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Steven Universe

Originally posted by Losoall
After basically four months, we're getting some new episodes on May 12th.


Dear CN:

Took you long enough.


i just lurk sometimes
Very hyped up for this. Especially since I initially heard we weren't getting any new episodes until next month! From the commercial, it looks like we're gonna get to see Malachite vs Alexandrite which looks super awesome. Can't wait.

I'm really hoping to see more of Peridot. I just can't get enough of her after the last Steven Bomb.

And yeah, it's nice that they're airing this a bit before Summer of Steven to at least sate everyone for a month or so.
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I mean Peridot is a pretty major character and is officially part of the team now, yeah? We'll definitely be seeing a lot of her.
I've seen the promos, and it would go really well if you played Death Egg (Sonic 2) once Peridot finished saying "The Cluster."
So the first two episodes of this In Too Deep event aired...

Honestly, I thought it was a bit anti-climactic. The fight against Malachite just seemed too easy. I'll accept that the bad relationship between Lapis and Jasper could have contributed to weakening the fusion, but I don't know, it just seemed like the Gems should have had more trouble beating her.

The second episode was a bit anti-climactic too. It was obvious to me that Steven was going to solve the problem in a non-conventional way, but I don't know, it was just resolved very quickly for something that was built up for so long.

Overall, while I still liked the episodes, I thought it was going to take more time to resolve everything. But I'm curious to see what happens next with Yellow Diamond and other Homeworld Gems.

Just watched the new episodes a bit ago.

I really like how they showed off more of Alexandrite's capabilities of battle, with Alexandrite being able to use any of the fusion weapons at a moment's notice, and I guess being able to breathe fire?

I found the Watermelon Steven clan to be pretty cute, but why exactly did they dress up Steven's melon like Steven and make him go to the cliff? I kinda thought it was some sort of offering to Malachite, but I'm not sure...

The cluster looks really cool, and I kinda like how freaky that whole part of the episode is, with Steven going into its mind to help it. I kinda thought he would do the pacifist thing, he's not the kind of character to want to harm anything. I'm only confused as to why it needed to be bubbled... as far as I gathered, Gems don't really need to reform if they don't want to, and I figured that the cluster didn't really want to after Steven talked to it, but I could be wrong. Or maybe the bubbling was to stop the reforming considering it was already underway, even if they didn't want it. I dunno, seems like it should be able to stop the reforming process by itself.

Also, I'm wondering what's gonna go on with Jasper, considering she just fell into the crack made by the earthquake. I originally thought she would have appeared when they were drilling for the cluster :p

Anyways, considering the "main event" of this whole thing has been resolved, I wonder exactly what's gonna go on in the next few weeks...
Officially a Mega Man addict.
Major thanks to Giga and Erik557 for the layout.
With waiting for the remaining new episodes for this month and the whole summer for more episodes, I've been trying to go back and pin down specific episodes that I consider really great.
These episodes happened nearly a year ago but I've already seen a good collection of new people come to the series since then so I'm going to put spoiler tags on the more spoilery shit while describing the rest in a way that doesn't point out too much.

The first few episodes I'm currently going back and watching is the entire third stevenbomb set (Sardonyx). I honestly love 4/5ths of these episodes. Cry for Help is literally just a great episode. It builds an internal conflict that is very serious for the crystal gems. It showed this really gloomy feeling that hangs over Pearl and Amethyst that affects Garnet
(Sapphire/Ruby specifically)

The following three episodes after (Keystone Motel, Onion Friend, and Historical Friction) focuses on each of the Crystal Gems, each episode doing what SU does best and embedding all this background shit everywhere.
Greg knows about Sapphire and Ruby? Amethyst was around Greg a lot to know about his old Manager and Vidalia (connecting back to Maximum Capacity and We Need to Talk)? The crystal Gems were very much connected to the founding of Beach City?
These episodes also show how each person in the conflict from Cry for Help is struggling with their issues on the matter. Pearl knowing that she did something horrible and desperately trying to find some way to make amends with Garnet, Amethyst being on the sideline of this entire matter, seeing that this problem has had a really destructive impact on their team as a whole, and Garnet struggling with trying to forgive Pearl despite her feelings toward what she did. I also enjoy how the later two episodes mad a good effort in bringing side characters in.

With all of that being said for the first four episodes, its a fucking shame to say that the fifth (Friend Ship) is easily the weakest of the bunch. Fair enough, What the episode about is a solid representation of how this kind of conflict resolves itself. Its not really....nice. It is a good episode but I guess when comparing it to the previous 4, its just not up there.

Unrelated but i love that its perfectly normal for Steven to be involved in everything since that's just the kind of person he is.
I actually really like that group of episodes as well. Most shows would have resolved that kind of issue within the same episode, but I really like how it became an issue for several episodes, as it should have been due to how serious it was. Keystone Motel is perhaps one of my favorite episodes overall.
I'm gonna say one thing right now.

(swearword), France.
Speaking of the French broadcast, I watched the episodes and they were really good!

I certainly didn't expect the Rubies to show up there. One of the most interesting things to me in the second episode was seeing how differently Ruby & Sapphire act when not fused as Garnet. I mean, part of it would be not seeing each other separately for a long time, sure, but it was odd that there was such a dramatic change from Garnet's very calm and collected personality.
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I really enjoy this show, at first i just thought it was a dumb and random show and the commercials didn't helped a single bit either, really, it seems like cartoon network picks the WORST moments of the show and put them here, when i got into later episodes though my opinion on it really changed, now i pretty much watch every episode soon as it airs.
Just gonna spoil tag my whole post because literally anything i say here can be considered spoiler.
Same Old World animation had some pretty fucked up frames but it was a good episode, i expected a little more for Lapis's backstory than just an accident though.
Barn Mates was good and funny, indifferent Lapis(Bob?) is best Lapis, though WHY DID SHE BREAK THE TAPE RECORDER? Peridot isn't Peridot without it.
Hit the Diamond was probably my favorite because we never really had seen much of CURRENT Ruby and Sapphire's personality so far (Keystone Motel was something, but they were fighting all the time so it didn't really show how they act on normal moments).
Steven Floats was good, i disagree with the people saying it was filler, seriously, Steven moved back to the Temple and even learned a new power lol, how can THAT be filler, not to mention a slow-going episode every once in a while isn't bad.

Okay, seriously, is there a better website to watch the French aired ones than Dailymotion? That site is slower than a SNES with more than 6 sprites onscreen. Is okay. They tend to get uploads of new episodes up pretty fast, following up with logo-less versions a few days later with a higher quality. I get some issues with different videos however.
Originally posted by Losoall Is okay. They tend to get uploads of new episodes up pretty fast, following up with logo-less versions a few days later with a higher quality. I get some issues with different videos however.

Thank you.
I got bored.

This may become a full sheet.
This show is too good! I've never been as engaged to any piece of fiction as I am now.
Starting season 3 right now. Gonna be joining the waiting bandwagon pretty soon...
Been watching this show with my sister recently. Best cartoon I've seen in a while. Everything about it is just really refreshing to me. The music, the characters, the animation. Looking forward to new episodes.
It's great. I came for the lesbian space rocks, and I stayed for the comfy feeling the show has to it. (and lapis) I just wish they didn't release a few episode, then go dormant for a month or two.