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Hardest Zelda boss/enemy/enemies or Areas

I would have to say


The Dragon in OOT


The Darknauts i think their called in Twilight Princess


The last room in the 40 room dungeon thing in Twilight Princess
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The Dragon in Ocarina of Time wasn't all that bad (For some reason, it always reminds me of whack-a-mole!)

And yes, I hate the pit of trials in Twilight Princess...
Ganon on LOZ: OOT.
Every boss in Zelda 2.
Ganon from the first Legend of Zelda. I always seem to be so very close to where he wants to teleport. The amount of damage he does doesn't help either.
I've really got nothing that important to put here.
I would say Majoras Mask (Final form) In Majoras Mask. I found that fight to be really hard.
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I agree with Dylan Yoshi on Zelda 2. Those bosses were ridiculous.
Yeah i remember ages ago i beat it but i played it not to long ago and could not beat the 3 boss >.<
All your base are belong to us

Zelda 2's wizard boss. Seriously, you crouch in the corner and he dies! Hardest battle ever. (Though you do need a certain item not found in the dungeon or he's completely unkillable, so that has to count for something)

In all seriousness, I found the second boss in that game to be the toughest. Then again, I didn't know you could have the healing spell by that point, so that might have impacted the difficulty by a rather large amount...


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