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[6969] Trunk Trouble [2nd (and hopefully last) ips posted]

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Alright so here's a longer writeup:

When I played this level the first time, I died 4 times on the normal exit, and then 3 more times on the secret exit. This is mostly because I'm very rusty at playing SMW, and I don't actually think this level is that hard, maybe around medium in difficulty. There's sort of an increase in difficulty on the secret exit path, though. There are plenty of powerups that help lower the difficulty overall. Some powerups are more trouble than they're worth, such as the first ? block on the secret exit path.

The aesthetics are very nice! The colors are bright and cheery in the main level, though the sunset palette is my favorite out of the two palettes in the level. The music's cool, too. Is it an original composition?

This level keeps things pretty simple and focused, sticking closely to line-guided saws as the main obstacle, with Koopas and Chargin' Chuck as side-enemies. I like the Paratroopas peppered into the line-guided saw setups, which gives the player the choice to jump on their heads to get past the saws. I found this level enjoyable for the most part, and it all flows together nicely. If I could suggest something to change about the level as a whole, it would be to play around with more enemy combinations, as the sense of progression was a little weak due to the abundance of similar line-guided saw setups populating the entire level.

Don't get me wrong, I think this level is great as it is, and it's definitely submittable to the Vanilla Contest in its current state, but I think it could use a bit more tweaking to really make it shine. I can try to go more in-depth if you'd like.

I noticed two pieces of grass mysteriously floating near the pipe at the end of the first room.
version 1.2, changes a lot of things for the better

i'd LOVE to know what people think now, see if it's better or worse
I must say... compared to the previous savestates generator, your level is now way better. It's sure more pleasuring to go trough, while admiring the appealing aesthetics you used. A great improvement from my point of view. Good work~
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