SPC says there is echo, but my dumped SPC says there's no echo. Maybe that's the problem?
For some reason surround sound is enabled on that channel. I don't think I've heard of a case like this one before, and I can't think of anything that might cause that other than actually editing the text file.

edit: did you remove the header from the txt? if not, try that, but thats really the best i can think of atm
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Originally posted by Sinc-X
edit: did you remove the header from the txt? if not, try that, but thats really the best i can think of atm

It's literally (as in, the true, literal definition of the word) the first thing I did when I found the problem. Should have mentioned it, sorry. I thought that the bug was caused by AMK not interpreting AM4's OW song headers correctly, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

And is there any way to disable surround sound on that channel? I don't even know what it means, to be honest. What's different from stereo?

EDIT: FIXED by explicitly stating the panning in the txt. I'm gonna assume AM4 defaulted to y10, but AMK defaults to surround or garbage data (this latter theory could explain why you don't have the same results as me)? Can't port using the infinitesimal knowledge I could acquire, but at least it helped me solve this case. :P Still wondering why the included SPCs and AMK's dump sound normal, though...
Yeah, I'm not sure what happened, but since surround in AMK is done via yAA,B,C it makes sense that resetting the pan would fix it.

My best guess at this point is that it's a conflict with one of your patches or hex edits, but I'm really not certain.
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My hex edits can't be the problem. Unless AMK NEEDS bounce sprites to be on SP3/4, in which case we have a very sloppily-coded Addmusic here (which is why it's not the case).

As for my patches... If everyone using uberASM had compatibility issues, I wouldn't be the only one hating on AMK all the time. So it's either the minimalist status bar or the tile 83/69 fix. (The koopa no turning frame patch is a small hex edit)

I'm just trying to pinpoint the problem because it might cause further, more dramatic problems too. Fixing it before any damage is done would be great.
AMK explicitly sets the pan when the song starts:

	mov	a, #$0a
	mov	!Pan+x, a         ; Pan[ch] = #$0A

So it's definitely not defaulting to a random garbage value.

But that being said I'm really not sure what's going on here. This isn't happening with me, and the only problem is that something, somewhere, is setting the pan value to something it shouldn't, but only for one channel (the code I posed above runs through every channel when the song starts, so if it was a bug there, it would affect every channel).

99% of normal patches also shouldn't be causing minor compatibility issues either--most problems with patches and AMK are related to them fighting over the same hijack spot, which just results in a flat-out crash usually. Something minor like a single channel randomly getting surround sound shouldn't be caused by a patch under normal circumstances.

Only thing I can think of is that there's a custom sound effect you might have inserted that, when played, uses ASM to set the surround sound of a channel? Pretty sure that's not the case, and definitely not if you're not using custom sound effects, but it's literally the only thing I can think of at this point.

The only thing I can do to help is if you send me a patch of a ROM that has this bug, I'm afraid.
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
Does the header have this$ED $80 $6D $68 $ED $80 $7D $00 $F0
Originally posted by zacmario
Does the header have this$ED $80 $6D $68 $ED $80 $7D $00 $F0

The AM4 headers are irrelevant to AMK; also, I already said that, no matter if the header is there or not, the bug happens.

Kipernal, I sent you a PM. Just saying here because you might've missed the PM because it's still marked as unread. The PM contains the IPS and more information.