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Super Luigi Land Demo

Time to release the first demo of my next hack, The sequel to island of mystery. I've fixed a number of problems from last time too. Please enjoy it.
Here is the hack itself:
Also here are some screenshots.

layout by pirahnaplant.
the variety of chance is upon us, are you scared?

Your link isn't working dude, replace it with this: Download.

Also, the screenshots seem to be great looking. Will play this after C3 is finished.
I've played the game for a few minutes and I'll give a bit of feedback on it.

-Whenever Luigi hits an item block it doesn't make a sound.

-Every time I kill an enemy the item up above seems to flicker on and off.

-When I was riding on Yoshi, Luigi seems to always be in his goal pose. Is that suppose to happen?

Other than that this is a really good game. I can tell it's gonna be huge. The heart counter is a nice touch and I love the Milotic Easter Egg in the first level, especially when you hit the P Switch. Good Demo. #smw{:TUP:}
A 1UP may save your life one day.

Check me out on Youtube so you can see the many LPs I did on the rom hacks on this site!
Oh wow, I can't believe I haven't noticed this.
I haven't seen any of your work before, so I'm stunned/impressed.

I don't remember ever seeing a so high level of polish. This hack looks absolutely beautiful, and the best part is that you've settled a graphical style for it. The levels have so much thought put in the design, they feel just like what a real Mario game would do... I guess it's kind of inspiring me to improve my own designing stkills.

I just got done with the first world (got all dragon coins, but missed the secret in the first level, gotta look it up later).

I'll be definitely keeping up with this. Please keep it up!
Thanks for the feedback. It's real helpful.
layout by pirahnaplant.
the variety of chance is upon us, are you scared?