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[REMOVED] "Bowser's Revenge Demo 3.6X" by JoeeyTheDino
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "Bowser's Revenge Demo 3.6X" by JoeeyTheDino
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File NameBowser's Revenge Demo 3.6X
Submitted:2014-12-28 09:16:22 AM by JoeeyTheDino
Length:6 exit(s)
Description:This is *yet another* bug fix of Demo 3 of Bowse'rs Revenge.

Firstly, no, there is no Demo 1 or Demo 2. Why? Demo 1 is basically kaizo and Demo 2 is just crappy. Hopefully Demo 3.6x*** is all right.

Secondly, this is a direct bug fix of Demo 3.6**... heh. Demos 3, 3.5 and 3.6 are no longer available. (DAMN IPS PATCHING!)

Finally, yes, this will be continued and not endlessly stuck in Demo mode. TRUST ME.


Downloads:Original Submission Page
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Short one :3
In honor of this hack being short, I'l try to keep my review short as well... not that I have to but whatever.

I gotta say, this started out really nice, unfortunatly, it also went down soon after. The first level was great, I got stuff to explore and look around. The green switch was really swell too. The cave was... ok. That one section where you could get the P-Switch was unnecessary cramped with chucks and bats that suddenly swoop down on me without warning + it looked A LOT like the vanilla version.
The level with the water... I don't even recall, which would mean it didn't leave much of an impression on me #w{=P}.
Lastly the castle. This felt like you ran out of ideas to be honest. Zick-zacking with some blocks, jumping around big blocks with spikes on them and that's basically it. The beginning with the P-switch was the most creative this had to offer.

Now for some screens:
[1][2]First of all, why don't you use backgrounds #w{:<}? 3 Of your levels didn't have any background nor any other use for layer 2 that would warrand not having a background and even then, you could add some with the new layer 3 features of LM. Either way, those levels aren't that bad, but some backgrounds would make them look even more decent.

[3] You also got the entrance position for the camera wrong twice. Once at the beginning of the green switch and the second time can be seen in the screenshot (forgot which level).

[4] Layer 3 water + Scrolling enabled level = bad. There is a fix patch for this if you really want to keep your level like that.

[5] If I take this coin or hit the question block that appears after pressing the switch, I'm stuck. Unless there is some reset pipe, but I can't recall there being any.

[6] Lastly, a big fuck you to the player if he decides to check the right level first. If you want to keep it like that, make it possible for the player to leave without having to kill himself. The message box is also virtually useless. The information that the doted blocks can be filled is either unnecessary (for I already got them) or doesn't help me not having to kill myself.

At the end, some minor things:
[7][8] Taking this while the P-Switch is still running results in cutoff.
[9] I really hate these pipes. They just don't look good to me
[10] These things don't fade out properly.

At the end of the day, I am for rejection. The levels start out nice but feel rather void without the background. The cave forcing suicide if you haven't gotten the switch yet, and the fast downfall of quality just doesn't sit right with me. If you make the levels more like the early ones, I'm sure the next version will come out better #smw{:TUP:}
Difficulty: Easy.
EDIT: Some tags would be nice too.

Wakana <-- ~~200 Points~~

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... what even am I doing with my life?
Short one indeed, maybe too short for a place in the section, but I'll talk about this later.

This hack's level design isn't this bad, except that the levels felt like bonus levels rather than actual levels: 1-UP lives everywhere, lots of coins and powerups... that's my main complaint. The challenge factor is totally absent; I know you want to make the player feel at ease in the first world, but maybe we're exhaggerating a bit here. Either remove some of the lives/coins/powerups, to make the "rewards" more reasonable, or make said sections harder.
Apart from this, I also noticed that you didn't have much going on in the "late" levels: as Jack said as well, the first level is okay, but having more or less the same "gimmick" ideas over and over again it's kind of boring (to make it clearer, you basically used P-Switch everywhere. Using it 2-3 times may be okay, but using for all the levels of the hack is bad, since it feels repetitive and brings nothing new to the player experience). Overall, a design that needs some more ideas: the levels structure could go, but you need other gimmicks, or it ends being repetitive = boring.

Aesthetics looked poor. It's sad that you had no background in most of the levels, which is my main complaint. At least, you managed to keep an uniform cartoonish style, which I appreciated. The only thing you need is to make it more rich, like adding more decorations. For now, though, it's not an appealing aesthetic; you really should work on it more, but watch out and keep the cartoonish style.

