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[SNES] Super Super Smash Brothers (work in progress)
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Super Super Smash Brothers is a SNES game that i kinda sorta not really started development on. it's aim is to be a smash bros game on the snes, not as a prequel or as a copy of another smash game but with it's own identity. i did a thread here regarding the roster. also yes, this will be the final title of the game; i want to be punny

some stuff:

im using sdd1 for now. if framerate becomes an issue, i'll switch to sa1

no mp5. ive decided to keep it to 2 players only. attacks, attack effects, items, plus possible size changes to the characters will get very close to the sprites per scanline limit, so 2 characters only should keep it safe. plus, it's possible processing 1 player alone could take up alot of cpu time.

stages would have to remain small. as there will be no dynamic camera (dynamic as in it zooms in/out), it would be dumb to have large stages. the camera will be centered between two characters at all times, except when a character is launched offstage, in which case the camera will be biased towards that character so that they are able to get back easily. although there wont be large stages, scrolling stages and mute city/sunshine style stages can still be done.

controls would be identical to Super Smash Bros for 3DS, except replace circle pad with control pad and control pad (taunts) with select. what i havent decided on is whether to have wiimote-style dashing (double-tap to dash), no dashing (aka always running), or have a dedicated dash button like SMW (X or Y, replacing one of the jump buttons). an agreement here is welcome

here's a wip character selection screen setup using placeholder images, featuring mario and green mario:

(some of the ? are probably easy to guess)

note that this is an ingame screenshot. i used the hi-res capabilities of mode 5, irq palette dma, and gfx address hax in order to have a decent-looking screen (the final obviously wont be so blank; this was more of a mode 5 test). had i stayed at 256x224 the icons would look laughably small. the selection screen(s) will probably be the only hi-res modes in the final game; standard stages will be mode 1 and standard menus potentially mode 3

the screenshot was taken with bsnes. in zsnes, the irq palette dmas take up 1 scanline rather than 2, giving a few glitched scanlines. despite this, i'll strive for compatibility with all emulators.

considering some of the newcomer choices, i'm debating on going with a
japanese (surprise, surprise)
style with the overall game (like how melee had a technofuturistic style and brawl a rustic latin style).

music will be very low priority for now. i dont want to code a music engine, instead i'll try and port amk over. unless music composers fall out of the sky and onto my lap, i'll have to stick with what the music section has to offer in terms of songs and sound effects.

as i'm working on alot of other stuff, this will probably not receive frequent updates

so yeah that's all for now. pretend im sakurai and pretend youre hyped for this. or do the logical thing and be doubtful #thp{:(}

Kinda figured this is where that thread was going. :P Very excited to see something playable ^_^

As for the running controls, I'd be fine with the double tap method.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Originally posted by Lightvayne
As for the running controls, I'd be fine with the double tap method.

Second that.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Originally posted by Ladida
i'll strive for compatibility with all emulators.

snes9x seems to glitch out when i turn off screen interlace mid-screen. i recall this happening some time ago when i was testing mode5 interlace in smw

this'll be fun

Wow, something ZSNES can do that SNES9X can't. I'm floored.
Layout by LDA during C3.
You should add Ridley as a playable character #smw{:trollface:}

But really this would be pretty awesome if you get fully working and I say go with the double tap to run.
i'd like for someone with a snes hooked up to a crt to run this rom (with a flashcart of course) and report the results

it should hopefully look like this

zsnes = #wario{>:|}
s9x = #wario{:puke:}
higan = #wario{B)}
This seems like a cool little project, if I wasn't so out of practice with porting and composing/arranging, given you're attempting to port AMK over I would offer my "talents" for the music of the project.

Either way, can't wait to see how this turns out. I'd love to do some video coverage over on my YouTube of it down the line :3
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>No ZSNES Support
check your emulator privilege
hardware results thanks to HuFlungDu: mid-screen interlace acts lulzy [jumpy] on a real setup. might have just been my code but probably not, considering it was fine in higan

i'll have to ditch the mid-screen interlace anyways; snes9x is a rather popular emulator and considered a better alternative to zsnes, so losing support for it is losing 90% of the potential audience (also you wont be able to play on your Bentendo Owee)

thanks, snes9x #smw{¬_¬}
So Ladida, what made you choose making it into a SNES game instead of just creating something for PC or something?
the whole point of this is to create a smash game for the SNES, so making it for PC would kinda defeat the purpose. in that sense, i didn't "choose" to go for SNES over PC, because SNES is literally the only option.
portrait art that i've been posting in my art thread but probably fits better here (these are displayed at the bottom when you select a character):

will post more sometime
when are you adding groose shrek and heavy
I highly doubt that Ladida will add Shrek and Heavy (whoever Heavy is...). It may be an unofficial game, but there are only going to be Nintendo characters.
I know that you are not going to create dynamical camera, but it would be possible with the fx chip, right?

dynamic camera would require mode 7, which limits what is possible with stages in terms of art and design.

using an alternate chip for sprite scaling won't change this. i could always use prerendered scaled sprites but that takes up space, and doesn't solve the stage issue

but don't worry; a nondynamic camera should only limit the size a stage could be

Originally posted by Trollope
there are only going to be Nintendo characters.

Those portraits are typical you. #w{xD}
Even though they are very different from Nintendo's style, I still kinda like them! They have that "Super Mario World Western Show" feel to them.

Who is that orange-haired girl in the bottom rom, btw.? Looks kinda familiar, but I just can't remember.

My first thought was Mona's Pizza, but in that case she'd be missing her driving glasses.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
i thought her original outfit looked too similar to wario's so i'm using her newest design (though the rest would ideally be alts)

edit: i always forget my manners. thanks for the feedback #smw{^_^;}

edit2: should mention that i'm gonna draw the whole roster before converting to snes and fixing the portraits according to feedback
Originally posted by Ladida
Originally posted by Trollope
there are only going to be Nintendo characters.


Then what are pacman, megaman and sonic doing here?

Anyways, I love the art style. I hope that you manage to finish this project.
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