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Super Mario: Star King's Wrath
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Hey everybody, UP B here with a hack I've been working on for quite sometime.

Take note this hack ins't even relatively close to being finished and it still in beta, possibly even alpha, so take everything you see here with a grain of salt.

That being said, this hack doesn't have a name OR story yet, but I guess I'll put a placeholder name so nobody gripes about it not having one, and with that being said, i'm having trouble coming up with original ones, so that will have to wait till later, for now I'd like to talk about the most important thing; the levels.

Everything you see as of now is vanilla, which is going to change very soon, I plan on adding a plethora of custom gfx and backgrounds, etc etc, the hack already features custom music and custom bosses, but not many custom enemies besides the Blooper, which will soon change as well.

I have 9 worlds planned for this hack, but I don't want to spoil them all, as I have gone across most of the Mario games and picked and chose the best bits and even conjured up a few original worlds aswell, and i'm sure you'll enjoy the new and returning worlds introduced in this hack.

I'd like to talk a bit about water levels and how scarce they are in this hack, water levels along with forest levels rarely appear at all, only appearing about 4 times total, but like I said earlier, this is beta so this could obviously change later in development, the reason I did this is because I want every level to feel unique and new, not many level types reoccur throughout this hack and I'd like to keep it this way. .

. .With that being said, I guess you can dance on the Water level's grave now.

Let's talk a bit about Mario's trusty steed with an appetite, the green dino Yoshi! Unfortunately, he doesn't appear much this time around but he's still there to help and devour whatever dares to step in your way, just don't lose him, or you'll have to walk all the way back to those few levels he's actually in.

Also, be on the look out for different colored Yoshis, they're even more rare than the simple green Yoshi!

I'd also like to talk about how original alot of the levels are in this hack, not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but I just think you guys would find this interesting and maybe get you hyped for the hack.

Two words; Ghost Athletic, it took me awhile to come up with this treat and finish it, but when I did, it felt so satisfying to me, the level is a part of World 2 which i'm still not going to spoil. .

. .yet.

That's actually all I got for now, sorry it was so short, i'm new to this whole thread thing, if you have any comments or concerns please don't be afraid to say something, I can take criticism.

I promise this thread will be updated in the near future!


Good news everyone!

I plan to release a Demo of the first 2 worlds so you can get a jist of what the hack is like, a lot of levels are unfinished aesthetic wise and some are even set to be completely changed, so if you don't like some of the levels or just the hack in general, don't worry, a lot is set to change in the future, oh and just a heads up, I barely know anything about the map besides designing one and making paths, so the demo may not have events or anything, unless I learn the map beforehand, and small glitches will be dealt with like the map 16 version of the walk-through dirt having that weird slide glitch, that will be fixed in the final.


Sorry about the lack of updates, while it hasn't been too long, a few days feels like forever sometimes, I've been practicing Project M for Aftershock and stuff aswell as trying to focus on school so bare with me.

But anyway, my apologizes aren't what you came for, you came for levels, yes?

This level is just another Ghost House, so i'm literally just going to type like 2 lines of text here, though it does have some interesting gimmicks, and if you noticed I also fixed some issues regarding Mario's face, so that's something.

Here's a castle level, just like the previous one, not much to say, besides that the boss is completely placeholder plus the castle is being completely redesigned as of now, as I really hated the previous design.

AND FINALLY, something interesting and original, I tried to make the Thwomps here look mossy by only editing the palettes and it turned out great, the level is based off DKC forests level as well as SMW, so expect some great level design.

Like I said in the first update, these levels don't appear much, so cherish them while they last, you'll only be playing 3 or 4. (of course this could be changed later in development so don't get to grumpy.)

And now, let's talk about something notorious in SMW hacking, something that'll will either make you scream, or is just kind of..there..


(drum roll please..?)

. . .

Munchers! (or piranha plants, but I think we can all agree on munchers.)

These little guys were pointed out to by a certain user, I think you can easily scroll down, I mean. .there's not many comments anyway, but the reason i'm making a whole section of this thread about munchers is because well. . .I actually don't know, I think I need to explain why the placement of alot of munchers seem random (which they are.) and why it's NOT a problem to me.

So first off, where they added for difficulty?

. . .Yes and no actually, my first initial thought was actually well, scenery, yes, I just called these monsters scenery.

