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How Do you guys Feel about Cursing in SMW Hacks?

Hello fellow Super Mario World hackers! To make things clear I have no problem with swearing in general, but I hate excessive swearing. So should swearing be allowed or normal in hacks? Be sure to explain why instead of saying yes or no. #smw{:peace:}
This topic has brought up interesting discussions in the past.

My thoughts are to do whatever you want though given the context of your level and the messages within them, it would be better to save it for appropriate times if you want the hack to look slightly professional.

Whether there are appropriate times is another question and the answer for that would be debatable. I never have seen an appropriate time for the use of them so I never included them in my hacks. You may be different. Being honest though, I cannot see why in most cases you would need to swear in hacks.

That is how I sum the whole situation up for me.
Yeah, depends on your desired feel. If you've got a gritty drama which people dying and stuff, having them say "shoot!" kinda spoils the mood. If you're going for standard Mario feel though, dropping "fuck" all over the place also spoils the mood.
Originally posted by mzzmzz101
Be sure to explain why instead of saying yes or no.

Why not?
I had minor (dammit, damn, bastard) swearing in my previous hack but nothing really too bad, and the only reason it's there is for story reasons. Same case for my current WIP. I personally don't mind swearing in SMW hacks as long as there's a reason for it and it's not excessive.
As long as it's not out of place... I think it's silly to censor yourself if a swearing fits perfectly the mood of what's happening in the game. It's not often that you have story-heavy hacks though, so swearings are rarely gonna be needed.
I usually refrain from swearing in hacks because it just doesn't fit the mood of the situation, but I don't really mind it, as long as it's used appropriately. It also depends of how people see it when they play a hack that contains swear words for the first time.
I'm not for or against it really. I usually don't care as long as it is used in a good situation and isn't added on just to make the hack look cool or to try to be funny.
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Most of the time it comes off as stupid and forced.

How is swearing not out of place in a Mario game? I'd understand it if the hack takes place outside of the Mushroom Kingdom, but otherwise, if you need to swear in your hack in your in order to "fit the mood", then you're doing things wrong. Mario games aren't supposed to mature.
Normally I wouldn't care about cursing, but really, Mario characters cursing is horribly out of place. This is a saccharine world where everything is bright, happy colors and everything has eyes.

Originally posted by MrDeePay
Most of the time it comes off as stupid and forced.

Yeah, I can definitely vouch for that.

Originally posted by Wuthering
Mario games aren't supposed to mature.

I think you mean "risque", not "mature".
I agree with Ultimaximus's post in the 2010 thread because we fans do not have to stick with Nintendo's defintions regarding their creations if we want to fufill our dreams of making our own fangame/SMW hack. Why should anyone be expected by others to make sure our take on Nintendo's characters should be in line with their formula? (Tl;DR: Fans can deviate from the established norm and there should be no shame in that.)

Its also the reason why I do not mind cursing being in a fangame/SMW hack but I am aware that the mood on what you are going for has to have its appropriate dialogue that fits. I wouldn't recommend having the characters you choose to have swear for the hell of it or if it doesn't compliment the mood.
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I'm ok with mild swearing but if it ends up like this then it wouldn't be worth playing.
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The best things are always (very) minor/semi-swearing words like "gosh", "damn", "darn", "idiot", "heck", etc. Just like IRL I generally won't use the harder/real swearing like "shit", "fuck" except I censor this *beep*. (The only exception I really use IRL is "What the fuck?" but mostly shortened as "WTF?" but in hack I'd prefer "What the heck/hell?", doesn't matter if shortened or not).
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
The best things are always minor swearing like gosh, damn, darn, idiot, heck, etc. I generally won't harder swearing like shit, fuck or similar and so I won't use them in hacks except I censor this *beep*. (The only exception I really use is "What the fuck?" but mostly shortened as "WTF?")

Most of your examples aren't even considered swear words.

I don't mind minor swear words (such as damn, hell), but they serve no real purpose except to add some color to a character's personality. Expletives (fuck, shit, etc.) have no place in any game that features Mario, in my opinion. Of course, I'll readily pick up a Mario hack that uses these words if it is a good hack. Perhaps not surprisingly, I have never seen a decent Mario hack that extensively uses any of these words, only joke and garbage hacks.

As long as people don't abuse it, I'm okay with this, but I don't like swearing in games like these. It's a Mario platformer game, not a war or something violent that may force them to use these words, but it can happen if the creator would want to change the mood of a hack.

I've seen some hacks with swear words, but if you're going to release it, I'd suggest to inform people first about strong language.
All you guys have made good arguments! After reading all the comments, I'm on both sides. Some people said to only swear when it's nessacery, others said to let your creative juices flow, others said it would be out of place since it is a game about a happy go lucky Italian plumber. I'm making my second SMW hack now, and there's no cursing. However, Yoshi did ask Mario if he got a muncher shoved up his arse. I would think Yoshi would be angry with Mario... XD #smw{:peace:}
I use swearing to bring certain characters' personality, and sometimes I replace swearing for other characters (partially from the Mario Universe). Really, I see swearing as a personality tactic in story writing, since there are a lot of people who swear and plenty who don't.

That also means that Daizo's Journey is actually going to be rated M.
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