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The 8th Annual VLDC - Results!
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Wow, we were fast this year.

Great levels all around! I think the top ten really, truly deserve it. Eternity, MrDeePay and I spent a bit of time discussing our thoughts on the highest/lowest entries, and we've come to a pretty reasonable conclusion or both ends of the spectrum.

Without further ado, here are this year's results!

1st: worldpeace: 99/100

2nd: Roykirbs: 98/100

3rd: Lazy: 95.67/100

4th: Lightvayne: 95.33/100
5th: Mirann & Gloomier: 94/100
6th: NGB: 93.67/100
7th: allowiscous: 93/100
8th: Morsel: 92.33/100

9th: Blue Leaf: 92/100
10th: Dr. Tapeworm: 91.3/100
11th: Lui37: 91/100
12th: Hinalyte: 90.67/100
13th: Mineyl: 90.33/100
13th: Wuthering: 90.33/100
15th: lolyoshi: 90/100
16th: Eminus: 89.67/100
16th: eXcavator: 89.67/100
18th: SilverSwallow: 89.33/100
18th: SomeGuy712x: 89.33/100
20th: GeminiRage: 89/100
21st: AxemJinx: 88.67/100
22nd: Teyla: 88/100
23rd: TheOtherGuy25: 87.33/100
24th: Aquamentus: 87/100
25th: Koopster: 86/100
26th: Feenicks: 85.67/100
27th: imamelia: 85/100
28th: Izuna: 84.67/100
28th: PatPatPat: 84.67/100
30th: Wakana: 84/100
31st: Kerkec: 82.67/100
32nd: Snowshoe: 82.33/100
33rd: ZMann: 82/100
34th: Carld923: 81.67/100
35th: Giant Shy Guy: 80.67/100
35th: Gregor: 80.67/100
36th: Minimay: 79.67/100
37th: Ivan Sword54: 79.33/100
38th: Adam: 79/100
39th: ferrety111: 78.67/100
40th: levelengine: 78.33/100
41st: Sockbat Replica: 77/100
42nd: JaphethMario21st: 76.67/100
43rd: Poloros: 75.67/100
44th: nick 139: 75.33/100
45th: Milk: 75/100
46th: Luks: 74.67/100
47th: agie777: 72.67/100
47th: Sokobansolver: 72.67/100
49th: SyStemkraSh: 72.33/100
50th: tcdw: 72/100
51st: MercuryPenny: 71.67/100
51st: Retronom: 71.67/100
53rd: Nic Nac: 71.33/100
54th: JackTheSpades: 71/100
55th: Trollope: 70.67/100
56th: bbk61: 65.33/100
57th: Alexis: 64.67/100
58th: Zyglrox Odyssey: 60.67/100
59th: TheInsanity115: 60.33/100
60th: LimeMaster92: 59.67/100
61st: RedChomp: 58.33/100
62nd: waffledoctor87: 57.67/100
63rd: Galactaknight: 56.33/100
64th: Nin: 55.67/100
65th: KTBHacking: 54.67/100
66th: Mechanic: 53.67/100
67th: Guilherme F Santos: 53/100
68th: Richard Nixon: 52.67/100
69th: MegaMarioMan9: 51.67/100
70th: Gabriel Yanni: 48.67/100
71st: Final Theory: 43/100
72nd: dragoniante174: 41.67/100
73rd: Master Lakitu: 41.33/100
74th: PaperDomo101: 39.33/100
75th: Samario: 38/100
76th: DanielGolosneanu10: 35.67/100
77th: KevKot: 30.67/100

78th: Kaisaan & Maimur: 28.33/100
79th: Holyoke: 25.67/100
80th: paran01abug97: 20.33/100
81st: Proto Man: 15.67/100
82nd: Dakras Hayashi: 13.33/100
83rd: Negativelysonette: 13/100
84th: switchpalacecorner: 3.67/100
85th: KDeee: 3/100

For a detailed breakdown:

S.N.N.'s scores and comments
Eternity's scores and comments
MrDeePay's scores and comments

That's it! Congratulations to the winners, and stay tuned for the overworld contest (which will begin very shortly)!

E: hey, 25th place. Not bad at all, really! I'm feeling this score makes far more justice for my level than last year's - even if I feel that my entry this year was slightly better, this is a very fair score.

First place was not a surprise; I still have to give most of the highest scored levels a try. Maybe when the hack comes out.

