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Underway's Userbar Shop [OPEN]

Hey, guys! Once again I have decided to open the doors to my userbar shop, a magical place where userbars are formed out of thin air by me (actually they are made with my blood and sweat, but I'll spare you the details of what happens).

Spread the word:

Request Status: RELEASE THE KRAKEN! (aka open for requests!)

Some notes:

-Please try to stick to one request only!
-I need either screenshot(s) or an .ips file of your hack!
-If you have any specific ideas on what you want me to do, please tell me!
-If you want your userbar to link to your hack thread or anywhere at all or have a title that shows up when you hover over it, please mention that and give me the title/URL!
-All userbars will be made in the mini userbar format (145x19 pixels)

Examples from last C3


All userbars (29):


Suika Ibuki:


Dr. Tapeworm:






Kaisan Siddiqui:










Daniel 115:



Daizo Dee Von:




Maimur Siddiqui:



All requests (29):

Gregor [DONE]
Suika Ibuki [DONE]
Ningamer [DONE]
Dr. Tapeworm [DONE]
Neidave [DONE]
1UPdudes [DONE]
TheAbusefreakhacker0 [DONE]
NoelYoshi [DONE]
TheSorrow [DONE]
Kaisan Siddiqui [DONE]
MercuryPenny [DONE]
bandicoot [DONE]
KTBHacking [DONE]
TheSuperRotom [DONE]
JaphethMario21st [DONE]
superwiidude [DONE]
TheLuigiFan [DONE]
Mors [DONE]
Sokobansolver [DONE]
SuperAgentYoshi [DONE]
Daniel 115 [DONE]
2dareduck [DONE]
Daizo Dee Von [DONE]
Aurel509 [DONE]
Nintendo [DONE]
Wakana [DONE]
Maimur Siddiqui [DONE]
Koopster [DONE]
Eevee [DONE]
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Userbar stuff (image and name) =

"Adventures on Flower-Land"

Nin's Thing
A bar for "COLLAB 2" would be nice, although (again) nobody´s really working on it... :/
C3 stuff: HDMA-Codes and Custom Music included!

1 Island Of Vanilla Feeling:

MaSeHiHa World 1:


My request should be quite easy

It would be nice if you use the letters "G" "S" and "T" (for the name GermanSMWTutorials) in the Super Mario World font and add this Mario:

The colors of the letters should be red, blue and green like the original SMW title screen. You can decide which BG color you use :)
Thanks for all the request so far, guys!

Sorry, BassLP, but as I stated in the first post I only make userbars for hacks atm.

I've noted the requests in the first post for now. Also since there seems to be a lot of interest I'll have to ask people not to request anything for now, as it's going to take me a bit to finish the requests I got so far. Please refer to the thread title for now!

When requests are possible I'm going to mark it as [OPEN], if requests aren't possible I'll mark it as [FULL].

Your userbar is done, Gregor. I hope it came out alright!

I like how it links to your thread. BFD though, thanks.
Oh rofl, sorry I copied the code from my userbar and forgot to edit your link in. I'll fix it right away #tb{;)}

EDIT: Yours is also done, Suika!

EDIT2: Yours is also done, Ningamer (tried something fancy with this one #tb{;)})!

Oh my these are amazing! What fancy thing did you do with mine?
Heh, thanks #tb{:)} For yours I put a semi-transperent grey-orange gradient in front of the BG objects and put Mario and the title in front of those so they'd stand out.

Btw, since I've finished work on a bunch of userbars now, I'm open for more requests again!

Also, Dr. Tapeworm's userbar is done! I hope you like it #tb{;)}

EDIT: Changed the URL to link to your C3 thread instead.
Well if your giving them away, Go wild with my new project

Islands Of Yoshi's

I know I should get on steam more :<
Thanks, it looks great! I like that you included the purple creature on the side.

Only Abuse and Die 3


Thanks for the new requests #tb{:j} Everything is coming along nicely with the request frequency so anyone who wants to request something can go right ahead!

Also Neidave's userbar has been completed, hooray!

Btw, I am going to do the same as last year and combine all the userbars that I get done into a gif userbar that you can use to support the thread and spread the word (if you want to #tb{;)}).

Just a simple "NoelYoshi" in words will work.

Thanks for the new requests!

Btw dudes, your userbar is done #tb{;)} Get on steam!

Cheers man! Loving how all the Yoshi's are there :D

Gets on Steam