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(UPDATE) Custom palace by Pribor

File Name: (UPDATE) Custom palace
Submitted: 25/01/15 - 23:06 by levelengine
Authors: Pribor
Type: Original
Description: Original graphic for palace using FG3. There is window,small pillar,large pillar(with enabled layer priority) and 3d-like ground turn. There is pretty much place in the graphic file. Background is seen in the window.

File contains:graphic file,map16,sample level and 4 custom palletes

Please give credit if use.

Update: Put everything in place / fixed palette rows 0 and 1 so they no longer overwrite the status bar's.

Palette overwrites the status bar, can you fix this please.

While I'm here - can you please link the original file like my original post says? Because it's bloody annoying trying to find you original file. Thank you.