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An In-Depth Guide to ExAnimation

Lunar Magic

Honestly, we should priotise on the triggers first (at least the basic triggers, not the custom triggers) since they're more important than animating layer 3 tiles.
May whatever grand deity that exists bless you for this tutorial MolSno! #smrpg{<3}
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my brain hurts lol. idk how someone figures all of this out alone
I always come back - W. Afton

pm me if you need someone to test your hack (easy - kaizo light), i'd love to help out and break it <3
please let me know some infos about your hack (exit amount, difficulty you aimed for, any special patches used like walljumping etc)

Really nice tutorial! But got one question:
	LDA $1468		; Layer 2 position, next frame.
	CMP #$00CF		;\ If layer 2 will go too high, don't raise it.
	BCS +			;/
	INC $1468		;
	INC $1468		;
+	SEP #$20		;
	RTS			;

Why "CMP #$00CF" has that fixed value? What is the reason?
It's the maximum value of how much layer 2 can rise. It's fixed because... there is no point of using a variable.
This tutorial has been very helpful/useful so I just wanted to say thanks alot!!! ^u^ and nice job!
It's been long since an update was made, and this tutorial is still missing information on triggers.

I would really love for this to be finished, and I can help achieve that. Shall I add a part to this tutorial?

YY-CHR > Photoshop.
What an amazing guide, really helped me a lot even if it's from 2015, hope that someone gets to finish this guide someday

Lunar Magic