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The 8th Annual VLDC: Rules and Submissions
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 8th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest - The 8th Annual VLDC: Rules and Submissions
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NOTE: Some of these guidelines are subject to change.


Welcome to the second attempt at a VLDC collaboration/contest.


1. You may only use Lunar Magic and no other resources. This means that you cannot use custom sprites, blocks, patches, or any graphics that weren't present in the original ROM. The ONLY exception to this rule are fix-related patches, such as No More Sprite Tile Limits, the Lava Fix patch, etc. If you are curious to know whether
a certain patch is acceptable or not, ask in the discussion thread.
--------1A. UPDATED: The SA-1 patch is also allowed, since it is technically vanilla.
2. You may utilize the new layer 3 editor in Lunar Magic.
3. Because of the collaborative nature of the contest, we do not want people going too crazy with resources or else not everything will fit. Therefore, you may only use the following. Using more will result in immediate disqualification.
--------a) A maximum of SIX (6) ExGFX files.
--------b) A maximum of HALF A PAGE of Map16 foreground tiles and HALF A PAGE of Map16 background tiles.
--------c) A maximum of FIVE (5) sublevels plus your MAIN LEVEL ENTERABLE FROM THE OVERWORLD, for a total of SIX (6) level numbers.
--------d) A maximum of EIGHT (8) secondary exits
3B. Likewise, there is no signup thread this year. Just stay within these limitations and you can work with whatever numbers/pages you want.
4. You may work with a single partner. No more than two people are allowed in a group.
5. You may use custom music.
6. You may have a secret exit in your level - however, for overworld purposes, you MUST note the number of exits (one or two) when you submit your level.
7. Like last year, you may post threads about your levels in this forum for feedback/to show off.
8. You may, and are encouraged to use switch palace blocks.
9. Please submit the following with your level: an IPS file, your .mwl files, a level name and any message box text, any custom music you used, your Map16 pages, and your ExGFX files.
10. The deadline for this contest is midnight on February 9th, 2015.


The scoring will be slightly more detailed this year, though the idea is still the same: create a fun, unique, interesting vanilla level.

Try to design your level in a way that it feels different than any of the original SMW levels, and make it feel memorable. Many people have done some cool stuff with the original resources (e.g. two people made pyramid-styled levels last year, another made an interesting line-guided level, etc). There are so many possibilities.

If you're going to design a challenging level, then make sure it stays challenging throughout, and if you're going to design an easy level, don't suddenly ramp up the difficulty partway through. Your difficulty curve should progress smoothly, and while the difficulty should obviously increase as the level goes on, it should not be so drastic that it renders the level unbeatable. This category also encompasses how fair the level is - have you avoided including blind jumps or otherwise unfair sections?

Also: please avoid making levels that require tool-abuse to beat. Thank you.

This category encompasses everything that the previous two didn't. Some good questions to ask yourself would be:
a) "Are there spots where my level feels empty or bland?"
b) "Do most of my level's threats come from clever sprite set-ups, or do they come from spamming Munchers everywhere?"
c) "Have I provided incentive for the player to do more than just run right? That is, have I included small side paths with coin stashes, Yoshi coins, or a secret exit?"
d) "If I used a midway point, did I place it in an appropriate location?"
...and so on.

Should be fairly straightforward. Did you avoid using eye-searing palettes? Have you used SMW's in a way that is pleasing to the eye without being too clustered/messy?

A total of 100 points are available.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please ask in the "Discussion" sticky. Good luck!
Yes!Here is mine!
Sorry no custom music!

My level - Zone 434. 2 exits
Layout by x-treme
I'm done!

Note: This level uses the "No More Sprite Tile Limits" patch.

Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
I'm done!

My Ports

Name thought up on the fly: Normal Ghost House

I'd like RednGreen's Mansion composition from his C3 2014 stuff in this level as well.

EDIT: Also this level has 2 exits
My Level...
A Walk

*More information in the readme.

Thinking... Probably I go move my project to a game in Game Maker Studio.


A short level, which uses the SA-1 patch. Includes .IPS and .BPS files.

Got done pretty quickly this year, hopefully that's not a bad thing. Anyway:

Caloric Crater

-Has 2 exits
-Custom music used:
--In level 119: Happy Nimono
--In sublevel 1F5: Funky Boo
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh
Here's my level.

Skybreeze Castle

Important stuff are in the readme.
Here you go, MT. Blazius i hope you enjoy it! :
It uses levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.
name: Municipal Swimming
2 exits

This level is inspired by the urine-indicator dye urban legend.
Dangerous & Wet

Levels used: 9, 140, 141 and A
Used Lava Fix patch.
Used custom track "Absolute Claustrophobia".
One exit.
Hacking after the lack of motivation!

Send Me a PM - SMWCBR Forum

This is my contest entry
Rex's Shroom Garden
--uses 105 level
--1 exit
--no custom msuic just SMW music


Made By: Choconilla Rise's Creator Underway/Undy

[email protected]

Signs are USELESS
- Uses levels 105, 50, 51
- Has 1 exit
- Uses MAP16 page 400-44F
- Uses secondary entrance #000
- Uses ExGFX80 and 81
- Requesting that this track be inserted for each of the two sublevels and main level, as I don't know how to use Addmusic K.
Me's not too inspired or creative, but I figured I'd submit a thing anyway.


1 exit.

Lemme know if I did anything wrong, I haven't done this in a while.

Edit: .mwl file added.

Violators will be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam.
The Ice Fortress
1 exit
no patches
no additional MAP16 stuff
1 ExGFX file
4 sub levels

No fancy graphics here, I tried to make a level that fits the original SMW and focused on gameplay and made sure the level is fair. (Playable without the use of save states!)
Here is my level.
The Dark Dimension

Everything you need will be in the readme and inside the files. Enjoy #tb{^V^}
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