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Original Graphics, Palettes and HDMA Showoff Thread
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Originally posted by SafeDesire
Originally posted by MrDeePay
Originally posted by SafeDesire

Annnd the second nitpickiest person on the forum. The gang's all here.

And what does attacking other users for accomplish in this thread aside from creating unnecessary animosity?

I'm always the one targeted for this yet people like Magiluigi, nah, he's all good.

This site, this community, I swear....
I'll stop this here but my god..some of you people take the wrong side all the time.

Don't say the truth about people, they get offended easily :p

^Link to my forums. :D
I'm sorry for that everyone. I just wanted to show something that I like to do when I'm bored, and it started a unecessary discussion. Please ignore the final part of my last post.

Just droping this mushroom:
Can I slap each of you in the face, please? You guys are freaking awful. Way to give a good impression to the newcomer by the way. I apologise in advance for my passive-aggressiveness.

Moon, I'm not a big fan of the random dithering you used in places. I don't think it goes well with the mushroom. I dug the shading otherwise, other than that I think the top of the "stem" would benefit of a little more shading because it doesn't look that much like it's below the top part, you know? But it's otherwise fine to me.
Also, welcome to the Central!
Originally posted by SafeDesire
[...] some of you people take the wrong side all the time.

Consider the following: I made a post commenting on one's graphics in a thread focusing exactly on that; I stayed on topic and contributed to the discussion. You made a dumb passive-agressive post which had nothing to do with graphics at all, you were just being "le epic so corageous poster calling out them meanies!!! xDD"; you went off-topic and basically derailed the thread in the process. And you just did the same thing again, along with Firebar. Get it? It's not about the whole boogeyman mentality you seem to have (what with the whole "the world is against me" talk) or "picking sides" (lol), it's about staying on topic, which is what MDP is referring to. Just clearing things up.

Originally posted by StrikeForcer
*beautiful post*

Originally posted by Moon

Grass thing: err, I wasn't talking about the color scheme (which is what you've changed), I was talking about the way the colors are set up: how they're shaded, their hues/saturation, etc. But thanks for trying to address my complaint, at least #ab{:P}

Mushroom: pretty much what koopster said. The stem looks really weird, by the way, something about its shading makes it look like it has no volume. I can't pinpoint it, though, sorry.


I won't argue about how pillow shading is absolutely terrible and not "a matter of opinion" or anything like that, I've seen someone do that elsewhere and it's useless, so let's just say that I agree completely with what StrikeForcer said.

@Moon: I think the problem of lack of volume on the stem Magi is referring to, is caused by the lighting being too shifted to its right corner. If you shift it a little more to the left (next to its center) and add a bit of shading on the right, you'll make the stem look rounder as a whole. SMB2's mushroom "blocks" do it just right. Notice how their stems' lighting is shifted a bit more to the center.

I really hope this thread doesn't get derailed like this again. :V
Or you know, could always try a different shape with the stem. Instead of thick and bulbous, maybe go for something a little thinner around the middle and picks back up around the top? Also, Koopster mentioned that there should be more shading under the top, you may want to follow through with that as well. The dithering kind of adds a little of a rough detail to the sprite, which is kind of nice considering mushrooms have a rough surface, but randomness isn't something that should be used for it. Maybe give it a bit of curvey pattern like you'd see on a diagram of a muscle or something, just very subtle, or if you want just erase the dithering entirely. Up to you.

Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
Originally posted by Moon

It's pretty nice tileset you have here, although there are a few faults that the "nitpickers" point out. I'm not exactly nit-picky myself, but the main things are the the shading (yay, I'm one of them) and the light source. Your shading isn't the worst, infact the grassland does it in a way that doesn't bug me. The fence decoration, on the other hand, might need to be toned down a bit. For the vertical pillars, I recommend not putting shading on it at all because otherwise it feels slightly off. The horizontal pillars should tone down the shading on the spikes; it really should only be on the bottom, because I doubt shadow spreads towards the top.

Everyone else pretty much nailed the light aspect, so I'm not going to talk about it... I just felt that the pillow-shading issue needs to be cleared up. You are certainly in a good start to designing graphics.


While I'm at it, I may as well answer my own questions.

Originally posted by Berkay
e: Seeing as nobody else seems to think there are jaggies, I guess it was just my nitpickiness, so removed.
It's nice looking, good job.

Actually I do see jaggy spots on the yellow wood pillars (just one pixel, however) and the wooden boxes.

Originally posted by Tahixham
@Daizo: they're really great. Unlike Berkay, I think there are no "jaggies" and everything is enlarged well. How do you do it? Do you draw it from scratch or trace over enlarged original graphics?

an artist never reveals his secrets
I basically enlarge it pixel by pixel (as in, everything is enlarged x2), then tweak it until they aren't pixelated anymore. It takes a lot of imagination and experimentation to get it right.

