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Hijacked Mario Demo 0.1 - And other schtuff
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...I hope I don't get left in the dust this time around...

Welcome to my winter 2014 C3 booth! Enjoy your stay!

Time to release my new hack!

Hijacked Mario

An anonymous hacker who shall not be named has broken into SMW's ROM now that it's firewall has expired. Mario must find the hacker and stop him!



If you'd rather not play the hack, watch this video!

Wanna support the hack?

Userbar by Underway!

Read my Trollpasta:


Here's a poem I wrote. Hover over the spoiler below if you want context.

At my school every year we have this thing called the 8th grade tea. Its basically a big formal tea-ish party, but 10x better. The 8th graders have to write an original poem, and recite one someone else wrote (or just do two originals). The 7th graders put it all together. I really appreciated the blood sweat and tears they put into the whole celebration. Anyway, the following is a poem I wrote.


Let’s face it,
The world has issues.
The aftermath of wars,
Have given it many scars.

Racism, sexism, homophobia,
All kinds of discrimination.
They’ve brainwashed us,
To be cold-hearted jerks.

The internet sure doesn’t help,
Countless social media.
You’re lucky to find one,
That’s not a bully’s paradise.

But even then people are mean,
Not using their head.
Like breaking a window,
People break others inside.

People get into depression,
Contemplate suicide.
Some have bad days,

But that’s generalization,
Which is generally stupid.
The following doesn’t apply,
To the entire world.

Some are nice,
Warm-hearted and kind.
Some use actual logic,
Actually using their head.

Despite the bad in the world,
Everyday insanity.
There are many good people,
That make you love the world.

Just knowing good people,
Gives me a sense of refuge.

That's my C3 booth for this year! Please don't leave me in the dust again.

Kinda weird to see a poem not rhyme nowadays, but pretty meaningful anyway.
Originally posted by SuperAgentYoshi
There's one thing I'll say about it. It involves trial software.

Not sure what this means but maybe I'll find out?

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
Go to the top of the page to look at my trollpasta

Here's another link: Foxy.exe
I'm a good fox

So is this a hack your making? Is this made in Smw? How will you make this?

See what's new at the top of the screen.
C3 thread! Don't die on me!!!!
Okay, I've played your demo and while your overall level design is fair and fun to play, there are a couple of things that I should point out.

In your first level, there's only one volcano lotus and it wasn't ever used again later. When you introduce a normal enemy, it's expected to face it again later, especially in the same level it appeared. It felt as if it was there just to fill the empty space. Also, I had killed this AFHB but it suddenly respawned out of nowhere, hurting me while riding its flying blocks. You might want to take a look at your sprite memory settings. Another thing I noticed in your first level is that it gives the player lives with little to no challenge involved, like that harmless water room which has 80+ coins that can be respawned if you reenter the room, and the 1-UP mushroom below the Sumo Bro.

Your second level would be fine if it weren't just too short. I can beat it in about 50 SMW seconds if I ignore the time spent on the cutscenes. It makes the midway point practically pointless. Btw, it's generally not a good idea to leave the timer enabled in cutscenes, because it forces the player to read them as fast as possible (although time in this level is very forgiving).

Your third and fourth levels are pretty fine design-wise, but I got a bit disappointed with the secret exit in the third one not being hidden at all
(you just enter a pipe and that's it)

The Switch Palace has little challenge and no bonus like the originals, so it's a bit of a letdown too, but no big deal.

The boss was really unforgiving, being the exact opposite of this whole hack. While it's an enhanced version of the infamous Thwomp Boss, the setup here made it as hard, if not harder than the original. The room is just too short, giving the player very little reaction time as it speeds up throughout the battle. Not to mention the occasional explosions that sometimes are hard to avoid. It wasn't cool to place it right above the player when entering the room either. It's also way too hard for the very first boss of a hack.

Overall it's a decent demo, but I really think it needs some polishing before its final release, especially that boss.

Just finished playing the demo. The story premise is actually pretty original, and the levels were fun to play, though I agree you should fix what Gloomier mentioned. I also noticed some issues you might want to fix:
- I think the flutters in Flutter Forest are a bit too hard to avoid once you stomp on them - they're very fast and usually end up over the player, who can't jump properly (and most likely dies if he does);
- There's a bug in the Switch Palace where if you activate the coin block and go through the restart door, the block won't work anymore, forcing the player to commit suicide.

Good luck with the project!
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Quest on Full Moon Island 2
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