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Wakana's music thread
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2014 - Wakana's music thread
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♫ Wakana's music thread ♫[/fancyness]

Welcome everyone. I did a few sampled ports for you, hope you enjoy!

Castlevania - Battle of the holy: Let's start with a Castlevania music. Big credit to Izuna, which did a MIDI of this. Could work for castles or dark forests, in general, spooky places that need a Castlevania feeling.

Castlevania : Aria of Sorrow - Castle Corridor: Did you play my Halloween Contest's entry?... No? Why the f*ck you didn't f**king play-err, sorry. If you played said entry, you probably heard this already. Another Castlevanie song, which can work for intense levels, may them be athletic, vertical, final or whatever, this will sure fit.

Castlevania III - Beginning: A powerful Castlevania remix, which, again, works for final, intense and athletic levels (sorry I'm being too repetitive >w<;;;)

Mega Man I - Wily Stage 1: Megaman players, this is for you. Anyone remember the theme played in first Wily stage? What if it turned into a remix suitable for small boss battles? This music can fit- wait, I said it already.

Metal Slug - Assault Theme: Aww yeah. I have good memories on Metal Slug, I used to play a lot with my bro... and this theme is almost everywhere in its games. Suits a machinery-like boss, or in general, a badass boss.

Pokemon Black and White - N's castle: Suggested by Eevee. I don't play Pokemon a lot, but I liked the midi, so I went ahead and ported. It obviously fits Castles and maybe ghost houses.

Super Mario 64 - Ultimate Bowser Battle: Surprised heh? Tell me you thought you left an open youtube video of this playing... no eh? Sorry. Since I learned how to mess .wav to .brr (again, thanks Izuna!), I ripped the original SM64's organ. Cute enough, the only sample this music uses is the organ (there's a choir too, but it was so minor that I went for a @0 to optimize things). Fits ultimate bowser battles in SM64-themed hacks.

Super Mario World - Castle: Personal remix of SMW's original castle's theme. It would fit badass castles, maybe that use massive, realistic-like GFX.

Touhou 6 : Embodiment of Scarlet Devile - U.N.Owen was her?: LET'S START WITH TOUHOU STUFF! *runs* It's unacceptable to not have one of these available in the site, so who could do it better than a diehard fan of Touhou like me? It fits crazy boss battles, maybe having small bosses that are terribly strong.

Touhou 10 : Mountain of Faith - Fall of Fall ~ Autumn Fall: Touhou isn't only boss battle themes. Look what a beautiful theme that could fit for a grassland, waterfall level. It's so relaxing that I fell asleep on the keyboard.

Touhou 10 : Mounatin of Faith - Faith is for transient people: Last but not least, the theme of one of the most famous Touhou characters, Sanae. It can fit boss battles, though I can see someone use it for a badass athletic kind of level.

You're maybe wondering if all this stuff can be downloaded for you own uses... and of course it is~<3

Hope you liked, enjoy C3 and good luck everyone with your work!~
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Soo my favorite porter made it's thread ~<3
I would love to make a big post but i don't think i need of it just to say "I LOVE YOUR PORTS WAKANA, KEEP EM COMING ♥"
My fav is flanny's theme
I have noticed a great improvement in your ports from the previous C3


My favorite is:
Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith - Fall of Fall ~ Autumn Fall
Wow. These are impressive. My favorites at the moment are Mega Man I - Wily Stage 1 and that castle remix. While I like the castle remix, I think it would sound better if it was an octave (or so, I'm not the best at this stuff) lower pitched. I think I understood what you've tried to make the player feel with that, but I still think it would've been better if it was lower pitched.

U.N. Owen was her? was pretty good too. It sounds really nice, I may use it if I can get able to make the first boss battle in my hack without scrapping it >_>
Who am I not to comment on your work, my friend. The work that has went into these ports is shown very well here; sampled ports are by far my preferred ports to use. Releasing these has given me a couple new options for music... two ports in particular I have used an earlier piece of work, so it'll be a good callback none-the-less.

I'm sad to not see Castlevania's "Overture" song in here, but that's just me. ^w^

The ports I think are the best though are your Touhou ports; they're the more unique ones, but that may be because I don't play Touhou... then again I never played any of the other games you've presented songs from. The other ports here, especially Wily one, seems more mainstream.

The presented Castlevania ports sound alright, I've heard other versions of these ports; thank God you did not port Bloody Tears. I would rage if I saw another port of that.

By the way, I did play your Halloween Entry, and it was amazing.

Very nice! It's no lie that you're pretty damn good with your sampled music! I'll be sure to use some of these myself, great job! \(^o^)/
I'll be honest, I was very surprised on your improvement over these years on porting when I listened to your wip's in IRC. That SM64 final boss port is actually what inspired me to stop being a lazy ass and start getting more into advanced porting and begin my first non-SNES brr sampled port. You chose the samples very nicely and did a very good work with accuracy. Can't wait to see more coming from you! #ab{:D}

Based Wakana.
WHOA! Very impressive Ports! Can't really say whats my favorite one, they are all awesome!
>Sanae's theme
thank you oh wakana-senpai

Absolute ear candy, just like always. I expect no less from you.
Pretty nice ports you have there. Your U.N. Owen was her port sounds a fair bit better than the other one made by (presumably) some Japanese person (which breaks on accurate emulators).

That Ultimate Bowser Battle port, though. Holy crap, I did not expect that.

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Well, it's really notable how you have improved on the last years. I'm pretty happy with that since I always thought you could get better and better, since in early 2013 where almost every known person whined on your work. Congratulations and I hope you keep improving even more! :3

(And my favorite one is Momiji's theme, though all of them sounds very cool!)

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These are some really nice ports, I especially appreciate the U.N. Owen one. Thanks for the release!

As someone who stubbornly insists on using anything but ZSNES whenever possible, I'd just like to thank you for making and releasing awesome ports that don't break on accurate hardware/software.

Also, that Aria of Sorrow port is just wonderful. Top quality stuff right there.

Fanatical like a Demon
My favorite is the Super Mario 64 - Ultimate Bowser Battle! It sounds so similar and reminded me the Bowser's Kingdom Movie on youtube XD, omg LUCKY CANDY!!!
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
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From our family to you, keep your pants dry, your dreams wet, and remember, hugs not drugs.
My favorite is N's Castle !
Thanks a lot, it's amazing !

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These ports are totally awesome!!
I love your touhou ports <3
Just listing to them and I'm getting so many new ideas for SMW levels.
Good job!
*Puts ports into his music folder for the next hack*

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I'm absolutely loving Castle Corridor, but the other ports are pretty amazing as well (that Ultimate Bowser port :Q_). Your arrangement of SMW's castle theme is great, those enveloping samples are a really nice touch - I'd just suggest fine-tuning the trumpet a bit, as it sounds slightly sharp.

You've definitely improved a lot; keep up the great work!
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Nice ports, Silver, these ones sound closer to the original compared to the older ones, especially Sanae's theme. Also, that remix of the SMW castle was really nice, I'm already a fan of the original castle theme, but yours just made it greater.
These ports make part of the best I've ever heard so far 8>
I just love Castlevania : Aria Of Sorrow - Castle Corridor, and the others too, because they are all sampled and you have put a lot of work into them, no doubts about that.
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