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Bowser Forest
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Bowser has kidnapped Peach and brought her deep within the forest near his castle. He's taken her to his fortress and has deactivated the four switches of the forest to keep Mario from getting in. Mario has to defeat Bowser's four currently highest ranked minions, Scurvy Spooks the Big Boo, Kamaar the Magikoopa, Puff Norris the Porcu Puffer, and Fast Mole the Mega Mole, to reach the switches and save Peach.


This is a mini-hack I'm working on. It consists of five levels that you can play in any order. Once you beat the level, you'll be able to go to the level's Switch Palace and hit the switch. Hit all four switches and you can get into Bowser's Fortress. The hack is a combination of platforming and puzzle based levels. Backtracking is fairly common, but not to the point of being tedious.

This hack uses EXGFX, Custom Sprites, and Custom Blocks, but not to a huge extent as I wanted to concentrate more on level design. I do, however, have custom (ported) music as I feel that greatly adds to the atmosphere of the game. The game uses the RPG Overworld for obvious reasons.


Overworld map.

Bowser's Fortress Entrance.

Pokeys fit perfectly behind trees.

Hmm, something's awkward here. There's gotta be a gimmick to getting through.

Evading Lakitu's Spinies.

An area someone built above the forest's trees. The top path is more dangerous in that there are more enemies, but the bottom path has less room to move.

One of the bosses, Fast Mole. You have to race him to beat him. Of course, your half of the racetrack is rigged to give you a harder time. =D

Hmm. How to get past here?

An NPC Boo. And a pretty stupid one at that.

Auto-scrolling area.

Okay, I'm going to the right and- HEY WHY IS THE PLATFORM GOING AWAY?

Oh, so now I can get to that pipe I couldn't get to before.

Another boss, Puff Norris. I'm not telling how to beat him.
there is some creative ideas with the bosses there, looks alright. Except some lvls look very straight and linear, eg screen 5. But also like Puff norris -_-

Your layout has been removed.
looks okay, but the overworld could use some work.
The bosses look ok, but... how do you beat fast mole if you just race him? is there like a p-switch pit?

Actually, the level screen 5 is in isn't very linear at all. It may look like that from the screenshot, but it isn't.

There's a pit at the end of the race with a Checkered flag (Or ? Orb with new graphics, if you want to be picky) in it. If you reach it before Fast Mole, you'll finish the level. If you don't, the exit will be blocked and you'll be forced to go off the edge and die.

I've never been that good with overworlds. What exactly can I do to improve?
Hmmm... your levels look pretty linear, the level with the Creating/Eating Block looks a bit too linear, being nothing but a bunch of sprites. Fast mole looks like a pretty good concept, I like it. Just don't make it unfair and I'm happy with it. Your palettes, however, need a lot of work. It's Mainly Puff Norris and the Back Area Color of the Fast Mole boss that need work.

The bright palettes remind me of SMA2, is that a glitch in the Screenshots or are they really that bright ingame?
About the screenshots being too light: Once, I had that problem. Get the newest version of Zsnes, it takes perfect screenshots.
Also, the YI grass clashes horribly with the SMW forest BG.
As I said in all caps, the pallettes in the screenshots are brighter than they should be. I have no idea why. As I said before, my levels are less linear than they look. Remember that you progress from area to area. Some areas are focused on getting through alive (which I've made sure isn't hard) while others involve solving puzzles or backtracking.

Edit: Ah, that would explain my brightness issue. My default emulator for Lunar Magic is an earlier version- I usually use the newer version but I took the screenshots from that one.
For those who haven't seen yet, it's been released. Link

Comments anyone?
GBA Super Mario World Palettes?
The correct pallettes are on the download page. Please ignore the ones in this thread.
I found this hack to be extremely fun despite it being short. I loved the boss battles. especially the speedy mole.

though it was awkward when you beat him >_<
That was totally unintentional.

Edit: By the way, the first mushroom in the castle DOES have significance.
Just finished the game. The final boss is epic. (well the whole level is really)
You first glance at screenshots, which most people look at, and will say "heh, this is boring, it's linear and isn't worth a download", which is way off.

Graphics: mostly the original, can't really judge this.

Music: Custom music, good choices.

Levels: GREAT stuff here, lots of mini-type puzzles, fun challenges [the speedy mole etc.], 11/10 :P

Overall: I really enjoyed this, it's worth a download for sure, pretty original.
Yeah, my screenshots are, sadly, misleading. >_> I'd love to take screenshots of some of the better looking parts, but I want them to be a surprise. <_<
I really liked this hack, but the Fast Mole really got on my nerves. I think that you should have made it a little easier. And no, I don't suck at playing rom hacks.
When you get to the spot with two springs throw the first one when you are on the platform.
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Full Hack Releases - Bowser Forest

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