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The 8th Annual VLDC: Status Update (OST posted!)

With the overworld contest completed, all of the music completed, all of the levels (obviously) completed, there are only a couple of things to implement + fix before beta testing begins. I just wanted to make this thread and let you all know that beta testing will likely begin by the end of this weekend, and it will continue for ~3-4 weeks. I anticipate that if all goes well, this year's VLDC will be released by the end of April or the beginning of May. That's over two months earlier than last year!

I just wanted to take this moment to thank everyone who contributed something to the project - a level, map, code, music, whatever. I will post a detailed credits list once the hack is released, but I figured I would express this here and now. This project obviously wouldn't exist without your efforts.

Here are a few teaser screenshots from each world in the project, including a couple of map screenshots:














And here is a link to the fifteen tracks composed specifically for this project:


That submap is beautiful. I can't wait to play this
Layout by LDA during C3.
The thing I'm hyped for is the "X" area. I know the levels are being made by the judges (I think) but I don't know how they'll be ranked and who will make what.
I can not wait to play!
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I'm intrigued by the "X" screenshot. That's a cool twist on the layer 3 clouds I made!

I'm also pleased with how efficient the process has felt this year. At this rate, we could easily turn this into a running series. I hope it hasn't been too much work putting together the base ROM compared to last time?
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I can't help but mention that the completed/yoshi coin icon field on the map looks kind of bad... Or rather, clashy with the dark border of the map. Wouldn't it look better if it was like, blue drawings on black too?

Other than that, I'm really looking forward to this and everything, hype hype!
Originally posted by Koopster
Wouldn't it look better if it was like, blue drawings on black too?

No, unless you want the player to have a hard time noticing/seeing it. I think white on black would work wonders, though.
SNN add my secret back in and have it lock up the game upon finding it please?

Looks pretty good. Can't wait for the beta testing!
Can't wait to play it. Loving the overworld.
I also can't wait to play this VLDC hack! These screenshots are superb!
7 years using I think that's not enough.

Wow, this one went even further than the last years' VLDC. Great job everyone, this one looks really promising. Can't wait to play it!
Originally posted by S.N.N.

wtf is dat were's the grass

Hype! The overworld ended well, and all the musics are of high quality. This VLDC seems to be wonderful, it surpasses the 7th (which was cool as well).
I'm very thankful to all the persons who worked hard and participated to this project.
i can't wait to play this one, it's looking marvelous. the soundtrack, from what I have all spotted, is gonn be phenomenal too. especially my own tracks heuhueheueheu
Looks really nice. I have this feeling I haven't had in years, that I actually WANT to play a specific hack. Right now.

edit: 1337
That went out quicker than expected indeed. Everything seems to have ended very well, which is amazing by itself, so I can't wait to play this!
Why end of april/early may?
Why can't be during the C3 2015?

Because that's not til near the end of June. I see no good reason to hold on to a FINISHED hack, for nearly two months just for that. There are other more deserving projects getting released around that time that deserve more of the attention, like SMWCP2 (Hi Lui :D )
Layout by LDA during C3.
Yeah Lui no pressure.
End of june you hear? No pressure.
Your layout has been removed.
Releasing early is good for the sense of achievement, but aside from that was there really a good reason for it?

I guess VLDC really did take the spotlight at C3 last year, so it's probably better to release it earlier so that the interest will shift to actual userbased projects again. That's what C3 is about after all. Assuming you're going to make a thread about it, there won't be that much interest in it at that point anymore.
By the way, did anyone choose the overworld entry?
Okay, i know that entries 7 and 17 are tied, but...

Do you mixed the maps?