Jack managed to point out every single issues, which I found as well. Be sure to fix them, especially this one. You can't force the player to die if he can't pass here. I'd make a side screen exit, that would be the best solution.
A thing I'd like to highlight here before ending the review is the lenght. 6 exits are way too low for a reasonable lenght, and since this is a demo, you have no excuses to include more levels, maybe another world or two. This concernes me a lot, and probably the strongest cause of my verdict.

Difficulty is easy, the difficulty curve is more or less good.

Due to the lenght and for the poor design, I'd reject this hack. Give to your levels more ideas and gimmicks, the central hosts lots of stuff you could use; also don't forget to make more levels in your next submission.
--post has been removed due to idioticness--
Originally posted by S.R.H.
Originally posted by JackTheSpades
me not liking pipes
Stuff about me not liking pipes

Those where by no means a removal reason and I only mentioned it under "minor stuff". It's just my personal oppinion.

Anime statistic on MyAnimeList:
400 animes completed ✓
6000 episodes completed ✓
100 Days completed ✓
... what even am I doing with my life?
Hmm, that cave level was left over from Demo 2, which was the Kaizo-Crap one.

Everything else will be fixed for the new demo, (3.7 now).

I'll release it especially for the bug fixes.
An ambivalent hack indeed.

It is a rather short hack though I can say quite a bit about it. It cannot really be described in one word though the level design I would say is around the minimum for decency while the graphics do not really look so good. Now, let's begin with the level design. The level design of this hack when I first started playing (Peaceful Plains is the first level I played) seemed to be fine and could even be classified as "good" in some areas. It gave me opportunities to explore the level which is great. A lot of slopes I must say though it did provide an interesting experience especially due to the fact that I really enjoyed collecting the coins at every corner of the level. Good job on that. Some other levels however I am not impressed with. The cave level Rocky Cavern requires switch blocks which is a death sentence for the unsuspecting. Please add a way to exit the level (I could not find one). I came across a section that seemed rather unedited from that Donut Plains cave level. Masking it with graphics will not change anything - I can still see blatant level edits. Fortunately that was the only part of the hack I found though you should completely change that area next time. The hack does not really seem to be interesting after that - the last level of the hack seemed rather unfulfilling as it provided a pretty similar experience to the rest of the hack which is to say it is repetitive in some ways (though not so obvious). Adding a final comment here: the Iggy boss felt a bit insulting due to the custom elements you used before that boss though I will not hold it against you as it is purely my opinion.

As for other things, I can say that the aesthetics of the hack are not too good looking. Some of the levels felt quite empty without a background so I would hope that you add one if you decide to improve this hack. The pipes as Jack said do not really look too good in my opinion - I can even see Mario entering and leaving on the horizontal pipes by looking at the transparent parts. The best graphics in this hack were the ones in the castle - those looked pretty good! I really do think you need to have some testers though - I did encounter some issues with this hack. One of them is the layer 3 water in one level which you should not use with vertical scrolling unless you want the water to look weird and be dragged up while Mario goes above. I have also encountered issues with wrong entrance positions which also look weird and some elements not fading out when you finish the level. I do hope you fix these issues. The submap for the hack is fine though I would prefer if you added some kind of save point before the castle as that ends. The title screen is unmodified which is not really the best thing to have in a hack. There are other issues in the hack though I would prefer you to have testers which can find them. That is all.

Difficulty: Pretty Easy throughout.

I am leaning towards rejection. Look at the above issues and fix them. I also feel that this hack would benefit from being longer though that is entirely up to you (the creator).
Originally posted by JackTheSpades
[4] Layer 3 water + Scrolling enabled level = bad. There is a fix patch for this if you really want to keep your level like that.

Can you link me to that patch please?

UPDATE: Fixed all the bugs. I am working on removing the number of 1-ups/powerups in the levels.

Levels have backgrounds now, which makes them look a whole lot better.

Lastly, the sublevel (DP2 sublevel), has been completely remade.

Still looking for that patch though...
Originally posted by JoeeyTheDino
Still looking for that patch though...

Actually, turns out you can do this with just LM now using the settings in #lm{props}.
My bad.

Also. Removing this since a new version was submitted.

Anime statistic on MyAnimeList:
400 animes completed ✓
6000 episodes completed ✓
100 Days completed ✓
... what even am I doing with my life?
The water scrolling wasn't fixed in 3.7
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "Bowser's Revenge Demo 3.6X" by JoeeyTheDino

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