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New hack in progress


Hello everyone I have a demo of a hack here on my file for anyone to try. Enjoy.
Ya shouldn't link ROMs (.smc, or in your case, .sfc). Make an IPS patch and post that instead.

Having grabbed it though, I gave it a try up to world 1, and the main issue I noticed with this was that your levels ressemble a lot the originals (I think 105 is the biggest instance of this, also the way you placed the bonus rooms in most of the levels). One often good idea is to hit CTRL+Del to start levels from scratch, as well as changing the tileset/music a little to make it feel different.

But other than that, I think you're onto something. For what seems to be blatant edits, it has a very decent amount of thought on the design. As I went on I noticed you started to add a lot of your own spice in the levels. The first castle's second room was a nice example of that. Other than some missing corner tiles here and there, your levels don't seem to have any aesthetical flaws, either.

I might play the next world later on. I wish you good luck with this (and remember to make an IPS patch next time!).
It's easily the best thing I've done
So why the empty numb?
Thank you for trying it out. This being my first hack, I've taken all of my focus into level designing. Then I'll go back and edit the mistakes, change the coloring to some of the levels to give it more of a fresh feel, but still keeping some elements of the original game. If you have any more ideas, let me know.
Maybe you should post some screenshots and give a link to the IPS here instead of in your files
Anybody know how to turn a horizontal level into a vertical level?
Originally posted by Z27
Anybody know how to turn a horizontal level into a vertical level?

You have to open #lm{MARIO69} and set the level mode to 0A (or 08 if your level uses layer 2).
𝓢𝓮𝓽 𝓶𝓮 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓮
Hello everyone, here's my Patched demo with 3 extra levels, do not bother with the switch palace in world 3. I haven't worked on it yet.
Any more advice would be awesome. I'm getting used to this!!