Congrats to you guys who made it to the top (especially the top three), and to everyone who put something together, nice job too! #smw{:peace:}
Now waiting for the overworld contest since I'm kinda motivated for that as of now.
Congrats to the winners! You guys deserve it.
what i was expecting: 20-30
what i was hoping for: 10-20
what i got: 3


Sweet! First time participating in a VLDC and got third place! I had a lot of fun designing my level and it's nice to see that my efforts paid off.
Oh, and of course, congrats to Roykirbs and worldpeace. Good job!
Can't say I wasn't hoping for more. Then again, I got 71 points, which isn't half bad I think.
In the end, they are all only a few points away from each other.
Next time, I'll start earlier than 1 week before deadline :P

Congrats to the winners. Looking forward to playing the levels.
SNN: 85
Eternity: 83
MrDeePay: 45
In the end, it's always one judge killing me D: My eternal fate for big contests.
I mostly agree though. I didn't have any fancy gimmiks to set me appart from the crowd.

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... what even am I doing with my life?
Congrats to the winners, but my level was obviously the best one! What the hell, judges?

But seriously, really like the results this time as well. There was a fair bit of discussion on the top 10, as SNN mentioned, and the levels on the best world definitely deserved it. Seems that the same goes for the worst world this year, so n0ice.
top 10 more like top 11 jk congratulations to the winners! And also everyone who managed to make a fun level.

Overworld contest hype now
Originally posted by Koopster

i walked in on this thread being posted before a news post was up, i could've had this if i wanted #fim{>_>}

Looks like I didn't do as well this year. I'll definitely try next year to really step it up from my usual simple stuff (though I do love reading MDP's comments about it lol).

And nice, worldpeace won. Congrats man!
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh
[19:09:20] <DrTapeworm> oh hey the VLDC8 results are in
[19:09:31] <RosyPie> I randomly looked up the X360 4GB syste- okay fuck that conversation.
[19:09:36] <RosyPie> That is priorita.
[19:09:55] <RosyPie> WHAT.
[19:09:56] <RosyPie> WHAT.
[19:09:59] <RosyPie> WHAAAAT.
[19:10:16] <RosyPie> Just...but...
[19:10:27] <RosyPie> Hi my name is RoyKirbs, my brain hurts.
[19:11:17] <DrTapeworm> I got 10th despite using the most obnoxious enemy in smw
[19:11:29] <RosyPie> I'm confused how I got second.
[19:11:38] <RosyPie> very very confused.
[19:12:38] <RosyPie> But...okay. sure.
[19:16:51] <RosyPie> I'm glad at least I lost to worldpeace, he's like my biggest inspiro.

Grats on 2nd, Roy!
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28th! Not bad compared to last year's placement. guess taking it simpler really did work out for the better in the end. Congrats to all the winners!
OMG I'm 6th o.O I'm totally stunned.
I expected something in the 20-30 area, but wow.
Congrats to everyone.
I played every level and I can say that the ranking is pretty acurate to my own feeling about every level (besides my own of course #tb{^V^})

And congrats to worldpeace, you made a very creativ and innovativ level.

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For asecond I thought I did good this contest. Still a better placement than last year's so it's win.
Anyway, I'm really happy to see worldpeace on top as he was screwed out of a higher ranking last year.
It's certainly not surprising to see worldpeace winning though, given how amazing and innovative the gimmick in his entry went out as well as many of his other levels. I could also see the scores are more fair to stand for than last year's, which is a good thing for a lot of people, I guess.

Congrats to the winners, and to those who didn't, there's always next time. I'm looking forward to the collab.
5th whoa #wario{O_o}

We really worked hard on this, but like Lazy, we weren't expecting to be at the very top. Especially considering we had so many good entries this year as I've heard (didn't play many because waiting for hack). Anyways, congratulations to the winners and everyone who participated. I'm sure the hack will turn out nice, like last year's. :>

A much more satisfying outcome this year compared to 2014, especially considering I did what most people equated to handicapping myself (making an entirely underwater level). Looking at my competition, I actually wasn't expecting to rank this high.

A 37th... Well anyways i think it's not a bad place at all, it means i can do more than that! :D.

Congrats to the 10-1 places!

The next time i'm gonna work hard for a 20-10 place #w{=D}
Its jowke
Layout by LDA during C3.
I got 64th place for a level I made in 45 minuets. Yeah.....
Really glad worldpeace and lazy got first and third respectably, I was really gunning for you two! I'm very happy with my placement as well, I think this means I make the best world so~~~~~

EDIT: also, judges, let me be nice for a second -- ya'll did a killer job. the contest was done in a timely fashion and scores were very concise and (seemingly) accurate. this my friends is how contest should be done. expect a saucy nude in each of those inboxes

edit2: why am i so fucking chipper burn in hell all you
Originally posted by S.N.N.
85th: KDeee: 3/100

I actually got 3 points? Im surprised

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