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Dr. Tapeworm does an art

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I don't think I ever made a thread for my drawings so here it is. Will post things every once in a while.

Anyways here are some adorable robot minions for any aspiring galactic conqueror.

They look more like Pokemon. It looks great! Loved to see more!
These doodles are from a few days ago but I feel like posting them here

Build things out of meat

You really have a lot of imagination, and it's nice to see you putting it on paper.
All these hybrid creatures are very creative, and they are looking funny too, thanks to your incredible drawing style (I'm almost jealous!).
I like these creatures based out of meat. My favourite is the fishy one!

You definitely have great skills, I'm looking forward for more! #wario{:peace:}

Spaghetti-headed robot. Don't trust its good looks and say hello, because it never says says hello back.

He is so cute #wario{:'(}. I love his flames coming out of the spaghettis. I would use this for my avatar if it was colored.
I like your art (sketches and pixelart). You can make gross things look cute. Keep drawing! :)
doodle dump, some gravity falls, some steven universe, some other things too


centipeetle (and homing thwomp boss)

the council of Angry Rectangles

boom ranger the boomerang-wielding mantis

I miss the old cat pokeys from paper mario

other guys

You've got some imagination and skill, here. I'm loving your art. They just look so cute... #wario{:'(} I can't stop crying... #wario{:'(}#wario{:'(}#wario{:'(}
I just happened to come across this by chance and wow, I really love your style! Were any of these characters made for your hack?
Peace!Layout by Erik557 & LDA.
Thank you!

Awesome stuff, dude. I love your style, and you're very good at this.

Some criminal villains™

Nice! Some of these definitely remind me badniks. I like the style you have too. ( 'v')b
I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

You got some nice talent

every level

finalized this gross slimeball's design and it only took me eight whole years


so i may or may not have jumped on the gemsona bandwagon

freaky dudes

flippy guy

if you bribe an immortal triangle demon hard enough he might just help you arrest some snake people

more freaky dudes in a link because they stretch the page

knife bird

I like everything you've shown here, but my favorite is the flippy guy. That's a very nice idea.
You have the most finest drawings I've ever seen in SMWCentral. These monsters are awesome.
Seriously I'm still liking your art style
I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

Your drawings are cool Tapeworm #tb{:p},those monsters are really well-made and original,you have a great imagination,keep showing us more of your drawings.

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