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This is looking to be a pretty well-made and unique project so far, Suika. And on a small note, it's always nice to see a hack starring a non-Mario character.

Some criticism I do have, though:
Originally posted by Suika Ibuki

This level's background looks okay with the simple style that you're going with, but I would still suggest doing what Eevee said and darkening those white spots on the water to a more light blue color. It's your choice, though.
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Today i will be showing off the new design for the player (thank Eevee for making all the sprites :>)

As you can see it's more detailed and way better now lol.
I will also be showing a new and the first gimmick level of the hack:

Yep, the not yet overused marine pop,in this level there will be generators in many sections(thankfully not randomly placed in any section) and i plan to use every single of them, some block paths and also some floating mushrooms and stars through the way to make it feel more different There will be more other custom stuff on this level but i won't be showing that for now.
Btw that marine pop gfx is a placeholder.
As usual, feel free to comment anything
Suika Ibuki - 25107

As you can see, i moved the sun up, changed the water to orange and did some other minor improvments(reduced sun scrolling speed with paralax).
Suika, you have to take care of the BGs being overly simple and/or blending with the FG, as well taking care of the transparency effects. Overally, judging from the pictures, you did a real good job in this hack and I am looking up for more that. Keep up the good job!
Suika Ibuki - 25107
That took longer than i thought it would but no, the hack isn't canceled :>
I had some huge problems with ASM (in fact, there are still a few) plus i wasn't at my best motivation, not to mention every level had to be extended a bit and changed to fit difficult curve, but now i'm really feeling like working on this again.
Now for the actual content:

PS: Ignore the background, i know it's VERY empty but it's just a WIP

Looking as cute as always lol. Are the bubbles animated?
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Not yet but i'm planning to.
Holy crap, for some reason I thought you quit hacking. This looks pretty sweet Suika, keep it up!
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Originally posted by Undertaker
Holy crap, for some reason I thought you quit hacking. This looks pretty sweet Suika, keep it up!

Doesn't surprise me lol, even i thought i wouldn't come back.
Finally finished animating the bubbles,though i can't open the hack yet because of ASM problems making it unplayable so, no gif yet, i will post one soon as i fix it.

And a new tileset i was working on:

Again, feel free to comment or suggest anything :>
That looks pretty good suika, I hope I'll be around to check out your hack, also the new tileset looks good but, that grey wall looks pretty empty, dont you think so? what about draw some bricks there ?
well, that's it for now. Keep working #peace -TheDarkMarioBros #smw{:peace:}
Suika Ibuki - 25107
I probably won't add bricks(since the purpose of adding them was to vary the tileset lol) but i will try something to make their texture look better
I like the look of this hack it seems cute but here's a graphic suggestion for the latest tileset feel free not to do so though.
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Thanks for the suggestion! While i didn't literally use it i picked the things i liked most and tried to apply on my version.
Based on suggestions from this thread, some nipticky comment i got on IRC and my personal preferences the tileset turnet out like this:
I love how that tileset looks. Particularly I love those stone structures. Huge improvement from the previous solid-color version.
The changes look great, I especially like the new texture, good job on that.
Looking forward to see more of this project #tb{:]}
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Suika Ibuki - 25107
I'm back.
First of all thanks to Disco i was able to fix an ASM error that literally made the hack unplayable(you probably noticed all screenshots so far were taken directly from Lunar Magic) now i'm finally motivated to work on this again :>
This is what the animated bubble looks like:

I still feel like changing the animation of the bubble itself and not just the water inside it so it isn't static.
Really huge screenshot of the other level i was working on: Link
And i FINALLY re-drew my night background, i hope it's better now:
Before | After.
That's all, expect a new level next week, feel free to comment anything :D
Looking lovely and cute as usual; for the bubbles, my suggestion is that you make them perhaps bob or sag a little, have them really react with the splashing water inside. Also, nice job with the night background, though you could improve it more by adding a bit more detail such as for example, mountains peeking over the horizon. Also you should still fix those spikes to make them look more deadly! :-P

But yea nice job.