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[r1]255 Searing Stronghold - [SUBMITTED]
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 8th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest - [r1]255 Searing Stronghold - [SUBMITTED]
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I decided to give this contest a shoot. My level is a generic fiery castle level, with not many fancy tricks. This level also uses SA-1 and as music I picked this. A few pics below:

The current progress of the whole level is shown here.

Feel free to feedback a lot, it's very appreciated~

IPS file.
I'm loving the mix of castle and ghost house tilesets. Looking forward to seeing more of the level! #smw{:TUP:}
So that's why you made a remix of the SMW castle theme...

It is certainly nice to see something more normal than all of the ridiculously elaborate stuff everyone's been buzzing on about. Best of luck to you!

I love what you have here, master! :3

*Hakureino purrs* #fim{<3}
Thanks for the kind words~

I did a few changes, messed map16 more and managed to finish the first part of my level. You can see a .gif here and the full level here.
I'm going to design the second part of the level, which will take place outside the castle, and a boss in the end (I'd probably stick on Lemmy/Wendy).

EDIT!: I lazily started the outside part. I have a few screens for you:

Seems a tad too short, no?

But it looks really cool. My only complaint is that why is there water in the background when this is a fire-themed castle? Shouldn't it be replaced with lava?
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
This level is looking beautiful so far. The outdoor part especially. I'm seeing lots of creative usage of the vanilla graphics which is awesome and on top of that, the design seems nicely done too.
@Falconpunch: Maybe it's because I dunno... the fire is only inside of the castle? I mean, volcanoes often exist in the middle of oceans, not huge seas of lava. Similar logic likely applies here.

Well, yes. It's supposed to be water in the distance and I don't see anything wrong. Thanks anyways for sharing your thoughts and for the kind replies as always.

Been busy studying for an exam, but I managed to do small progresses on the outside part. A gif of it can be seen here. (ignore the first dragon coin, that platform will be lowered.)

I also wanted to ask something, since I didn't got a reply from the discussion thread yet:

Originally posted by Wakana
when I inserted the music into my level I forgot that there was included a patch to disable the P-Switch music. I do wonder if that's against the rules; I did use a P-Switch in my level, so I was wondering if it's okay or not.

Note that the level doesn't suppose the P-Switch music to not be. It was an accident (blame me for not changing AMK folder since the HLDC).
Thanks in advance, as always, feedback is very appreciated. #tb{^V^}

EDIT!: I did an .ips of my level. Any feedback of it would be really appreciated as always. Look the last post for the ips.
Overall, this level was pretty damn dank, m9. You've done a pretty gr2³ job. Firstly, the aesthetics simply were eyecandy. I loved how you mixed colors. It would have been nice to see some different colored stuff, (proably blue and green since there aren't any) because it may make your level look more interesting. Though, that's minor, and is optional, but it'd be nice; just a suggestion.
I have a few design things to complain about too, sorry. Firstly, this part. Obviously, this wasn't supposed to be easy overall, but if you're big and here, you can just give up. There also were a few diagonal flames, luckily they didn't show up for this time. Giving the player more space here would be great. Secondly, another minor one, I guess it'd be nice to somehow warn the player about those flames. Since I was blind, I didn't know about it and just jumped, and oame gver. I got #REKT. Again, this is optional, since I may have been just not careful, but it'd be nice for those blind players like me. Lastly, I think that the time wasn't enough. I ended up with 24 seconds, which really stressed me. Also, as you can see in that last screenshot, there is some cutoff at the top left and right.
Thanks for your review S.R.H. much appreciated.

Um, I decided to mess my level more: I'm going to put a secret exit (not hard to find), which key and keyhole will be placed in a different sublevel. A pic of it here:

Not much of a showoff, but yeah. This is going to be an athletic-like part. Any feedback as always is welcome.
Ooh, the secret exit looks ominous...

Good work on it so far!
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...

Aaaand a new version for you. Click me.
This contains a few fixes pointed out by SRH, plus the secret exit path.
Feedback is welcome.
Wow. You really fixed everything I said. Thank you. I'm really happy to see you really didn't ignore me and actually took my suggestions serious. We need more people like you.

Firstly, I like the new parts. It's nice to see some more color, it really looks nice. It was fun as well, and more fair. I don't have any major complaints about it this time, though there's a very weird bug. It doesn't really crash the game or something, but you can see it here:

See the really thin black line? Yeah, it weirdly flashes. (I mean, it disappears and reappears quickly.) It looks like some kind of ASM thing, but I'm sure it isn't, so I really have no idea why that happens. I'm using ZSUXNES by the way. Also, this also happened it in version one, but I ignored it back then, though it really bugged me. This time, I'm writing it.
Not just that. When you hit your head to something, such as the ceiling or a block, no sound effect plays. I guess it's because of the music, but it's really minor, so if it's going to change something that can be noticeable in the music, just don't. It's very minor, and I don't think people would mind that too much.

So yeah. That's all.
gg dis wuz very dank m9, r8: (no h8 plox m8s :<<<<<<<)
Thanks again SRH.
I told Vitor about the black lines, and looks like it's a ZSNES bug due to SA-1:

<VitorVilela> SMW's IRQ doesn't work with ZSNES when on SA-1 for some reason
<VitorVilela> so I had to add a workaround
<VitorVilela> which isn't perfect
<VitorVilela> (better than having infinite slowdown)

As for the SFX not playing sometimes, I guess it's nothing weird, since that with AMK we passed from having 3 SFX to 2 SFX channels. This may result in some SFX not playing if the stage is too crowded (read: dem grinders).

Well, I guess I'll soon submit what I've got. It was nice to design in vanilla in a while.
If someone has something to say, I'm here.

EDIT!: in case you missed it, I submitted my level. Feedback is still appreciated. Click.
Thanks everyone who helped.
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 8th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest - [r1]255 Searing Stronghold - [SUBMITTED]

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