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[105] Tragic Revolution (finished)
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Nothing here. Pretend the first post is this!

Original OP:

I'm trying to do a somewhat clever enemy placement, like I tried to do last VLDC as well. I'm not sure if I'll manage to beat my own placing in the results from last time, but probably not. Please don't mind the pipe in the beginning, it's for testing purposes (as you could guess). Also, this is the actual message:


I'm not sure if I'm too satisfied with those colors.

This is only the beginning...
Also, this level is gonna be abstract-themed (from this point at least).

Wow, this is awesome :o
Congratulations, Koops, nice work done here o/


I liked the shadow effects, but i think there are some perspective problems. I don't know where the light comes from /hm

Anônimo disse...
"Além disso, Gevegir, você me decepcionou como um Hacker Brasileiro."
26 de agosto de 2009 18:16
It's getting very nice so far; the sewers concept isn't something that we see everyday using vanilla graphics. :D
There's just one thing I'd like to point out, and it's regarding the grammar:

Originally posted by Koopster

It's "breath", not "breathe", as it isn't indicating any sort of action in this case.
Looks very interesting. I see some creative use of blocks to make a sewer area. Both areas look good and they do a nice challenge. I'm not sure about the shading in the sewers. While it's a nice idea, I think the shading should be a little darker, but maybe that's just me.
I really like your work here, Koopster! The tile work is rather impressive. Your opening segment looks well designed, and the palettes there aren't bad at all. The only suggestion I have is for the actual sewer part, and that is the shading. For a BG so dark, the foreground looks a bit too bright, but that's just my opinion.

Keep it up! I can definitely see this one doing rather well in the competition.
Awesome, Koop!

I liked the grassland area and the (what I think it is) underground toxic area. Looks like it will be a great work.

Maybe it's just me, but the pipe tile on the very begin looks weird without some grassland-ledge under it, or even the pipe body.
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Reminds me of Medusa's Lair in Castle Crashers.
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Still not an up-to-date post! Skip

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I took all your suggestions and tried to improve the sewers palette a little. Still gotta do something about what CxGx said, though.

Also, recoloring palette 6 is absolutely terrible. :/

E: yellow/golden-ish by Izuna™. Let me know which one fits best!
The beginning of the level looks pretty cool. So many enemies to encounter and so little to react. The sewer could use bit of editing. The tiles do look a little brighter than they should, if this was underground they should be a little dark.

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I think the palette looks great as it is. Since I'm assuming there will be deeper sewer segments, you could save the darker palettes for a later segment. (Besides, Rogueport Sewers is fairly bright, so I don't see anything wrong with this one being sort of bright at the beginning at least.)

Also, I tried something to maybe fix the supposed perspective thing (ignore that I used an old screenshot and went over the status bar #tb{:p}):

The yellow is where I removed shading. The way I have it now is so that the shading shows light coming from just the upper-left, leaving shading only needed below and to the right. Hope this helps!
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh
Gotta appreciate all the feedback, guys! But I've scrapped the sewers idea because it would honestly not take me very far. That bricks tileset really bugs me, not to mention the palette that I'd never get right.

After playing Mother 3 totally not twice I got some inspiration and a fresh new idea for a level. I wonder what you guys think:

Main level 1
Main level 2

And some screens of relevance:

This is what you find inside that black door.

The message.

Someone must've stepped on a switch!

Secret area of the level.

Overview of the "future" area

Design and looks-wise, I admit it's all very simple. I mainly put effort in the "meaning" of the level.

My main deal right now is the music. I'm not sure what to use, and if I leave the originals I'm almost certain VLDC7's remixes will be used, and the particular ones that would fit there (forest, athletic) are respectively boring to me at this point (after listening to it too much), and not very good in my opinion.
I'm open for suggestions, but otherwise, I'll be looking up for something. I'll submit it very soon after issues are sorted out and whatnot. Feel free to throw rocks at me!

EDIT: here's an IPS for whoever's interested in giving it a try!
Well, this looks interesting as well. I like the destroyed forest idea. Keep it up.
Tragic Revolution? As in, kinda like Tragic Reconstruction?

Well, I can definitly see the Mother 3 inspiration, though it also reminds me of War of the Woods from RTTC. I very much like the atmosphere and the smooth transition from a pristine forest to an industrial area. And that future are looks very miserable; great job on that.
As for music suggestions, I'll look through my library of songs and see which ones might fit. I assume you're okay with using sampled ports?

e: Alright. For the future section, how about this or, if you want it to be kinda creepy, this? As for the forest part, I tried finding a song that's rather calm but also gives off the feeling that something isn't quite right, and I found this. It's probably not very fitting, though.
Wow this was incredible. While the aesthetic isn't this outstanding, I really loved the idea. The design is also well made, good job in particular with the secret exit path, it was very well hidden.

Some personal concernes here, you're free to follow or not:
The possibility to go trough these tiles was a bit strange, since we're generally accustomed to see this as a totally solid one;
Incredibly minor but still cutoff with woods + ground here and here;
Why big Mario discrimination? :<;
At first try I didn't even thought this water could've been poisonish. I'd add a message or a sign if you can;

As music suggestions, I'd suggest to use this one I did long ago, in the destroyed part. As for the forest part, either this, this or this?
Thank you all for the feedback (plus Hina, Gloomier and FreakazoidBR over the IRC), and thanks for the music suggestions, as well! From these, I picked Wakana's for the future area. I'm going with this for the forest.
I really loved the second of Lazy's suggestions for the future area, but while I don't mind samples too much, I think those contrast kind of too heavily with SMW.

I think I have it all ready and sorted out by now, so I'm going to prepare stuff for submitting it. Thanks again guys!

Originally posted by Lazy
Tragic Revolution? As in, kinda like Tragic Reconstruction?

Yeah :P
I didn't remember that RttC level, but having played the hack before, I might've had it subconsciously in my mind when I planned my own.

E: it's submitted!
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