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Corrupt Three Wishes

1. You are arrested for the possesion of meth.
2. They threw it so hard that the person died.
3. It blew up, however for some reason the solar system didn't.

I wish for:
1. this thread to be locked.
2. this thread to be moved to the trash can.
3. all video games to be removed. #tb{'U'}
1) The thread is locked, but a mod disagrees with the choice and reopens it.
2) Same as above
3) Bored kids now turn to crime, causing crime rates to go up 1000%.

1) I wish for something to do besides hack.
2) I wish I was better at hacking.
3) I wish the end of the world would happen right now.
1-> Congratulation, now you're working for nintendo in order to remake SMW.
2-> Your standards has been lowered, now you're "better" at hacking.
3-> just started playing.

My wishes:

1>I wish more people feedbacked my hack
2-> I wished genetics wouldn't be so hard to study
3-> I wish some girls would be interested in me.

1) Unfortunately, the feedback about your hack is completely negative.
2) Genetics is so easy to study that it causes some humans to submit themselves to genetic experiments that later causes a civil war between normal humans and "enhanced" humans.
3) Be careful what you wish for. >8)

1) I wish that politicians were incapable of lying.
2) I wish that Roberto Zampari learns common sense.
3) I wish for this wish to beat you up if you try to corrupt it.
All politicians stop lying, but the truth about them is so incredibly terrible that everyone revolts and causes anarchy.
He learns common sense, but the rest of the user base becomes
Your wish kills someone, you get blamed for it since it was your wish, and you are thrown in jail for life without parole.

1) I wish for a faster computer
2) I wish for inspiration for levels in my hack
3) I wish to be actually productive for once.
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1) Your computer is really fast at the expense of a proper ventilation system. It explodes real soon.

2) You DO get inspired, but most of the ideas you get are beyond the capabilities of the ROM or Lunar Magic.

3) You become SMWCentral.


1) I wish my imaginary friend Anna was real.
2) I wish she knew me and lived with me.
3) I wish everyone knew her and behaved like they've known her since birth.
She is, but she is dead.
You have fond memories of her, which makes the mourning worse.
Everybody in your town/city is too busy mourning to get anything done.
I wish for mind control
I wish for telekenesis,
I wish for the ability to spawn goombas

(1)Youll Get Bored Within 12 Hours
(2)You Will Be Tested By Scientists and Cut Open
(3)Then Mario Will Kill Them All
My Wishes:
(1)I wish Rage Comics Were Real
(2)Mario Games Started With 3 Lives
(3)Luigi Stopped Being A Fricken Wuss

1) They become real, but they're too stupid to live and die in the two next hours.
2) The fact that Mario games start with 3 lives increase the amount of "game over" and more people get worked up by those games, resulting to more Nintendo haters.
3) Luigi isn't a wuss anymore, but being a wuss was actually what was making him interesting, so he's now left in the dust.

1) I wish to get my driving license soon.
2) I wish to be able to get a good job without studying.
3) I wish that time travel become possible.
1) You get your driving license but you crash your car for speeding.
2) You get a job but later found out in the workplace that they are bad guys after whispering in your ear: "Hail Hydra".
3) Time travel is posible but you become this universe's version of Porky Minch.

1) I wish for Counterfeit to be more snarky.
2) I wish that the weather would at least give a warning.
3) I wish for a plot twist in the next poster.
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1) Counterfeit becomes more snarky and ends up related to being snarky. On you.

2) Weather develops a (snarky?) sense of humor and gives false warnings.

3) Plot twist: you're dead. (Probably due to Counterfeit's newfound snarkiness. Good job.)


1) I wish I had the same powers as the genie granting my wishes.

2) I wish that if I used my powers, they do not come with ironical twists.

3) I wish I don't turn blue and get trapped in a f*cking lamp.
1) You get cancer.
2) You get super cancer.
3) You turn yellow and get trapped in a TV.

1) I wish I had self-restraint.
2) I wish I could start eating actual food instead of french bread pizzas and chicken pot pies.
3) I wish the genie had super cancer.
1) You restrain so much you are unable to do anything

2) You begin eating any other thing you want, but find out you hate that food

3) The cancer is so big it self destroys and the genie is healed


1) I wish all the mistakes I made in the past never happened, even if that jeopardizes myself

2) Wish everyone else has happy lives

3) I wish bullying doesn't exist

Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
As you have never made mistakes, you never learned with them, and within the next 24 hours make them all over again.
Everybody else gets happy lives, and you get depressed as you are the only person without a happy life, making people feel bad for you and ruining their happiness
The word bullying no longer exists
I wish I could touch type
I wish that stupid dogs would stop biting me
I wish stupid dogs dies
You can now touch type, but all your fingers fall off.
Stupid dogs stop biting you, but all smart dogs start to viciously attack you.
An actual person with the name "Stupid Dogs" dies, and you are charged with murder and put in prison.

1) I wish I could think of wishes
2) I wish for my very own stop sign.
3) I wish for a traffic cone.

Couldn't think of anything better at all.
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You do think of wishes, but there aren't really good ideas that you could wish for.
You do, but you are charged for taking governmental property.
You do take the traffic cone, but you make a 10 minute long traffic jam.

I wish you can hide your identity just by putting a mask on.
I wish I can buy all the major movie production companies with a penny.
I wish that whoever who can think for a counter for this wish, your hands start going insane, making you not able to type for a counter.

I think deep.
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1) You end up in Majora's Mask.

2) You do. The world starts running out of decent movies. Actors quit their jobs. Everyone flips shit.

3) You create a time parokjdfasidughakls;nvsadiuhefkl;askefjsiodfhwke;lkfhsio.

1 - I wish I was better at FL Studio.

2 - I wish I was good at drawing manga.

3 - I wish I was instantly selected into the National Defence Training Academy.
1) You get better at FL Studio Version 1.0 and nothing more.
2) You get better at drawing manga but someone else steals your spotlight when someone else draws computer generated CGI realistic manga.
3) You get selected but later found out that their secret motto is: "To build a better world, sometimes means tearing the old one down... and that makes enemies."

1) I wish for a wish that can't be corrupted.
2) I wish that the staff would stop being so lazy with the custom block submissions.
3) I wish for a plot twist in MrDeePay's recent behavior.
Originally posted by Davros
1) I wish for a wish that can't be corrupted.
2) I wish that the staff would stop being so lazy with the custom block submissions.
3) I wish for a plot twist in MrDeePay's recent behavior.

1) You die instantly.
2) Your submissions are deemed not good enough and are rejected.

1) I wish for the number of characters in this wish to be converted into a million dollars for each.
2) I wish for a fresh-out-of-the-oven pepperoni and bacon pizza.
3) I wish for creativity with these wishes.
Originally posted by MercuryPenny

1) I wish for the number of characters in this wish to be converted into a million dollars for each.
2) I wish for a fresh-out-of-the-oven pepperoni and bacon pizza.
3) I wish for creativity with these wishes.

You recieve a million dollars per charecter, but the value of money drastically decreases and one million dollars is now equivalent to less than one dollar.

You get it, but you can't wait to eat it, so you take a bite and it's
scolding hot so you get 3rd degree burns in your mouth / throat region.

You get creativity, but then creativity falls out of style, and being the same as everyone else becomes the new fad.

1) I wish for magic
2) I wish to actually be able to progress on my hack
3) I wish for knowledge of all major code languages.
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