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K-16 - Story of Steel! The full release!

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It's time. It's been a year, but I managed to finish it! And on time too!

Be warned, this hack is very difficult. If you have a problem with that... well... why are you playing? *shot*

But let's not waste any time, here is the hack!

In my spare time, I also drew artworks for the hack's main characters, click here if you want to see.

For those who want to read more, here is the plot.
Originally posted by Hack submission
The sequel to 2013's Sicari!

The vampire Scarlet lost her brother Crimson during Niscura's invasion of Paradia. Overtaken by extreme grief and distress, she decides the entire human race is to blame and decides to just end it all. She hires Team Supernova, who set up three space stations around the galaxy. The plan is to absorb the power of the stars in order to create a supermassive black hole that will swallow everything. Sicari, being a human cannot take into space, so it is up to the robot K-16 go travel up there and save the day!

Warning - This hack is very difficult. Hehe.

And here are some screenies.

Anyway, with that, please enjoy. I will continue to update the hack to make it the best it can be! Have a nice C3!
wow it sux your work has gone to waste ew all seriousness, I've been waiting for this. It looks really good in my opinion, I mean, it's really unique in many different ways, and it has a LOT of effort put in it. Making your graphics all the time isn't easy in any means, and the story is very well thought as well. Just great.

*ahem* I was looking forward this, I'm really happy you finally submitted it.
Playing it as soon as possible.
Suika Ibuki - 25107
welp be sure to wait my review for it Eevee.
Really just love how you made alot of work on those OC, graphics, story, gameplay things , surely my most likely to be featured.
Freaking love this hack eevee :>
What I really like about your hacks is that they feel so original and yet they still feel like SMW hacks (which is not a bad thing on my book, at all). Also, you've done an outstanding job with saturated colors and cartoony GFX. I could also spot a decent amount of improvement in comparison with Sicari, both aesthetics and gameplay-wise. Downloading it, and may update this post with a quick review. I'm having great expectations on this. :>

Edit: not actually quick, but here's a review. :P
Hooray, it's finally released! You may not know it, but I've always been a fan of your work, so I'm glad this is finally complete. I'll try to play it when I can and see if it's true that the hack is very difficult :P
I've always seen your stuff floating around, but never paid much attention to it.

Maybe this time I'll actually give it a try now that it's released. It definitely looks neat from the looks of the screenshots and definitely has it's own style.
Congratulations, you've convinced me to dust off my SNES emulator. Look forward to playing.
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All right, going to get crackin' on this hack, and look forward to a written and video review. There is so many things in this hack to compliment on.
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Great Work Eevee

I really apreciate your improvement with K-16 Grapichs
compared with the last Demo version, the final one is just Amazing!
new SFX, Player Grapichs updated, New Overworld, I loved it! #smw{<3}
The new character looks cute :3
I've came out with the first update. It is right here.

I've mainly did a few difficulty nerfs to places that need it and fixed a few bugs to make it more enjoyable for all.

Have fun! \(^o^)/
I have to say, I really waited for something. Between your demo and your full release, I can see a lot of progress!

Improved graphics, custom SFX, you amazed me, Eevee! And it's nice to see that you're still polishing your hack.

I didn't completed it yet, but I can already say that this one of the best hack I've played ever!

Oh and I love your artworks too, especially Eclipse's one! #w{=3}
This is incredible. Definitely a hack full of creativity in gameplay, graphical and plot. I loved it. Even with the extreme difficulty and the not so consistent musics, this is my favorite thingie. Great job, Eevee.

More detailed review later.

Wow, that's some serious plot you've got there o_o
This looks very promising. I usually prefer Mario hacks, but I admire when people come up with original characters and settings like yours. Definitely going to try it!

P.S.: those artworks are awesome #tb{:j}
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If anybody would like to LP this hack, please go right ahead! I'd be excited to see what some people think. ^_^ PM me if interested.

And thank you to all the feedback I've had already!
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Congrats on your release, mate. I'll give it a shot very shortly.
My layout has removed you.
I finished the game, so I enjoyed all the bosses, stages and all musics fits very well with the Stage Theme #w{=3}

I wish to see more and that looks like its just a begin of a serie #thp{^_^}
Here's another update for the hack.

See the change log for more info!

I'm glad to see people have been enjoying the hack! You haven't seen the last of me yet. ;)
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