Originally posted by Ladida
the graphics look fine and fit the SMW style well

You're not the first that said that about my Giant SMW Graphics, actually. Thanks.

Originally posted by MercuryPenny
The eyes on the boos bother me a bit, think they could be widened by a pixel or two?

I wanted to avoid 2x2 pixels when drawing my graphics, but I did experiment:

Top Left Corner is the original enlargement.
Top Right Corner has his eyes extended x2 (as you suggested).
Bottom Left Corner has his eyes rounded.
Bottom Right Corner has his eyes slightly smaller than the original.

Personally, I actually prefer the bottom right corner, but I'll leave the general public to decide.

I Prefer Top Left Corner And Bottom Right Corner...
About the dithering, I just wanted to "fill" some empty spaces. Now about the stem, I think you guys are talking about real lightning, right? Well, I followed all the suggestions and tried to do my best:

Better? Also note that I included a bridge I'm doing. I think the idea behind the lightning is good, but it was poorly executed in my opinion. But I don't know, what you guys think?
So, ripped some hotel graphics from Wario Land 4. Thoughts?

The lights animate. I'll try and animate the layer 3 fog too, though it has a ridiculous SIXTEEN frames in the original game.

For gaming news and Wario discussions, check out Gaming Reinvented and Wario Forums respectively.

As for Mario's Nightmare Quest? Well, it's currently on Fusion Gameworks, ROM or the GCN at the moment.
Some graphics for a project.

They all use one palette row.

EDIT: The graphics are styled after SMB2, SMW, and SMB3 graphics.
pretty nice

perhaps the green bush block should have just one pixel of middle tone instead of two?
if not you should just add an extra color, or use dithering (though that would go against your style)
@cheat-master30: Not much sense in commenting on the Graphics if you didn't draw them, so... good job ripping I guess? Note how the top of the pillars (the arching part) has a slightly different background color though. Speaking of colors, did you edit the palette or used the original one? The door's a little too saturated compared to the rest for my taste.

@superbot112: Something's bugging me about that shading - perhaps it's that you're using so many layers of shading for such simple geometric shapes? It might work better in-game; you'd have to post a screenshot of them in action (assuming you haven't already).

In other news, the forest tileset I posted on page 1 has finally got a background to go with it.

Forest background are hard. That's because drawing forests is hard. I've spent literally half a year not knowing where to start, and it all but froze my entire hack during that time.
Over the last couple of days I've finally come up with something that works. I'm not 100% fully completely satisfied with it, because it's less realistic than some of the other backgrounds I've drawn, but a) you'll never see those in the same level so clashing is less of an issue and b) this is seriously the best I can manage and I'd just like to move on. I can't stress this enough: drawing forests is hard.

Seen on its own, I think it's come out quite decently. What do you guys think?


It came out very beautifully; wow, you sure got some dedication. I honestly can not believe what I'm seeing right now! You drew that. Well, you just blew my mind....
Yeah, it indeed is nice on its own. Nice work.
It reminds me of Yoshi's Island for some reason.
@WhiteYoshiEgg: Woah, that is a really good background! That had to have taken a while to incorporate so much detail with the limited graphic space, and then assemble it together in a way that didn't look too same-y.

@Berkay: It's probably because of the outlines on the tree trunks and grass, the forest background in Yoshi's Island had that too.

This is my tileset for a snow level
Originally posted by cheat-master30
So, ripped some hotel graphics from Wario Land 4. Thoughts?

The lights animate. I'll try and animate the layer 3 fog too, though it has a ridiculous SIXTEEN frames in the original game.

Looks just like how I remembered it. Good job! #ab{:)}

I don't think you need to worry about the animated fog, as it looks fine without it.
Layout by Erik557
Originally posted by cheat-master30

Damn, these coins are sooo nasty #w{<3} I also liked the colums on the background. Very nice rip.

Originally posted by superbot12

The shading on the brush blocks is interesting. I think some places deserve some more details, like the bridge logs. Besides that, nice job.

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg

Really nice job. This background style reminded me a photoshop filter, it make images looks like that. This is not bad, it just reminded it, lol.
I liked the lightning effect on the top. Layer 3, I guess? I just think the blue part in the bottom is a bit empty, but it's just my opinion.

Originally posted by nathanrayman1998

A basic and cartoonish style. I liked it. Not much to say, besides some stuff like the swords will need animation.
Here is something I threw together after a couple days of editing.

This is my first time drawing up a tileset after ~5 years.
I took out the BG as I'm still trying to figure out what I can do to fix certain parts. I'm a bit rusty so any critique is welcome!
WHOA! Nice graphics!

7 years using I think that's not enough.

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