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Super Mario 64 - Bob-omb Battlefield


This is what happens when you try to recreate a 3D Mario level in a 2D game...

No, it's not long. No, it's not glitchless. No, it does NOT use complicated tools. Therefore, NO, It does NOT remake a 3D map in a 2D plane.

Link in my files.


- Light doesn't work if you're dead-center
- You can fall through the floor at the end of the first bridge during the Koopa the Quick race if you're nor running
- Actually, some stuff during this level doesn't act correctly, period.
- You can ride on KTQ's head, which is a lot less broken than it seems.
- If you collect 4 red coins, enter the door, then start+select out, the game counts it as 5 coins. Can't really fix this.


Lunar Magic (no, really)
SMW Customizer (Koopa the Quick)
Tweaker (Koopa the Quick)
STEAR (Graphics)
HEX Editor (Misc. edits)
uoxkas (Misc. Patches)

Have... Fun?

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Well, the idea is actually really nice, and it gave me inspiration too, but the execution needs more work. Especially the aesthetics. I really appreciate the idea behind this, though. Mind if I steal it?
Anyways, here are the aesthetical issues:

Bad palette (1)
Bad palette (2)
Bad palette (3)
Bad palette (4)

Cut-off (1)
Cut-off (2)
Cut-off (3)
Cut-off (4) - What's this thing supposed to be?
Cut-off (5)

Overworld issue - Now, come on, dude! I know you can do better than this, it's just boring.

Not a major issue, but why do those blocks disappear after getting hit? #ab{:P}

Grammar issue - loose should be lose, as far as I know. Proofreaders are your friends!

This is just looking bad... it took me way too long to realize it's a chomp. Why don't you try ripping one from Yoshi's Island? Here's a picture of one from Yoshi's Island, they'd look a lot better here.

Anyways, even though it wasn't the best overall, I really like your idea. You're very creative with those, so keep it up!
By the way... mind if I steal your ideas? #ab{>_>} #ab{<_<}
Originally posted by S.R.H.
Well, the idea is actually really nice,

I agree.

Originally posted by S.R.H.
Overworld issue - Now, come on, dude! I know you can do better than this, it's just boring.

Just an idea:

By the way, this was posted on the site a long time ago. I can't remember when, or who, but yeah. I saved it because I wanted to do what you did...

I'm sure you can mix some palettes and put maybe a representation of the entire level in there. That would look cool.

Overall, the entire hack is okay. The idea is unique, but you need to work on those visuals. If you improve those visuals, the hack could actually turn out to be great.

Improve it by C3 and I'm sure it'll do well...
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Recreating another Mario game is hardly a unique idea. But doing it properly and making the end result fun. That's different.

Thanks for the feedback!

As for the intro and title screen level I left those unchanged because... partially because I forgot, partially because this was supposed to be a kind of tech demo.

OW was left simple for the same reason, and the "Display Message 1" Sprite glitches if you're not on the same OW you started on.

the Visuals... I can't confidently say this is vanilla, but I only used vanilla tiles, so that happened. (Though, personally I don't see much of a problem with the bridge.)

Finally, the blocks disappearing after getting hit was deliberate, as they did that in the original SM64.

That being said, I'll try and fix some of these issues.
Want to see my Super Mario Timeline?
Fantastic! I had been looking for something like this for a while, and even contemplated making something myself, but now I have this that I can play! Looking forward to trying it out later on today!
Originally posted by S.R.H.

I agree with everything my friend said here.
It may not be an aesthetically good-looking hack, but I still believe that it can be nicely executed if you were to add some of the few Super Mario 64 blocks / sprites in the site. Then it would be more pleasing to look at.