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PUZZLE V1.2 by sqyuw

AUTHOR: sqyuw (submitted by kebabchilla)
A short Hack, concerning 2 Worlds, 12 Levels and 12 Exits of Puzzle-Levels.

It's made by kooooopa aka. sqyuw and is inspired by Super Puzzle World (LeChuck).

The hack is meant to be played savestateless and requires no knowledge of glitches etc. pp.

Have Fun!

A pretty fun little puzzle hack, but it has one major problem leading to immediate rejection: the sound crashes on accurate emulators. Now I know you mentioned this in the readme, but "some music won't sound 100% corect" isn't really the same as "the sound engine crashes on the title screen, reducing all sound to random noise". Now I'm no expert on custom music, but I imagine a lot of this could be fixed by upgrading to AddmusicK. You could also ask around in the music help forum for more specific help.

As for the other thing mentioned in the readme, the items getting stuck in pipes glitch, I can think of two immediate ways to fix this. The easy one would be to just replace the reset pipes with doors, and the harder one would be making a custom block that acts like a pipe but doesn't allow you to bring sprites through it.

Now even though I'm removing this due to the sound issues, I might as well post the notes I made on some of the levels:

- Think twice: I ended up using the silver P-switch to get through the turn blocks, which doesn't feel like it was the intended solution. Given the setup I imagine you're supposed to use the shell, but there's only one in the level and there doesn't seem to be any way to get it, since it's on a ledge you can't get to and it never seems to fall down. Now I noticed in Lunar Magic that the reset pipes actually switch you between two different level numbers, which given the level name seems like it would be significant, but the two levels seem to be completely identical?
- Be a firefly: If the climbing net was to prevent big Mario from going into the one-tile-high tunnel, it doesn't work. Although I'm not sure if it actually has any impact on the solution?
- Want a snakebite?: This puzzle was extremely clever and I really enjoyed it. Although I find it slightly strange that you seem to require the player to carry an item while climbing after outright stating that you require no knowledge of glitches. Also the precision required for filling in the vertical stack of ? blocks in the boss room was kind of obnoxious.
- Money converter: This one was really tricky, and I had to look at the puzzle in Lunar Magic to find the key before I was able to solve it. Still really enjoyed figuring it out after that though. Although speaking of the key, it is possible to get permanently stuck in its alcove if you jump up there before triggering the vine, which isn't very fun in a game without time limits.
- Absolute zero: I can see that the first step seems to be hitting the rightmost vine block to get the silver P-switch, but there's no way for me to kick the shell onto the ledge with the block other than from below, in which case I can't get it moving sideways to hit the block. Unless there's a Yoshi somewhere that I can't find (which I doubt, given how the rest of the level is setup), I don't see how this is supposed to work at all.

And finally, a general thing. Since it seems you don't want lives to be a problem given how you can get four of them for free each time you visit the starting spot, why not disable them outright? Same result, but less hassle for the player since they don't have to traverse the entire map to get lives. And similarly, this seems like the type of hack that would benefit from having save points after every level, so that you can take a break from a level you can't solve without having to replay previous ones.

All in all, I really enjoyed this hack; it's been a long time since I saw puzzles in the SMW engine that both actually made me think and didn't require crazy glitches to solve. I hope you manage to fix the music issues so that it can be accepted. And it'd be nice if you could take a look at Absolute Zero and tell me if the level broke or if there's just something that I'm missing.
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