These guys are well known for their appearances in kaizo hacks, but that's not what they're here for, you see, i'm actually making munchers prominent in cave and water levels, if they do appear above ground it's only 1 or 2 per level, I just feel they fit the darker atmosphere of water levels and caves, so you can either laugh at them or feel sorry for them, I honestly don't care.

I'm gonna end this briefly because I might write more today, I mean, it's 2:00 AM right now, so i'm heading to bed, goodnight everybody and remember to keep hacking!

. .And on a side note, i'm working on a trailer, but i'm having trouble finding music, if you could suggest some that'd be great, particularly something depressing or suspenseful, I also finally made a story for my hack, it's kind of dark too, so I feel the need to change GFX is imminent now.

Super Mario: Mario's Revenge is here.

3:00 AM

Unfortunately I couldn't get to sleep due to all these story concepts that suddenly flew into my mind, now i'm not trying to make my hack "gritty" or "edgy" I just think having a dark story would be interesting for Mario, I mean, just look at Super Paper Mario or Partners in Time, they had pretty disturbing concepts, and this hack will too, so i'm actually going to explain the story, so if you don't want to see it. . .


Basically Bowser finally steals Peaches heart power and uses it to kill her and take over the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi try to defeat him but they fail miserably, both almost dying, barely escaping the fray, they decide to take down Bowser once and for all and save the kingdom one last time.


I had to redesign the first world just to reflect the story, and I felt that it would be a bit cliche to kill off Luigi too, I mean, he's just as powerful as Mario, if not stronger, so why not let him survive too? I think both of them avenging Peach is a cool concept, and before you say anything, no, i'm not ripping off Mario Gives Up, that's something completely different.



I finally got a plethora of GFX (with more on the way may I add) in my hack, which is looking more solid than it already was, while I did have a strong urge to make a vanilla hack due to my newfound knowledge of map16, I think that'll have to wait, practicing with custom GFX is better in my opinion, besides, I have another secret project in the works, but that's besides the point.

Also on a side note i'm back to square one on the story, just so everyone knows, I want something light-hearted but unique.

But anyway, let's get this show on the road!

First off, I completely scrapped all the previous palettes I've had and replaced them with new ones or the original SMW ones, this is so editing it is easier and such, if that makes any sense.

I'm just gonna out and say it, this is the first level in the game, which has gone through about 4 versions already, but i'm confident this version will be in the final product, unlike all the previous versions, I can honestly see extreme improvement from myself each time I remade it. #smw{B)}

But without further ado. .

Here's a small portion of what the map will be like!

This is world 1, "A New Beginning."

As you can see, we've got it all here, your caves, your castles and Grassy feel, however, there are no events yet, so that will have to wait, i'm still a noob when it comes to the map, so bare with me.

I have 9 other worlds planned, 5 of them are scrunched together in the Overworld Map (tight, I know..), but it's not as bad as it sounds, I made it work. #smw{:peace:}

Here's something that was really fun to make, a "lava cave".

Sorry if that sounds weird, but I don't know any other way to put it, if I remember correctly, most caves were like this in SMW, so this should be a blast from the past. (don't worry, not all the caves will be infested with fire! #smw{;)} )

Next update I'll be sharing way more information, with a possible Demo coming soon! Have fun and keep hacking everyone!


It's been a good while hasn't it? No matter, I honestly have nothing new at the moment, just here to say i'm not dead.

I've been trying to perfect my characters in Project M and have been dealing with school and shit, so don't expect much out of me.
The shading on Mario's face, but other than that it looks pretty good.

(Also, expect staff to move this thread to the Works In Progress forum at some point. Just a heads up)


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Originally posted by MercuryPenny
(Also, expect staff to move this thread to the Works In Progress forum at some point. Just a heads up)

Right now sounds like a good time.

Originally posted by MrDeePay
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
(Also, expect staff to move this thread to the Works In Progress forum at some point. Just a heads up)

Right now sounds like a good time.

Sorry about that, i'm extremely new to this. xD
Hey there! Good job, those screenshots look promising.

My only complaint would be that the munchers in the Waterlevel Screenshot seem to be a bit random / unnecessary.. Generally it's a bad idea to place munchers randomly just to add a bit of difficulty. I hope you can fix that! (:

Good luck!
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