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SMWCP2 Sound Track Redux
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Originally posted by Lotica
Let's just hope that we don't focus on this too much, because if we do, it'll delay the project even further, and we don't want that.

Lightvayne said in the first post that the deadline for all this is when testing is done, so there's no way this can delay the project.

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Another thing I could possibly finish and turn into a factory track, though of course I'd have to change the samples. Yes? No? Maybe so? I came up with it when I was thinking of what kind of music might suit a "clock punk" level.
Dunno if it's relevant, I just drove through after I heard some stuff about underwear, but my song on that SPC list is outdated. It's up to date in the soundtrack but I just figured I'd throw it in.
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So a lot of my contributions to this project happened when I was first learning to compose. A couple of my songs have already been pruned in the initial composition phase, and the remaining ones aren't really my best work.

If any of them are deemed unsuitable for the hack in this phase, all I ask is that the original .txt file be sent to me if possible, because I pretty much lost the other two forever when they were removed. Also, I think one of my songs, Grass/Industrial Level 1 (46), is pretty awful looking back on it. If anyone wants to re-port or replace that song entirely, please do so.
Anyone else have mixed feelings on the starman and P-switch themes?
I've never liked the P-Switch theme. I recall saying that earlier on, but it glossed over. A repetitive track like that needs to be a bit softer on the ears, especially during the tempo increase, and I feel that the one we have is far too sharp.

No issues with the starman theme.
I just want to shoot my opinions on some tracks:

First of all, I really love the song from the Forest/Swamp Castle. To be honest, I like all castle themes, specially that one and the Grass/Industrial castle.

Also, my favorite songs are on Fire/Ice World. Heck, I used to play Frostflow Freezer and Crystalline Citadel only to listen the music.

So, I would not like to see any of them gone.

Anyone else have mixed feelings on the starman and P-switch themes?

The starman theme sounds great to me. The P-Switch theme... Well, let's just say I agree with S.N.N.
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Regarding the star theme, I'm not the biggest fan of the flutes that come in, personally. It starts good, but the flutes are way too pitch bend happy and two of the four note chords are destroyed by them, and the notes that are left from it don't really sound good. Maybe if channels #2 and #5 were the ones swapped out for the flutes? But even then, I don't think the flutes sound all that good.

Meh. I suppose if you guys want to keep it you can, it's just that I don't think it sounds all that good.
I still have this lying around.

EDIT: Here's an SPC for you lovelycumfaggots!
Hmm, I'm surprised to hear that a good chunk of people actually liked my Forest Castle theme. I still think it could be improved, though now I'm leaning toward the idea of simply giving it a makeover as opposed to composing a new song entirely from scratch.

I agree with others about the P-switch theme; I never cared for it either.

Also regarding the star theme, CrispyYoshi actually composed a nice track for it, back while SMWCP2 was still early in development, but it seems to have gone unnoticed. (I'll edit this post later if I can manage to find the original SPC)
This was crispy's theme. If you'd rather use that than the star theme I ported that's okay. I do think that there's nothing wrong with the star theme simply being an homage to the SMB star theme. Pretty much every Mario game does it as well.
"Bells of Paradise" (possibly one of the ice level songs listed in the first post?) is a decent composition, but the whateverthefrakk that comes in around 1:05 is way too loud. Everything else about it is pretty much fine.
My thoughts and suggestions on how to improve the music:

Songs that I think that may or will need improvements:

Bells of Eternity: The bass at the beginning of the theme should stay throughout the entire song. It creates a good vibe, why remove it?
Cavernous Chords: Not sure about this song...
Crystalline: Too empty, add a bass to it and maybe make the choir a little louder to have a more "Holy" or "Angellic" feel to it.
Cult of Calamity: The theme is meh to me. I don't know, I just don't like it.
Dokutsu No Kaze: Could be less repetitive. It sounds kinda boring.
Dreamscape: I feel like there should be more choir/bass in it to add a more "dreamy" feel.
Electrospire: I think adding an echo would make this song a bit better.
Entrance: It is a bit too repetitive, though I like it.
Fantastic Fanfare: I don't like this theme at all. Sandy Strings fits the theme of the title screen a lot better.
Fun at the Carnival: Perhaps an echo might work better.
Heavier Than Air: Make it a bit more lively.
Industrial Revolution: Not sure about this one.
Iron Notes of Industry: Ehh....
Let the Show Begin!: Maybe make it a bit more lively. This might sound better with echo.
Melancholic Forest Air: Could be a bit less repetitive.
Merchant Song: Maybe an echo would make this a bit better.
One Last Hope: Should be a bit more intense by adding a couple of things to it.
Oriental Opus: Seems a bit too empty.
Overburn: Could be a bit more intense.
Palaces of Unease: Too bland. It's almost like the composer was just uninspired.
Paperfoilage Orchestra: Make it a little louder...
Pumped-Up Pressure: Theme sux.
Rollercoaster: I don't know, the song seems a bit too "Wacky", compared to Shaco.
Rush Time: Could be a tad more intense.
Sandy Strings: Echo might make this a bit better. Also, remember the time this song was accidentally placed in the title screen? I thought that was really fitting. This songs sounds more Dark-ish than Desert-ish.
Six-Eight Sorrow: I don't get the name, first of all. Second of all, it is WAY too empty. Add more stuff to it.
Tremble Amid the Trees: This song kinda sucks.
Undeserved Regality: Add some bass to it, and make it a bit more intense.
Watery Depths: It's a little too loud...

