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Mario Gives Up 3

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Out of many PM's I get on this site and my Youtube page about MGU3, I can officially confirm it is a real thing. So yes. This will be a full length, 95 (or is it 96? I forgot) exit hack with 9 worlds. So after around ~3-ish years I re-opened my Lunar Magic folder, and have been pushing harder than my previous 2 versions of the MGU series. I can say myself I find this hack so far to be higher quality than MGU2.

Since I have a ton of custom sampled music in this, I will have a soundtrack list available once the hack is released so I won't be asked what music is in it.

Story? I'm keeping it simplistic but won't spoil it. If you played through (or watched an LP) all the way to the end of MGU2, you'll notice it ends at Bowser's castle. This hack continues on from the very last screen you see of the previous hack, where it says 'THE END'. So since I tried to keep the graphics similar to that overworld, here's what the last world looked like if scrolled to the right.

Mario Gives Up 2 end --> Mario Gives Up 3 start

My progress isn't too terribly far at the moment. I'm at World 3 so far, so don't expect this hack to be out in the near future. However I have gotten to World 3 quite quickly, even with the burden of University. I don't have an estimated release date because I just have no clue. Let's see what the progress is...
22/79 levels completed at the time of writing this. So I am 27.8% complete. Not bad.

I'm making sure this hack is tip-top for me. There is a bonus star world, also some challenging (but not unfair) special levels that are accessible when all regular exits are found, and one extremely unique level when all those exits are complete.

So here's the interesting part: screenies. Oh yes, and Mario is a Ninja now.

I also have some older videos here and here.

I'm also contemplating on doing a live stream building MGU3 on Monday around 5:00PM EST, which can be found here. It would be a cool way of hanging out and just chatting or answering whatever questions.

I know I said I wasn't going to make any more full length hacks after MGU2, and I stuck by that for 3 years. But with the upgrades to Lunar Magic, tools, and demand I figured I could give it another shot. It's nice to know I still got it.

Anyways, I hope you liked the series so far, and be ready for MGU to become a trilogy!

On a side note: I will need beta testers for this once I'm finished. Idk who wants to, but just let me know and I'll pick a few.

Have a good holiday and enjoy the rest of C3! #tb{:D}
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:O :O :O

You cannot imagine how excited I am to hear that this hack exists.
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Definitely HYPED for that!

So mario's a ninja? Why is that?
Ninja Mario...

I've seen Raocow and SSHopKC (I forgot the letters sue me) play other hacks in this series. From what I've played myself this is looking very promising!
Originally posted by Ningamer
So mario's a ninja? Why is that?

Expect a joke in the plot, as usual. ;D

Anyway, really nice to see MGU3 is a thing now! I had lots of fun with the previous installments, and I'm sure this time it won't be any different. Level design is still pretty fine and I just hope we'll have more of those levels with completely unusual (and funny) gimmicks. :D
I am teh hypest

plz consider mkmr after
Your layout has been removed.
Looks promising, nice to see another sequel of the series. Can't wait to see some more about the progress of this hack.
Yeesss, definitely yes! I loved MGU1, and MGU2 too to the point I've played it (somewhere around world 3... It's hard). This is looking great already. I haven't been seeing hacks that go all on ExGFX like that ever since clashing became an issue, I mean, it even feels nostalgic to stare at those screens.

I'm very happy that you're so motivated to finish this. I can tell for myself that after hacking for so long it's hard to get that hyped about it again (but you've given it a long break, right?). I really hope that you finish this. You just got me motivated to replay the first one and finally finish the second, so I can play this whenever it comes out with the storyline all fresh in my mind.

Btw I knew those ninja videos were MGU3 :P
Oh my God I'm so hyped on this!
(As well as everybody else of course)

It's really nice to see MGU3 is in action and I honestly thought it would never be made. From what I've seen on the screenshots and the videos provided in this thread, it looks promising and pretty nostalgic from the times I've played the first two installments, and I had so much fun doing so that I didn't expect there to be a third. Mario turning out to be a ninja is also a very original concept that no one has ever done before. I really hope you finish this as soon as you can!
Whoa, awesome! Mario Gives Up 2 was one of my favorite hacks and I never expected another one. This all looks great so far.
Well this looks awesome, I can't wait for it to be finished!

Mario being a ninja seems a bit random.... as if randomness is alien to the MGU series.

I remember you had the MGU3 ROM as an avatar, so I was expecting this. I also remember you asked me for help for a problem you had earlier this year so I knew you were still hacking.

Anyway, nice to finally see some screenshots about this. I have yet to play MGU2, but I've played MGU1 and I can tell your stuff is usually nice. Also I like how you're directly continuing this from the end of your previous hack.

Keep up the good work! Now I have to play MGU2 before you finish this one.
I played both first and the second of this series. I'm looking forward playing it; everything from the screens looks really well made, I liked the idea of Mario being a ninja. I'm expecting a lot from this, and I hope I won't be disappointed. Good luck finishing this.
another version of the mario gives up! series is definitely exciting. from what i can see from the screenshots, the level design, graphics, and style definitely looks interesting! all of the graphics fit their environments, and the level design definitely makes this hack look professional. i cannot wait for this hack to finish, and i cannot wait for more progress in general. good luck with this hack, cypher!
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Speaking of hacks with 3 when is MKM3 Kappa

I never finished MGU2, but I remember it was a pretty unique hack (I never figured out those encrypted hints!). Definitely looking forward to it #tb{:j}
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Quest on Full Moon Island 2

Thanks for all the supportive replies, it's what drives me to complete this! I will be answering your questions later tonight or tomorrow without spoiling some of the big things. If there's anything else you would be interested to know just ask away below.
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Is the OW gonna be non-linear? Cause I love me some non-linear overworlds.
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