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[5-6] Starlight Shrooms

So yes, I am still on vacation for a few days but I would like to make this thread to make sure people don't take 5-6. This is a vanilla level with custom music. Is making this thread allowed?
Real photo!
e: image linked because huge
Looks decent, but a few more enemies may help the level a bit. Aesthetics look good though.
Thanks. I changed it a bit:
As I said before, you should try sticking to one single tileset, and the slope use seems really awkward. The cactuses, airship tiles, gray pipes and SMB3 hills/palm trees might also be unnecessary, but I'd have to see more to decide on that. Anyway, waiting for a playable to give better feedback on this.
My Level Is Half Finished(?) Demo:
Fungi In The Sky Demo
No feedback whatsoever.
Feedback time.

At this point I'd suggest just restarting the level. There are so many different tilesets, sprites, pretty much everything crammed together and none of it works. You should really try to focus a a few gimmicks only, restrict the sprite/tileset a LOT more and try again. This is not going to work.
I do have another level finished that I made for MAGL X2. Maybe I could submit that?
Please note that I am still willing to finish this level. I'm just revamping it a bit. Screenshots will come this weekend.

It Begin's.....Again
And again it has way too many tilesets crammed together. Recommending sticking to only a few of those, because it seems distracting at the moment.
Even though it's a vanilla level, I'd recommend you to use some custom graphics, because default SMBX tilesets don't look good if they're mixed together. But it's your decision of course.
Yeah...Uhh...I'm Dropping out for now. Busy with life and other things. Sorry!