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Islands Of Yoshi's: Updates
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Hello. 1UPdudes here! (Or 3UPdudes at the time of this post..heh)

Short Story Short:

- This is a short hack I'm currently working on
- It has been in early stages for a good few months now
- Haven't got the time to focus on long levels/hacks
- Older projects like "Mario" will get finished
- Other stuff I've done may get demos. Who knows
- Now to actually spend the rest of this post on the hack

Chibi Yoshi's! These are the main cast of characters. ^.^
In each level the colour of the Chibi Yoshi changes.

There will be about 10-11 levels. Short ones at that.


- A Greedy King called King Groshi* has stolen many things
- This includes treasure such as coins
- But more importantly: Berries
- These berries are the peaceful Chibi Yoshi's food source
- He has taken over near by islands to scout out more loot
- It is up the to Chibi Yoshi's to go the surrounding islands
- And collect remaining berries
- And beat up the other nasty Chibi Yoshi's
- Before beating up the greedy king himself

* King Groshi is the most creative name ever.

So yeah not too heavy on the story but it does play into the hack as each of the levels will have its own distinct theme and gimmick.


The gameplay is where this hack is different:

- Chibi Yoshi can only jump just over 1 block high
- You can get a lot of air time by enemy jumping
- You can't run
- You can't pick up or hold items
- No Spinjumping
- One Hit and your dead!
- Slide Attacking is good for enemies that can't be jumped on

So yeah if you have tried out Ninji Jump, one of my older hacks you'll get the hang of things quicker. The limitations are there so that the short levels can't just be beaten in 3 seconds with normal jumping.


Now I'll show some super exciting screens.. Not really.
This is the first level. I'll explain some key things.

The start of the level. You can go any direction first.

Berries! Well Berry, Collect 3 in a level to beat it.

Jumping on an Egghead Yoshi. Good for getting height.

The Status Bar shows some red dots. These represent Berries.

Stages contain little secrets to find such as 1UPS & Coins.

Collecting all 3 Berries will end the level after the thrid is collected. Make sure your in a safe place ;D

On one final note most of the enemies in the game will be:


Here are some examples are the baddies trying to get in your way.

These show:

- Prickle Yoshi
- Egghead Yoshi
- Green Chibi Rex
- Eggshell Yoshi

Phew. Quite the long post so I'm not fussed if you didn't read it all. I tried to be as quick and concise as I could so if something doesn't make sense please just leave a reply and ask me! ^.^

I hope to have a WIP thread of this project after C3. Thanks!

Oh wow, I should've expected this from you 1updudes (cough 3updudes).

Looks fantastic!
So... what would the bosses of this hack be? Regular-sized Yoshis? Or even tinier Chibi Yoshis?


My Let's Play channel (Current LP: Final Fantasy VI, MegaMari)
I noticed that only 8 chibi Yoshi's are shone. Are there more?
Hey, great idea! I always knew you as a great hacker, and seems like you're going to keep it for a looooooooong time. I really like your graphics as well, keep it up!
Oh, nice to see you're still hacking. This looks really cute and challenging; I'll definitly follow your WIP thread.
Yay Questions! :')

SuperAgentChibiYoshi: Thanks Man! I was happy to see the first post be a positive one ahah XD

GeminiRage: The bosses will be like the size of the main character but they might have tools and weapons to help them. So they might be a bit bigger.

Ningamer: 8 Chibi Yoshi's? Maybe open the image of those 8 in a new tab.. ;D

S.R.H: Thanks Man! I ain't too dead yet :3

Lazy: Cheers. Haven't said cheers to someone on here in awhile...
I gotta post more I guess ahaha XD
WOAH. I was not expecting that.
Any way's, will the color of the Yoshi affect it's level?

Like Green=Grass.
Originally posted by Ningamer
WOAH. I was not expecting that.
Any way's, will the color of the Yoshi affect it's level?

Like Green=Grass.

Hmm. That's a good concept. I have most of the level themes played out but yeah. I'll probably not do that idea too much as I want the Yoshi's to contrast with the level colours. Having the blue on underwater may be to generic.

Who knows I might or I might not. The level order atm isn't finalised :')
Hey, long time no see :)

It's looking good, i liked the design and idea, and it seems like a cool little hack ^-^
When i saw the chibi yoshis before reading anything, i pictured them walking like a , if you haven't thought about it, have the idea to make one level out of worm like Yoshis if you want (And if it can be done), it would look funny to play with them like that :D
Awesome work as always dude.

Like /Everlude
Follow @Ludus.Art

Long time no say (blaming life)

Thanks for the comment. I did think to have the Chibi Yoshi's move like that or have the Wiggler replacement be some what creative.

Anyway here is a little tease of the next level:

Chibi Rex Ruins.

Looks pretty cool so far! Having to stick with Chibi-Yoshi's limits is a neat idea which can bring some interesting innovations in terms of gameplay. It'd be cool if every Yoshi had specific abilities (reduced though, just like them), like stomping, flying, running faster and things like that.
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Quest on Full Moon Island 2
Looks cute. :3
Limiting the gameplay in hacks is something interesting and underdone. I'm curious to know how playing with little yoshies feels, so I'd love to see you actually finish this!
Thanks for all the replies and feedback on this! I didn't know how well it would go down.

Anyways I'll have a thread over in the WIP section soon that'll showcase more updates and features. Cheers! ^.^
The gameplay seems pretty interesting so far - it's definitely very unique, and it seems to be explored well by the level design. The levels look very pleasing aesthetically and fun to play, so great job on that #ab{:D}
Not a surprise seeing a project like that from you! The gameplay seems interesting so far and I wonder how it would turn out if the little Yoshies' abilities are limited, you'll just need to make the level design more fun to explore on. Good job so far, I hope you can finish this hack whenever you can!
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