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[REMOVED] "A Mario Story/A Mario Mission" - ThatBird447

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File Name:A Mario Story 1.1 [Demo]
Submitted:2015-01-05 05:54:39 PM by ThatBird447
Length:4 exit(s)
Description:Hope you enjoy this demo ;)
And please rate! :-)

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The impression I got from this hack is that the author is probably still playing around with Lunar Magic, because there's nothing else changed other than a few levels (only four, actually) and respectively their message boxes. Personally saying, I found the levels to be decent, and they just need to be polished up a bit.

As said above, the levels were decent in my opinion, but there were a few things that annoyed me, which were: The pit with munchers in Chocolate Mountain, because there's no way to return to the level but wait until you die on the munchers, which takes a little long if you're Big Mario; in the same level, there's a Sprite Memory error, causing this springboard to look cut when a Wiggler is close to it and you; while I was okay with these stacked munchers (as they weren't put there for artificial difficulty but just for blocking) in Cave Labyrinth, I'm not sure if these were necessary, at all; lastly, but a nitpick of mine, this Dragon Coin doesn't look good with its flash effect, I recommend you to go on #lm{aniset}, uncheck the "Enable original game's palette animation" and give a new colour to the palette slot where the flash effect was on.

I don't have much to comment on the aesthetics in general. I guess they just seemed to be fitting with the levels themselves but not with the overworld at all, as it wasn't even edited in this hack, just like the title screen.

The difficulty could be Easy, although Cold Mountain might have been a bit annoying level, it doesn't change much my opinion on the hack being easy. Then again, there's only four levels to be played, so I'm unsure if that's a very proper difficulty to be given.

This is a decent hack, but a bit too short. I'm leaning towards accepting the hack if you fix the issues with the levels I mentioned in this review, as the levels aren't exactly short but the issues shouldn't be present in a hack that isn't long either.

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My hack thread
File Name: A Mario Story [Demo]
Submitted: 2015-01-05 05:38:49 AM by ThatBird447
Authors: ThatBird447
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 3 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Hope you enjoy this demo of my hack!

Removing this one for being an obsolete version of the same hack.
My hack thread
Link to the submission page

It seems that the author uploaded an update under a different name... ThatBird447, next time please explicitly mention it's an update of the previous version to prevent cases like this.

Well, for the most part, I agree with Mirann's review. The level design was decent, but some issues were a bit annoying. Firstly, I would like to mention a bit of item babysitting on the earlier levels. The actual design was pretty solid, but having to backtrack again and again carrying items around bothered me a lot. I feel like some edits would be nice there. The best example of this would be Cave Labyrinth: the entire puzzle depends on finding items and carrying them to where you have to use them.

Other than that, the design is surprisingly well done: some nice obstacles and enemy placement overall, and while it doesn't feel like anything special, there's not much wrong with it either. If not for the other issues, I guess this would be good enough to be accepted.

Aesthetically the hack's also fine, but there's not much to comment on as it's mostly the same as the original game. You maybe went a bit overboard with the dirt decorations, but that's a personal issue I have with the hack, so no need to change it. However, I would like to see the castle's palette being changed, as it's eye-searing and the palette just looks bad overall. Using some of the original palettes as a base, but changed to give a "hot" feel to the level would be enough. I would also recommend editing the title screen and the overworld, but it's not needed.

Overall, even if not very memorable, I would normally accept the hack. However, most of these issues make me lean towards rejection so far. Fix both what I and Mirann mentioned and it will be good to go.

The previous version has been removed.

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