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3+World (Cancelled) - Final Build Download + Story Reveal

Originally posted by Mirann
I've taken a quick look at the build and it's really sad you won't get to finish it. Everything in it looks really awesome and polished and on that note, it's great to know that people are allowed to use these resources so that they don't go waste. As I said before, I've only taken a quick look but I'll be playing the entire hack later at some point.

Good luck with your life too!

Thanks for taking a look Mirann! I'm glad you like what you see in there. I just hope these resources can be of use to anyone! I'd hate to waste it. I'm just glad I got it off of my hard drive where it was of use to nobody!

Thanks again!
- 3+World (Cancelled - Download Available)
- Super Mario World Beta (2009)