Songs that I think are just fine or absolutely perfect as is:

All the Leaves...: Perfect. It feels like i'm in a forest during the fall, with a nice autumn breeze blowing colorful leaves around. Beautiful.
Ashen Snowfall: Perfect. It's a good remix of Slippery Subterranean from that one hack.
Athletic: Perfect. Changed my mind about this song, it's just fine as a cheerful techno-theme.
Automated Anger: It's a good final boss theme, though it's not really my cup of tea for final boss themes. Just me being nitpicky, though.
Bamboo Bustle: Perfect. It's good for an oriental castle.
Be The Hero: Perfect. The theme isn't all that intense but it's still pretty upbeat and lively for a boss theme.
Bells of Paradise: Perfect. Sounds Christmassy, which is a good thing.
Brace For a Bonus: Perfect. GET ALL DA COINZ!
Burnt Ice Beats: Perfect. It's a pretty catchy tune that I get stuck in my head sometimes.
Calm Before the Storm: Perfect. A fiery and icy feel is just what the doctor ordered.
Check The Temperature: Perfect. Do I turn on the heat or the air? Hmm...
Factory Fugue: It's good. I just don't like it in a way I don't know of.
Floating Citadel: Perfect. Stupid Yoshi Drums taking over the theme...
Floating: Perfect, though the name could be something else if possible. Perhaps instead of "Floating", it could be "Flying"?
Florist Ghost House: Perfect. It's an absolutely depressing and haunting theme, but ironically, the Boos love flowers.
Flutes Of Despair: People don't like this song, but me? I like it.
In the Eastern Woods: Perfect. It really fits a bamboo forest during the evening.
Innocent Beginnings: Perfect. Might as well start off simple.
Lucid: Perfect. I feel like i'm in a dream.
Lux: Perfect. Though it could be a bit louder.
Machine-Made Melancholy: Perfect. It's intense and is mechancial, creating a good feeling.
Magnificent Magma Mural: Perfect. The lava bubble sound effects are an excellent addition to this song.
Mario on Ice: Perfect. This is my favorite SMWCP2 song in the soundtrack. Imagine Princess Peach figure skating to this song!
Mechanical Motif: Perfect. Another starting out simple song gives a good feeling to beginners.
Mizumi: Perfect. Nothing like some peaceful asian-music to sooth my soul.
Moonlit River: Perfect. It creates a good swampy feel to a level.
Norveg Incorporated: Perfect. It's intense for a final world.
Parched Polyphony: Perfect. It might be empty at a couple parts but it's just fine.
Playful Breeze: Perfect. It's really relaxing and peaceful.
Sakura: Perfect. Sounds like i'm in feudal Japan.
Sea of Mist: Perfect. It's pretty relaxing and fitting for an ocean world castle.
Shaco: Perfect. It's not too silly or funny, and it makes me feel like i'm at some amusement park.
Somber Stalagmites: Perfect. It would fit overgrown caverns in my opinion. (Not that there is any.)
Song of the Seas: Perfect. Way better than the original theme MVS made.
Sorrowful Balloons: It's good, though I wouldn't consider it "Perfect".
Spring Breeze: Perfect. It is very lively and happy. I felt like this could have been the athletic theme.
Suspicious Silence: Perfect. I think i'm being watched...
To The Sky: Perfect. Feels like I can fly into the sky! Woohoo!
Twisted Tune: Perfect. I really don't have a comment for this one, sadly.
Waterways: Perfect. Too bad this song was only used in Coral Corridor.
White Winter Night: Perfect. It's a calming tune, which ice themes usually are.

I hope you guys take my suggestions and opinions to improve these songs!

EDIT: Split the post into 2 catagories. This should be easier for you guys!
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Be The Hero: The theme sounds a bit too empty. Maybe liven things up a bit.

This song is literally perfect as it is.
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
Be The Hero: The theme sounds a bit too empty. Maybe liven things up a bit.

This song is literally perfect as it is.

Nah, it could be a bit more tense. It just seems a bit too empty.

Oh, and the actual names of the songs should be on the list instead of just stuff like "Fire Level 2" or some crap like that.
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So, I've been saying for a few years now that as much as I like the Boss theme, it should not be the only boss theme in the game.

As much as people told me repeatedly that there is no room left in the soundtrack, I went ahead and wrote another boss theme.

Spontaneously returning to SMW music writing was kind of hard (I came up with the song on OS X Logic Pro, wrote it in Anvil Studio in Windows 8, then straddled between the two Oses during various stages of development), but it was so totally worth it.

The insert size rolls in at about 502 bytes.

I am overall quite happy with it, but please let me know if there are any rough spots to work out.
It's somewhat decent, but it's incredibly loud, and a tad dissonant at the beginning. Mostly what I'm talking about is the @9s that kick in about 0:05, but other than that it's okay.

Also whatever you use for the melody starting at about 0:15 could use maybe a shift an octave downwards. It gets a little obnoxious when it hits notes high enough.

Other than that, I'd consider it okay. But since space is a concern, especially for the Credits track Torchkas is working on, I question if it'd be even possible to fit in a 500 byte track.
p4plus2 has assured me that there should be.

On 2015-01-30, at 9:54 PM, p4plus2 wrote:
> I think thats more than possible to fit
> I'll ask lightvayne tomorrow for an exact freespace breakdown

On 2015-01-30, at 9:55 PM, p4plus2 wrote:
> but worst case scenario I can even fit that in unused vanilla data (Like the credits)

To be honest, that seems like it would make a better final boss theme than a regular boss theme. I kinda like Moose's version better.

Also, that song is just...WAY too loud.
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I agree with FalconPunch. That song sounds very epic and tense-filled (that a word?) to the point where it would make much more sense that it would be in the final boss.

And not only that, but I personally prefer the regular boss theme we already have. I think that's fitting enough for all the bosses, and I think that one is well-composed enough.

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